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Cyber Sunday Results - New World Champion

The following piece is provided courtesy of our friends over at Shout out to Killa Kev for writing it.

WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP: shown on as part of the pre-show, champion Shelton Benjamin defeated R-Truth, who won 58% of the fan voting over MVP and Festus Dalton.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Rey Mysterio d. Kane, 36% of the fans voted for FCA match.

ECW CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Matt Hardy d. Evan Bourne, who won 69% of the fan voting over Fit Finlay & Mark Henry.

FANS CHOICE TAG TEAM MATCH: John Morrison & The Miz d. Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard & JTG).

WWE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: In close voting, the Honky Tonk Man (35%) beat out "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (34%) and Goldust (31%). Honky Tonk Man wins by DQ after the referee sees Beth Phoenix trip him. Goldust & Piper join HTM in a post-match whipping of champion Santino Marella, who retains the title on the DQ.

LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: 49% of fans voted for this match; Undertaker d. Big Show after Taker chokes out Show with the previously banned Gogoplata.

WWE DIVA'S COSTUME CONTEST: Mickie James wins as "Laura Croft: Tomb Raider". Victoria imediately starts a brawl. Babyfaces quickly fend off all the heels.

WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Triple H d. Jeff Hardy (58% of fam votes over Vladimr Kozlov or Triple Threat). At least as good as their last PPV match.

WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Fans vote 74% for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to be the special referee. Dave Batista d. champion Chris Jericho to win the title. Austin was bumped out of the ring by Batista near the end of the match, Shawn Michaels runs in and refuses to count a pin for Jericho. John "Bradshaw" Layfield runs into take out Michaels.

Randy Orton runs in, allows Jericho to cheap shot Batista with the belt. Austin recovers and takes out Orton with a Stunner, Batista finishes Jericho off with a spear and a Batista Bomb.

7 comments: on "Cyber Sunday Results - New World Champion"

D.C.H. said...

Batista as champ again, what the fuck is the E thinking? The man stutters and fumbles through his promos, and is absolute garbage in the ring. Not exactly my definition of a World Champion. I guess when your muscles give McMahon a hard on, you can have it your way. This and now Cena on his way back... who's ready for Monday Night Football? I know I am.

romello said...

THANK GOD FOR THE WORLD SERIES! It will spare me from having to watch this weekly clusterfuck. GO PHILLIES!

Downtown said...

Titans and Colts or Raw? hmmm? Unfortunate truth is, Raw rating will probably go up from last week. It's not just Vince getting a hardon from Batista's physique.

Christopher Casúr said...

I don't know about that, Downtown. Batista absolutely killed ratings the last few times he was the champ, and given that he's on a show that's far and away less solid than "SmackDown!" was during his other runs, I think only bad things can come from this.

D.J.B. said...

I forgot there was a PPV last night. I wasn't happy with the results of the World Series game, but I was much happier with that than the results of Cyber Sunday.

Dante Ross said...

Am I the only one that was happy with the PPV? Thank God for streaming because I wouldnt pay for a WWE PPV.

Kane and rey put on the best match since they have been feuding. The back and forth was good, with Rey going for Kanes legs with weapons. The repeated stops of the 619 were cool. I love that it took so much to finally keep Kane down. Great start to the show.

Matt and Bourne had the best match of the night. I was O'ing repeatedly. I smelled a heel change for Matt, but I guess he was just being an asshole. Bourne's Shooting Star is beautiful. His mat game was good. Just...damn. That match was good.

Tag match? Seriously, Bathroom Break did a run in, or run out, and beat the Tag Match for a record of 577-2-1. That 1 was a flase alarm. Shartfest arent fun.

Santino's match was everything I thought it would be. Like DDP used to say, that's a good thing. How is it that Honky Tonk is in better shape that Golddust?!

Taker and Show put on a better match than I had anticipated. It reminded me of old Taker. The one that actually seemed unbeatable. I swear I thought there would be a double knock out. Kudos for the cameramen for showing Vickie sparingly. Bitch is oogly.

HHH beat Jeff and I'm not mad. The finish was kinda weird though. Why go for a second Swanton? Why didnt HHH block the first one the same way? Why didnt he Pedigree him from the ropes? I still liked the match.

Y2J lost. I was pissed but love that it took so much interference to do it. That way he can still brag his ass off.

No CM Punk. This is me pleased. :)

romello said...

I've long suspected that Vince has a serious Man Crush on Big Dave.Sundays ppv result now solidifies that opinion. How else do you explain the historic fascination with the Big Body Builder type,Shit worker over the smaller built,better workers?I can just see Vince backstage watching in a private room,wearing womens underwear screaming"Hercules,Hercules" whenever Batista comes to the ring.