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Tha A List Analysis: Viva Las Vegas

Doesn't the title say it all? Cyber Sunday qualifying matches were the theme of the evening in the city that never sleeps not the exciting "Raw Roulette," but that's acceptable considering it wasn't "Raw" and ECW is head and shoulders above "Raw." Evan Bourne faced Chavo Guerrero and Finlay faced John Morrison.

These two matches determined, along with Mark Henry who the fans would have a chance to vote into a match with ECW Champion Matt Hardy at Cyber Sunday. The matches themselves were fine, but I'd have rather seen the entire roster available to be voted in. Since it costs money to vote though I doubt many people will vote.

I'm going to take another paragraph or two and devote it to the absolute two best commentators in wrestling right now. Instastry. That's the word that best describes what Todd and Matt have. Instant Chemistry, instastry. The Bourne/Guererro match alone provided great moments of commentary.

"DNA, do you know what that means?" TG responded with, "Big word." Striker then went on to tell him deoxiribonucleaic acid. Another great moment in ECW commentary history was, "Right in the capitol of Thailand." These guys are dead on money. Straight cash homey.

The ECW Halloween countdown gimmick continued, and being in Vegas, with the title of my article, Teddy saying Hunka hunka burning love, and Tiffany inciting thoughts of going "Way down," in the minds of many, it was only fitting for Teddy Long to get his bald pea head into an Elvis costume. Beleedat playa.

Speaking of beleedat playa and other words and phrases that should never be uttered by someone as white as Teddy Long, or black as Cham Pain, why does Tony Atlas speak for Mark Henry? Excuse me, Mach Hearnray. I live in the south, and have heard the words Atlas uses quite often and can understand them sadly. Painfluh is one of the greatest words in history. If you have an IQ equal to Dan's height.

More cleruh is what Atlas and Henry was to make the message they are sending to Matt Hardy, and thank goodness they intend to do it with action. Tony and Mark are a nice addition to ECW, but I still don't understand the need to have Henry talk, or even have someone talk for him. Wouldn't it be more effective if he said what he wanted when he wanted it and Tony Atlas just look cool in a sleeveless shirt?

To further the greatness of himself Matt Striker used a new name for Morrison. First there was JoMo, now my friends, there is the Duke of Debauchery. The Morrison/Finlay match was nice, and it didn't really matter who won, because I tend to think that Evan Bourne vs. Matt Hardy is a dead lock, for not happening. We'll get Matt Hardy/Mark Henry once more.

In a voting process where all candidates have believable and real upside, not just hoping for change and being a maverick your vote still doesn't count. If you really want it to though vote a bunch, and pay your hard earned money to do it. I'd like to see all three matches, and we've seen Hardy/Henry before. I'd personally rather see Hardy/Bourne but I doubt that's going to happen.

I'll settle for any of the matches, because ECW Champion Hardy vs. Henry/Bourne/Finlay will be better than Jericho/Baptista, and probably better than the cluster of HHH/Hardy/Kozlov. ECW will again stand and deliver.

Quick results...
*Evan Bourne def. Chavo
*Finlay def. JoMo

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Gotthorm said...

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Downtown said...

Curious what will come of Finlay turning on Cryme Tyme after they helped him get the win. Typical "Whitey", "Thanks for the help %!@@*$" WHAM! Stick to the head. What was the point here?

Here's to a Nation of Domination 2.0. Now Chavo can recreate the boriquas, and Chucky Palumbo can bring back the Disciples of Apocalypse. The only thing better than a fresh idea is a rehashed one. Actually knowing WWE next week comes and it's like it never happened.

ECW still the best show going, and even if it wasn't it still only takes up an hour of the week.

Timmins_Masked_Man_ME said...

Gotthorm, dude, give it a rest! We don't want the other site's oap opera-ish garbage on here!

Well, I do have to say that Todd Grisham hs come a very long way! I hated him so much when he started out as the guy promoting the merch, the ppvs and the wrestlers appearing at your local WalMart or Toys 'R' Us. They then upgraded him to backstage interviewer in which I cringed even more! But he does seem to have found his niche as an ECW announcer! I like this guy especially teamed up with Matt Stryker! Way better than the Tazz for sure!

It sucks that us Canadian fans aren't good enough to vote on these matches, but we are good enough to buy their ppvs! Oh well.

D.J.B. said...

T Triple M do you really want to vote man? I understand wanting to vote, but I don't see wanting to pay to vote. I know it's not quite an entire US dollar to vote, but what in God's name are they thinking making people pay to vote? I haven't voted on principle.

NFL Pro Bowl--I'll vote. MLB All-Star Game--I'll vote. NBA All-Star--I'll vote. NHL--are they still operating? WWE Cyber Sunday--I'll pass.

Timmins_Masked_Man_ME said...

I agree d.j.b. I was just saying that it sucks that the Canadian fans support and watch the WWE just as much as our Southern neighbors but are just treated so much differently. I would NOT have texted to vote for this at all. First off, because I am probably the ONLY person on this planet that doesn't have a cell phone, and secondly, I don't believe that this PPV is legit voting wise!

But, on the other hand, I would have loved to call into McMahon's Million Dollar Giveaways for a chance to win!!!

Gotthorm said...

Isn't it odd that just as another one of his horrendous game shows got cancelled, granny head, shrivel dick, billy-no-mates and cum navigator Jason Agnew decides to tag along for the Ask a Wai segment? That cockfork figured he had a future in television, and just look at him now... stuck between a John Pollock-Wai Ting sandwich! The star that once shined so bright above Jason Agnew's toupee has now turned into a cult sign. Whatever he produces these days turns into an instant cult classic! He has officially hit rock bottom, it can't get any worse than this - or can it? I guess we should never write off that goat-herding chucklefuck in his quest to reach new levels of suckiness.

Downtown said...

Gotthorm, I have never heard any of these names in my entire life! As far as I'm concerned... they are off the air!

Don't listen if you have a problem with these people. If they have no audience they will disappear. If you stop listening the voices in your head will do the same.