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Tuesday Night Turmoil: Tha Golden Rule

On the heels of William Regal’s suspension we were left wondering if anyone was going to get fired or leave ECW tonight. Well as far as I know, nobody got fired or suspended, but we did get some shockers, and some, “wow didn’t I see that last week?”

Kofi Kingston (SOS) was scheduled to compete against Shelton Benjamin…again. Colin Delaney and Kelly X2 were scheduled to face Mike Knox and Layla. Four former ECW Champions were put into a tag team match tonight and a Singapore Cane match was announced for One Night Stand.

I want to start off with a reply of sorts to the distinguished Andrew Gray’s comments in his latest Shades of Gray article. CM Punk is on a horrendous losing streak right now and that is just dumb. Sure you can explain it and rationalize it, but it’s pointless to, I doubt there is logic behind it at all. You put him over at WrestleMania, and then job him out on ECW.

He’s losing singles matches, and tag matches. The tag matches aren’t so bad when he’s not getting pinned, but dude is still not going over. Tonight in the main event, he lost to the team of Chavo Guerrero and Johnny Morrison. He just lost to John Morrison at the PPV and he got pinned by Morrison, so wouldnt if make sense for Punk to pin Morrison, or Punks team at least win?

Morrison can work and does deserve to be in a main event role, and so does Punk, but with Punk holding the Money Bank case you’d think he’d go over more often. I did like however, at the end of the match Big Show coming down and annihilating everyone.

Big Show just got out of a feud that could go no farther with the Great Khali and now he’s interjected himself into the Singapore Cane match at One Night Stand. I don’t see a way Show doesn’t go over there, and Kane and Show have had matches in the past and they weren’t terrible, so who knows, maybe we’ll get something decent from this.

Colin Delaney, now that is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of many a man. His tag match with Kelly X2 against the lovely Layla and Mike Knox was another one of those matches that you know will end in a way other than Delaney getting the win. Kelly pinned Layla leaving Knox and Delaney in limbo…for a minute.

Knox hit the Knox out Blow on Colin and we get Senior Diesed Armando Estrada coming out and beating Colin rather quickly yet again. Apparently Delaney and Estrada are entering a feud that’s going to have a slow burn. Unless it’s announced for One Night Stand next week, it’ll be waiting until The Great American Bash since Night of Champions is reserved for…well, champions.

Kofi Kingston (SOS) was scheduled to take on Shelton Benjamin again and we all figured Kofi would continue on his roll, and Shelton would continue missing Dusty Rhodes. Actually, in a pleasant turn of events Shelton got the pin.

Shelton finally got that elusive win, and Kofi (SOS) finally got that elusive loss. It was a damn good match that I enjoyed thoroughly, especially the finish. I don’t know how many people actually thought Shelton Benjamin would win, but they were few and far between.

The overall show wasn’t that bad. I mean there were some good moments but as always there were the bad ones as well. Of course it would be ECW without a headscratcher, and that headscratcher is the Miz vs. Kane, as well as the Miz vs. Kane as the curtain jerker.

The match wasn’t terrible considering Miz was in it. Miz is coming into his own, but I still believe that his initial push was about a year too early. He may get to a point where he can stand alone, but he isn’t there yet. With M’n’M he is doing fine, but alone he’s still not quite there.

While I'm on the topic of Kane though, if I'm correct ECW/WWE One Night Stand will feature a match to determine the #1 contender to the ECW just wont feature the ECW Championship. Oh well, whatever are Mike Adamle and Vince Russo booking ECW now?

DJB’s What to Watch
Miz vs. Kane >
Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston
Colin Delaney & Kelly vs. Knox & Layla >>
Armando Estrada vs. Colin Delaney >
Punk & Dreamer vs. Chavo & Morrison
Big Shows cleaning house

Tha results…
*The Miz def. Kane via DQ
*Shelton Benjamin def. Kofi Kingston
*Colin Delaney & Kelly def. Mike Knox & Layla
*Armando Estrada def. Colin Delaney
*Chavo Guerrero & John Morrison def. Tommy Dreamer & CM Punk

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Best one since last week

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Uno questiones...why is he Andrew Gray? Shouldn't he be Andrew Deaner.......just a question I had

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I think he gets legit hot when someone calls him that.

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The very first day I moved out of the trailer park, I changed my last name.

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