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Tha Flaw Report: Are You 50?

I'm taking votes. Should it be Tha Flaw Report or Tha Haastino Report?

This article could easily be said with one word repeated over and over, blah, blah, blah. Seriously how can "Raw" be taken seriously? It's opening match, the attention grabber is a tag team diva match. WWE Women's wrestling doesn't have an audience anymore if Mickie James isn't in the ring.

Batista is a focal point on "Raw" and he doesn't belong there. He isn't good enough in any facet of the game. Chris Jericho is getting stale. It's nothing he's doing. He's been in the same storyline with a different counterpart for the last God only knows how long. Seriously, stop it.

I have absolutely no problem with Jericho having the belt. Actually I'm a mark for it, but in all honesty this isn't working for any of us. How many times have we seen the demanding respect storyline? Too many. Way too many, and it always happens the same way.

Batista started with the stupid laugh again. What is that laugh? Please somebody, what is it? Is it a tick he has, or some kind of flu bug? Let me know if you do. The only thing Batista did in this interview that I agreed with was call Jericho's hair ridiculous. Jericho's hair is ridiculous. This coming from a guy who has had some whacked out hair, that is ridiculous. Lance Bass anybody?

In a gauntlet match. In a gauntlet match. That's what he said wasn't it? A gauntlet match. There for a second I was waiting on Adamle to break into a Jim Mora style "Playoffs!?" rant. Adamle's would be entertaining that's for sure. Back to Baptista, his ears are too big to try and pull of earrings like that.

Charlie Haas is the best thing on WWE Television tied with Santino Marella. Stone Cold Steve Haastin, it just doesn't get better than that folks. Santino Marella got the upper hand tonight because Haastin lost again, but other than that they are tit for tat.

Rodney the Piper, Golden Dust, and Honky Tonky Man. Three opponents, very good opponents, but what I did learn though that what killed Elvis was pinching off the loaf that was the Honky Tonky Man's career. Maybe now I have closure. If that's what Elvis died for though, I for one chose to believe he's still alive.

Beth Phoenix is getting hotter every week. Santino is getting bloodier by the second. He really caught himself with the guitar better than he caught Hacksaw. After the guitar shot the verbal spouting by Santino was great. He is my friends, the greatest champion of all the times. The champion of the earth.

The John Morrison and Miz segment before their match, well it was Priceless. No disrespect to DiBiase, Rhodes and Manu, but it was. Can someone send Michael Cole a memo rather quickly. Tampa's baseball team dropped the Devil, so they're just the Rays, and it's Tampa Bay, not Tampa da Bay. Give me Striker/Grisham or give me death.

The DX mocking was one the single greatest moments on "Raw" in the last, well, very long time. "We are beyond D-Generation X." These guys are taking off, and there is absolutely no one to blame other than WWE creative for these two not being on the top of the card. If you miss tag team wrestling blame creative because these guys could work with anyone.

As for the rest of "Raw" refer to the first paragraph. Blah, blah, blah. Poor Casur, he's had to cover this entirely too long.

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timmins_masked_man_me said...

Just a few things about Raw tonight. I hate the fact that the WWE are now referring to their fan base as "WWE Universe". I will never get used to that term.

Charlie Haas losing to JBL two weeks in a row. What gimmick will Haas be doing when he loses to JBL for a third time next week? UGH!

Too bad the fashion critic, Mr. Blackwell passed away recently because we won't be able to see Big Dave's name make the 2008/2009 worst dressed list. WTF was he wearing tonight? Looked like he was sporting a woman's blouse.
I betcha he comes out wearing the Seinfeld "puffy shirt" next week.

I know that the WWE has the brand exchange thing going on, but it just really confuses me though. I can't keep track of who really is with which brand. What's the logic of having a draft every year then?

I agree....Michael Cole is a huge dork!

Rey Rey looks like a member of the KKK with that hood covering his jock strap of a mask on his face.

The Miz and Morrison are really growing on me as a team. Making fun of DX like they did was awesome. Will they get in trouble with HHH and HBK about it? Who knows?

The only thing that I can say about Santino Marella is that this man is truly a God!!! He is golden and funny as hell! (I am just wondering, but does he stay in character and talk like that when you guys see him or what? He would have me in stitches all the time!)

The gauntlet match sucked ass!!! It's really pathetic that Regal gets used the way he does.

Can't wait to listen to THA O SHOW radio this week!

pyro said...

Haastino, hands down.

Raw really sucks.

Can we set it up to where Tha O Show only covers wrestling? By that I mean ECW and "SmackDown"

Anonymous said...


As far as only covering ECW and SmackDown I can't agree. I'm really entertained by reading DJB and Casur's take on the hideosity that is Raw. I also really like the way they switch it up. Keeps it fresh and entertaining. I'm sure it's driving these guys crazy having to watch the same show every week with the same product and come up with entertaining articles that don't say the same thing, when in reality they should.


romello said...

WTF? What was gained by having the "manimal" beat Regal.Mark Henry and Kane? "The manimal" is already over(even though i don't know why). They just completely fucked up their ability to book all three of these guys in the future. How in the hell are you supposed to book Henry and Kane as Monsters.when they're jobbing to the "manimal"in a fucking gimmick match? Once again,they shit on the champion(wtf is the deal with that?)while trying to put over the most over guy on the roster! I swear,somebody in that company must be getting moist whenever Big Dave takes a breath. How in the Fuck,do they keep getting it wrong? You know this show sucks,when the best work,is being put on by The ECW guys(Brand split,my ass). I'm fucking done with RAW. These guys are killing my ability to enjoy wrestling.

D.J.B. said...

You are not alone romello. Believe that, there are several people who I have spoken with who are losing their love for wrestling because of "Raw." Stick to ECW and SmackDown. Check out a local indy show.

Downtown said...

I had to google who Lance Bass is... I don't know how much legitimacy a writer, who knows who this guy is and what his hair looks like, really has. Salary cut for this guy.

Who else on Raw gets pops like Dave? Rey and...

CM Punk actually looked good last night. I don't think he put that much effort in a match while he was Heavyweight Champ.

Striker and I'm sure plenty of other guys in the locker room do a much better impression of Austin. I love Haas' new gimmick, but last night was not his best work.

Santino on the other hand went over the crowd's head. Corpus Cristi was crickets for Marella last night. And what a nasty guitar smash to Duggan! I just hope Santino thanked Hacksaw for letting him use his dome like that.

D.J.B. said...

Nice cheapshot bro, but I have a girlfriend who watches Dancing with the Stars and after Lance Bass fell that will be in my brain forever. Homo literally fell, busted his tail and kept dancing and smiling like a freak.

Go ahead and cut my salary, you don't write regularly here anymore and we still make the same thing.

srr said...

raw was bad last night, but i enjoyed batistas promos in the its so bad its good way. puhhhhhhhhhhhhleeeeeeease!!

imo he does need to be the focus because htere is no big established face like batista.

but i hated the main event i got angry at mark henry losing most of all.

Chris Irvine said...

Lance Bass is my hero. Leave me alone you arseholes. If you don't heed my words you will never, eeeever be the same aGAIN!

jrock said...

What a Champ Santino is. Did Ya'll see him completely bust himself while he hit Duggan with that guitar. And He still stayed completely in character! Did you see how fast he started bleeding?! and how much! That man is a WORKER!!!

recursive said...

timmins_masked_man_me said...

Rey Rey looks like a member of the KKK with that hood covering his jock strap of a mask on his face.

the que que que?