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Elite XC Folding At Week's End

Dana White made the comment that Elite XC wouldn't make it out of 2008. It's official ladies and gentleman in the land of O. Dana White is Tha White Prophet. He was dead on the money with this. Dave Meltzer of Yahoo sports reported the story, and it's popping up in other places. Here at Tha O Show however, it'll get more pub. Thanks for that Tid.

2008 has been a terrible year for MMA companies. Elite XC joins Bodog Fight and International Fight League as they close their doors. Elite XC had better deals to reach more of an audience with CBS and Showtime being a major shareholder, but over their two years XC lost $55 million. Can we officially blame them for the US economy troubles?

What's next for Kimbo and Carano?

To the average fan, Kimbo Slice being exposed and Seth Petrufunnyhair killed Elite XC. I'm an average to below average MMA fan, so to me that was it, but I along with whomever else shares that belief am dead wrong. A $55 million dollar loss is hard for any company to overcome.

Considering Showtime was a major shareholder, they went a long way in sinking Elite XC. Elite XC and Showtime had a terrible television deal. Want proof? Every show put on by EXC on Showtime caused the company to lose money. EXC also lost millions in trying to build a website that would be a major hub for the E-MMA community.

More bad decisions that led to the loss of money was buying four promotions outright and sinking money into another. $18 million dollars was lost in one company, the UK product Cage Rage productions. Say that aloud. Cage Rage productions. Not a winner folks.

Frank Shamrock, commentator, and promotion shareholder was notified Monday by phone. Another way to tell this was doomed, they let their shareholders know by phone. Wouldn't it be time to call in the big wheels and have a face to face? Maybe not if you've done this poorly financially.

Seth Petruzelli didn't kill EXC as I said, but his comments on a radio show may have played a large part in hurting the chances of selling the company to Showtime to keep them afloat. CBS funded the last show because EXC didn't have the money to do it while the sale was going on.

This raises several questions, and not to perpetuate the rumor mill, but agents of several of the fighters are already in contact with UFC and it is reported that Welterweight Champ Jake Shields would apparently be welcomed with open arms. I don't know if the same can be said for Kimbo.

There is also speculation that CBS could attempt to start it's own MMA promotion due to the fact that while a financial failure EXC was a ratings success. There is also the possibility that CBS could attempt to strike a deal with UFC or Affliction. As always Tha O Show will keep you updated.

13 comments: on "Elite XC Folding At Week's End"

Downtown said...

CBS would be smart to buy Affliction.

Guys like Kimbo need a "Celebrity Division". For those that can't really roll with the real fighters but still have drawing power.

Hell make it a real Celebrity Division, and pit guys like Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Jean Claude Van Damme, and so on in the cage and settle some old drunken arguments.

It's a money idea and I'm throwin out there for free.

D.J.B. said...

CHUCK NORRIS WOULD BE MONEY!!!!! Straight cash homey.

Dana White said...

Hey EliteXC, tell me how my ass tastes!

jrock said...

Damn man. I was actually at Elite XC 1.

Anonymous said...

Shitty luck. And I was really looking forward diaz/alvarez. Anyone think theres a possiblity of kimbo vs lesnar in the future?

Anonymous said...

There is no chance on this earth that you will ever see a Lesnar Slice match. Period. Slice will never be in a UFC octagon. Nor will he even be in a WEC octagon. If strikeforce and Affliction don't call then its time to figure something else out.

Gotthorm said...

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RadioFreeG said...

"Nun-beating Fishdildo?!"

hahahahaha, I'm cryin' that's so funny!

Ohhh... mercy.


mkf said...

Why would CBS buy Affliction? Just get the right people in place and run CBS MMA.

Gotthorm said...

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Downtown said...

mkf - CBS is willing to buy a company with a name and Affliction would go fairly cheap. They also have two selling points - their clothing line (not as irrelevant as it should be) and Fedor.

Seth Petrezelli has made many enemies and may have black-balled himself, the sad thing is Seth is on the up-and-up all he did was tell the truth.

I blame Ken Shamrock, he is the initial link to all the problems that occurred.

Anonymous said...

Why blame Shamrock? The Elite XC should never have signed him, nor should they have put on the Slice vs. Shamrock match. The dude is a hall of famer in the ufc and they don't want him. Bad decisions made by people who don't know how to run a MMA organization are to blame.

Christopher Casúr said...

EliteXC was the MMA equivalent of the Oakland Raiders. Grease firealaz.