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Tuesday Turntable

O-sters, I haven’t spun the turntable in a few weeks, so I’m back once again. Before I get into the gimmick, I want to announce a special contest.

Fire up your Photoshop and send us your best O Show wallpaper to share with your fellow O-Sters. The 10 top submissions will be posted on Tha O Show website for download and the designers will be sent a prize pack. Send your high quality Jpegs to

Alright, here we go.

Nick Hogan was scheduled to be released from prison early this morning. He’s getting out early due to good behaviour. I’m not a capital punishment kinda guy, but this selfish little douche bag ruined the life of another young man, who served his country and made one big mistake in life. He trusted Nick Hogan.

So, how long before the next Nick Hogan / police run in? I’m predicting little Ass-Blood will be back in the slammer in less than a year.

Did "Raw" seriously start with a fuckin chicks tag match – that didn’t even involve the women’s champ? What the hell? You want me to take my piss break at the START of the show now?

This just in… J.R. sucks, but Michael Cole sucks more. I can’t listen to this dick wad on "Raw", giggling at JBL’s actions like he shoot thinks his former broadcast partner is funny. JBL is a heel you freakin’ dork. I swear. How do you do the SAME job for more than a decade and NOT get any better? Maybe I should ask Lance Malibu.

I watched the Mr. Perfect DVD and to be blunt, it wasn’t anywhere close to perfect. Disc 2 with all of the matches was solid, although too WWE centric considering they own his entire library. My real beef was with the documentary portion. They repeated footage and shots way too often (even by WWE documentary standards) and the story they told was very one sided. It wasn’t nearly as objective as the Brian Pillman or Horsemen DVDs. I thought it sucked.

The timing of this release is interesting considering they are very close to bringing Joe Hennig up from FCW. If they tie the product to Joe, he’d have to step out of Dad’s shadow and be a big babyface. He’d win major points for nostalgia alone.

Funny thing about Joe Hennig. He’s 29 years old, and has not yet had his rookie year on national television. By 29, Curt Hennig was already a former World Champion and swatting bubblegum in mid-air.

Speaking of FCW, Naofumi Yamamoto from All Japan made his debut there this week. He is expected to be fast-tracked and brought up to join Tony Atlas and Mark Henry on ECW / "Raw".

Also of note from FCW: WWE is once again teasing the Harry Smith, TJ Wilson, Nattie Neidhart group. They cut a promo and talked about how they were the last ones trained at Hart Family Dungeon. They worked the main event on the show in a tag title match. Why hasn’t this gimmick been brought to "SmackDown!" yet?

Charlie Haas entertains again, with his Steve Haastin gimmick. I think the whole impersonator thing has legs and value, but if you continue to job him out in squashes, people will stop being amused and look at him the same way they did Duane Gill.

I’m gonna disagree with my esteemed colleague Andrew Gray. I dig Kevin Nash’s grey locks and I dig Vladimir Kozlov. Old school heel shit man. He looks great and the gimmick is believable. He does something that Hardy, HHH and Undertaker all fail to do. He makes me wanna watch "SmackDown!" and that’s a good thing.

Speaking of Jeff Hardy, apparently he didn’t arrive at the venue for "SmackDown!" until after the show had started. He worked the main on that show. What kind of message is this sending to the boys? Sure, maybe he just missed a flight or something, but add this with past errors in judgement and it looks bad on Jeff.

Speaking of "SmackDown!" – hurry the fuck up and come back Edge.

Hands up if you loved Rowdy Gold-Man, by Santino Marella. Unlike Johnny Devine, this guy really IS a genius. No legit. He was like a Dean’s list kinda student.

Speaking of Devine, I’m amused how many people sent us email this week saying he was such an asshole to us. Devine is fine. He loves fuckin around with us and we toss it back. He’s a good dude. If we didn’t have a mutual respect we wouldn’t cooperate on anything.

I hate the new TNA "iMPACT!" promos on Spike simply because I hate camera shots that are shot more like a movie than a wrestling match. Like overhead cam, or AJ kicking the camera. It just makes the shit look so hokey.

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3 comments: on "Tuesday Turntable"

romello said...

You know,there are not enough words to describe the disgust that i feel,knowing that little turd is free. I can only hope that Karma is some real shit,because if ever anyone deserves to feel it,it would be Hulk and his dysfunctional offspring. This talentless,vapid bunch of genetic fecal matter,deserve to rot in the darkest bowels of Hell.

Anonymous said...

Good article and i hate Nick Hogan.

Dante Ross said...

Fuck Nick. Fuck him up his stupid ass. I wish his talks with his dad would have been about being cockraped. Yes, you can be cockraped.

I cant help it. I didnt like Devine either. I wish I could see that greatness you all speak of. He was just that blond dude with the shiny ass tights to me.

Jeff Hardy needs to be suspended before he fucks up again. Dude is the Pacman Jones of wrestling. When he gets fired finally for drug use everyone will be like "I knew it!" Really?

Maybe its just me but Taker just isnt as cool anymore. I dont know what it is thats missing.

Kozlov is the shit. I dont know why I like him but I do.