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Tuesday Night Turmoil: What?

ECW this week was held in bizzaro world. Had I told you last week that the Miz would have beaten CM Punk clean, and John Morrison would have beaten Kane you’d have laughed your ass off, and I’d have given myself a breathalyzer. That really happened on TV.

Colin Delaney had his first official match as an ECW superstar, as well his second match against the newest member of the ECW superstar Armando Estrada. He also got his very own entrance music. I was hoping he’d go without entrance music for a while, but oh well.

I’m not entirely positive as to who writes ECW, but whoever it is decided to turn the tables and give the fans something unexpected. I wont completely shit on that, because sometimes change is good, but parity booking is something Tha O Show has No’d before. If it can build into something better that’s fine.

With Miz beating Punk clean, and Morrison beating Kane, something tells me that Judgment Day will see the WWE Tag Team Championships changing hands. They haven’t been defended on PPV since Unforgiven last year as far as I know. That’s too long for any title to not be defended.

The thing I don’t get about that is, why wait this long with the new M’n’M and why do it all at once? Miz has been improving, and I’ve been saying for a while that Morrison should be a main event guy at least on ECW. They could have had a slow burn, and they sort of have, but it seemed, not rushed, but too much at once.

In other news Shelton Benjamin thinks he’ll stop the streak of Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston in turn thinks that Shelton Benjamin can’t bloodclot do it. Since Kofi knows that there’s always trouble in paradise, he was prepared, and he knocked Shelton on his bleach blonde ass.

Kelly Kelly, Cherry Cherry and Michelle McCool took on Victoria, Natalya and Layla. It was a nice change of pace seeing some hot women in the ring, most of them can work, and still look good, so that was a plus. Seeing Cherry’s team eek out the win wasn’t bad, and it just means we’ll get to keep seeing this feud.

Colin Delaney. Here’s a guy who, well, gets a bunch of losses, a win, then more losses, one big win and two straight losses. Not only did Mike Knox squash his ass into the mat in a few seconds, the newest ECW superstar, Armando Estrada beat the hell out of him and then pinned him.

Why did Colin need music? That was one of the best parts of his gimmick. His gimmick should be the Untan Superman, and when Ron Killings debuts, Killings should keep “Suntan Superman.” It’d be a hell of a tag team, even though I think Ron deserves a run of his own, but I digress. Make it happen creative team.

As you know, John Morrison defeated Kane, which is why I firmly believe that Kane and CM Punk will walk away from Judgment Day as the WWE Tag Team Champs. Aside from that, that leads to a question I have concerning the ECW Championship.

I know that it’s never really been considered a World Championship among fans, but I always thought that the WWE tried to push it that way. Since January, the ECW Champion has competed in the WWE Royal Rumble, and in the Championship Chase to Judgment Day last Friday. Does that seem befitting of a world champion to anyone?

DJB’s What to Watch:
CM Punk vs. The Miz
Six Diva Tag Match >>
Kofi/Shelton Backstage Segment
Knox vs. Delaney & Estrada vs. Delaney >>
John Morrison vs. Kane

Tha Results…
*The Miz def. CM Punk
*Team Cherry def. Team Victoria
*Mike Knox def. Colin Delaney
*Armando Estrada def. Colin Delaney
*John Morrison def. Kane

4 comments: on "Tuesday Night Turmoil: What?"

djh said...

not a bad show for what it is.

D.J.B. said...

I agree. The show wasn't bad, it was actually shocking. People popped for John Cena's "surprise" return, and while it wasn't a return, this week was definitely a surprise.

Matt said...

I fell asleep halfway through the show. On a side not, DJB, the Mattador's training to take you down on facebook.

D.J.B. said...

Haha ok Matt. Good luck. I accept all challenges, which is probably why my record is what it is.