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Special 2 For 1 Deal!

It's Sunday, October 26th. And while the entire Nation of O is "clamouring" for Cyber Sunday to begin (not so subtle sarcastic cough here), your bro Dan-e-o remembers how you all love free shit. And who can blame ya?

Today marks the four year anniversary since the release of See No Evil, Hear No Evil. If you don't yet have a copy of this CD (what's wrong witcha??!), now's the best time to grab one.

In celebration of its release for this week only (ending November 2nd), go to the Dan-e-o Online Store and order a copy of See No Evil, Hear No Evil and you will get its sequel Speak No Evil for FREE!

That's an entire album (a total of 11 tracks!) that will be sent to you in mp3 format. You know how it works. Place your order, then e-mail your name and address to

Thanks for supportin' O-sters!

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