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Rated O Radio - Episode 65

Tha O Show RadioWelcome O-sters far and near to another edition of the best damn internet radio show you's tha one that makes you O!

Tha O-riginators, Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o shoot the shit like no one else can and as always have a number of guests to 'edutain' all of your asses.

Sit back, relax and prepare to potentially be offended. It's O time again!

On this week's show ...

Tha O's And NO's with a focus on this past Sunday's WWE pay-per-view, Judgment Day and this past Monday's "Raw".

"Tha Pit Stop" is back after a two week hiatus as The Notorious T.I.D. returns to prep you all for this weekend's UFC 83 PPV event. Check out the double knockout he mentions!!

In a somewhat-new segment, Don and Dan return to a concept from their debut broadcast and check their "O-Mail". You know, as in e-mail from you, tha O-sters!

Dan-e-o puts in a phone call to his long lost bredren, WWE Hall of Famer, The Iron Sheik. This week on "What's Sheiky Doin'?", Dan asks about Sheik's beef with Beetlejuice and being kicked off of Howard Stern's Killers Of Comedy tour. You don't wanna miss this!

Sometimes WWE performer and all-the-time "little people" superstar, Short Sleeve Sampson joins Tha O Show for a "small" edition of "Road Stories".

And ALL the way from Mexico, is O Show member and International Wrestling Superstar, Rico Montana who takes a seat at "Tha Round Table".

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30 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 65"

mouth said...

Hey Short Sleeve Sampson might want to captilize on your $5000 rap challenge!!!!!!

Check this link

Not Dan-e-o's Mom said...

Why did my comment get deleted??? Cuz I said I was Dan-e-o's mom???

I didn't say anything rude!! Just that I wanted to download this weeks show to my ipod before i went camping. What gives??

Dan-e-o said...

My mom doesn't listen to Tha O Show or comment on this site. Let's keep it that way.

On to more fun subjects...big shout to our girl Traci Brooks who is today's Sunshine Girl in The Toronto Sun:

Dan-e-o's Mom said...

I do so listen! Every week!

vato loco said...

In case Dan-e-o deletes that comment too, let me just say I think it's funny.

Rico in Mexico! Is he going to hook you guys up with some AAA stars? I'd love to hear Mistico or Konnan or Shocker or Aguila on Tha O Show.

BigDaddy said...

As alluded to by "mouth" (is that you Dan? LMAO!!!) a new contest was announced this week on Tha O Show.

Your chance to win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Details are in the show. Go listen.

Mouth said...

Money Money

Marky Markington Jr said...

Hey Donnie.

Your best freestyle ever was

"you fucking stink, take it in the pink"

Markus K Fabian said...

Hasn't this guy made the same commnent for the last month?

Get with the times there Marky. Personally i thought Big Daddy Redneck this week would make a dope duo with Trevor Murdockaz.

Skitlez said...

I'm thinking of challenging Dan-e-o. I freestyle over the instrumentals for "Dear Hip-Hop" all the time. That's a shoot man. I don't know. Not sure if I'm ready to challenge him yet. I do know what you mean when you talk about guys writing shit down, dude I get so pissed at that! Every motherfucker I face does that shit.

Matt said...

I might be the only oster that will mark out for the warrior return in TNA. I agree with daneo that they need to work on the booking and clusterfuck-ness before bringing new people in. However, I would mark out like crazy just for nostalgia's sake. None of of can say we werent a warrior mark back in the day. Also, adding sting's name into that makes for the potential for a good story. It is TNA's style, however, to take potential, and turn it into shit, so we'll see how it goes.

BigDaddy said...

One thing about a Warrior return is NO promotion has ever done a Blade Runners reunion. That could be cool.

Wouldn't matter that Warrior has short hair now, since he did as a Blade Runner too!

Marky Markington said...

hey donnie

"you fuckin stink, take it in the pink"

im sorry man but that freestyle was phenomenal. I'm going to compile a best of donnie freestyle clip in the coming days. I will post the link for the show to peep maybe you can play it in the future.

BigDaddy said...

Dude seriously if you want to compile a best of freestyles - do it on Dan-e-o.

I DON'T freestyle - i just fuck aroudn. That's like having a highlight video of Snitsky when you could choose Flair.

king william booker said...

"Do you have a big show in your pants?" Money.

Jorden Vandal said...

I don't freestyle, buy my little brother does (he's 21) and he's FOR SURE going to send in the $25.00 and as good as I think Dan is, my bro might actually have a chance I think.

Dude is sick with the word play - multi's - and personals.

He really is sorta bummed though, he wanted to get a trip to Canada and do it live. O Show, set that shit up. He'll battle Dan IN THE STUDIO.

But since I'm the O-Ster, I gotta get a trip up with him.

BigDaddy said...


You want us to fly you and your brother in from 'wherever' to get murdered by Dan-e-o?

We're an internet radio show. Not the David Letterman show.

Make the trip on your own dime and it's on.

Criss Wolfman said...

Haha, Donnie. Nice reference with the Sloan lyric, dude. I use that one all the time.

Sloan Fan said...

I agree Wolfman. To anyone not familiar with Sloan, here's a link.

marky markington sr said...


daneos paid his dues in the game and i really dont think him battling anyone will earn him any stripes...just buy his damn music and enjoy...

p.s. hey donnie you fucking stink take it in the pink lol...and your new semi rap/rodeo free was sick to..dude your actually gettin better and better....

good to hear from good old shiekhy he really comes across mature at home...its kinda obvious he does the act/shoot for the marks outside....

Shammy_D said...

That has to be the best episode of tha show yet and i've been listening since week 1, keep it up guys!

marky markington sr said...

i just noticed...i made a comment exactly at 6pm...thats a record!

"you fuckin stink take it in the pink"

Anonymous said...

And folks, the above comment is exactly why you should not let your kids eat lead paint chips.

marky markington sr said...

Anonymous cocksucker^^^takes it in the pink like donnies freestyle stated...

srr said...

lol, i fucking love this guy.
fyi, his best line EVER was-
"I wish you were in the holocaust"
you had to listen.

anyway dope your gonna answer emails.

i love love the roundtable this is what got me in this podcast. sure i love when you niggas do random o ho funny moments.
but donnie abreu knows alot and hearing dan e o who pretty much has the same mindset as me in wrestling ( except looking for marellas cock in his mouth) which is a mark but always makes shit up and puts ideas in for it.
love this podcast when it gets down into the arguments on it. keep it up people.

oh yea, BX STAND UP!!!!!! ( im probably the only o-ster from the bronx but fuck it)

Anonymous said...

This Marky guy is funny. I think he's trying to get his own segment.

I sent in an email. Hope you guys read it next week.

marky markington sr said...

my own semgment? who do u think i am some kinda mark? like gay meltzer?

your half and half like my manager eric simms...i can beat the fuck out of u with one my little finger.

cancer said...

Who the hell is Eric Simms?
This dude is so random.

marky markington sr said...

hes a half and half cheap jew russia son of a bitch like wendi ricter...take a fuckin walk man

Anonymous said...