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Rated O Radio - Episode 64

Tha O Show RadioBack for another episode of your favourite internet radio show is the always - finding - himself - at - the - scene - of - violence, Big Daddy Donnie (you'll soon understand) and your bro, Dan-e-o.

Yes, it's the O-riginal cast of this very website's founders: Don and Dan. With plenty of guests on the phone this week, you can bet all of the merchandise plugged on this show that it'll be a classic.

In another words, it's dope-alaz!

On this week's show ...

Tha O's And NO's with a focus on this past Sunday's TNA pay-per-view, Sacrifice and this past Monday's "Raw".

Tha boys continue to discuss - eh,hem - trash the Sacrifice event.

"Tha Classroom" is back with a your BRAND NEW teacher, former LLW Heavyweight Champion, Dangerboy Derek Wylde. In this week's class, he disects a 1993 bout from Japan between the immortal Hulk Hogan and the Great Muta.

Watch the match here:

Hogan VS. Muta Part One

Hogan VS. Muta Part Two

Hogan VS. Muta Part Three

With The Notorious T.I.D. still under the weather for the second week in a row, Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o attempt their own installment of "Tha Pit Stop" with some MMA talk.

Ontario Indy Favourite (and NO-Show Champion), the Sexy Monkey Robin Knightwing joins the show for a quick and hilarious edition of "Road Stories".

And sitting in on "Tha Round Table" is friend of Tha O Show and the world's best damn referee, Dave Linton!

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17 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 64"

Steve said...

Survivor and Big Brother are BOTH GAY, trust. And Dan-e-o is not the biggest Santino fan - just wait until you see my sign at ringside on Sunday night at Judgment Day!

Dan-e-o said...

Dope! Hope we see a "Tha O Show" sign of some sort too.

Do that, take a pic and send it to us...a big time prize will come your way homie.

We'll be lookin' for ya.

Matt said...

Welcome to the terror dome is by public enemy.

mike dee said...

I was telling a friend about something I heard on tha o show the other day, and referred to Dan-e-o and Donnie as "these friends of mine". That's how it feels when I listen. Like I know you so well that we're friends.

Anonymous said...

Can I vote Dave Littons girl as the new O Ho. I jerked off to her promo twice!

cosmo kramer said...

I agree with anonymous on that last comment. I agree that Sacrifice was a sacrifice to the wrestling gods. It was so bad.

Derek Wild did a good job. I got used to Tyson in that spot but like you said Derek mentioned really interesting points.

chris said...

I can't believe the moves I just saw in that match from Hogan. WTF? I feel like we've been ripped off for 25 years. He did the STFU a million times better than CENA.

Anonymous said...

I wll defintely be at LLW on May 31st cheering for Crazy Steve. It will be my first indy wrestling show ever but I can't wait to see Dan-E-O get his teeth kicked in! Just kidding. KEYFABE!

jonny b good said...

Sexy Monkey's road story was good. I want him to dish dirt on Beth!

Anonymous said...

I liked th story about Nunzio too. I miss Notorious T.I.D. Get better. Hope its not Aids

srr said...

the funniest part was at the very very end, where tj was practicing " your in classroom" HAHAHAH. more tj please especially road stories.

good show, i hope you guys are having morre llw shows. i finally got a passport so im gonna try and go to canada soon.

btw do you guys respond to your emails. donnie rico?

BigDaddy said...

LLW Shows are every month.

May 31st, June 21st and July 26th are the next few.

I read every email respond to as many as I can, but unfortunately not all. Can't speak for Rico. I'm surprised he even knows how to work a computer.

Anonymous said...

hey donnie your freestyle from april was the best..

"you fucking stink, take it in the pink" lol

Dante Ross said...

Love the show. But why all the hatred for Awesome Kong, Donnie?! Besides Awesome Kong name one thing that has been interesting in TNA? Anything? Yeah. She can beat more than half the X division with one tit tied behind her back.

The classroom was weird. Liked Tyson much better. It just seemed like some random dude mentioning things. Tyson broke that shit down to molecules.

Anyone that doesnt know where Terrordome is from needs to be shot in the neck. Twice.

Anonymous said...

Donnie is suppose to forward me the emails. I know how to work a computer jackass. Forward me the emails.


BigDaddy said...

Thanks anonymous - LOL

Dante my disillusioned friend. I don't HATE Kong at ALL. The point is I like her so damn much that I don't want to see her ruined!

Having her work men will NOT end well for her, or the women's division.

Is she a GREAT character? Yes?

Is she a GREAT worker? No.

She's a good worker with limitations that are being hidden very well working the girls.

If girl A) is in the ring and Kong's music plays, the face and the fans get that "Ohhhh Shiiiit" feeling. If it's Kip James in the ring, and Kong comes down to face him, do you REALLY think she should be able to beat that tank? Come on.

I know your whole size doesn't matter piece is up on the site right now, but for that's nuts.

They have the BEST women's division in the world. WHY can't they be content with that - and not over expose / ruin her???

Marky Markington said...


"You fucking stink, take it in the pink"