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Which Afterparty Would YOU Go To?

In a little bit of a twist on the usual MMA analysis, instead of predicting who will win the fights I'm predicting which afterparties after UFC 84 would be more fun to attend, and at the end I'll reveal which one *I'M* planning to go to this weekend in Las Vegas.

Now looking at the top of the card for UFC 84 (the matches which will definitely air on the live PPV) I see no more than two potential fighter afterparties that would not only have star power but have plenty for both the fighters, their friends and their fans to talk about afterwards.

Fortunately there's also one good afterparty that doesn't have anything to do with the fighters on the card that's worth mentioning, and that's the one hosted by UFC ring card girl Arianny Celeste at the Torrid Nightclub inside the Hawaiian Tropic Zone. They've promised a DJ from Miami and an open bar with Pink Vodka from 10-12PM for all the ladies, and any afterparty with a UFC ring girl is bound to attract UFC fighters and fans alike. That's option #1 for Saturday night.

Option #2 from the main card is Wanderlei Silva's afterparty. Denaro Sports Marketing is putting on this event at the JET Mirage Night Club immediately after UFC 84 and you can go to for more info. Why would you want to party with a man nicknamed 'The Axe Murderer'? I'll give you three good reasons. The first is that Silva has lost his last three fights (including a close decision against Chuck Liddell at UFC 79) so if he beats Keith 'The Dean of Boring' Jardine and gets back on the winning path that's going to be one heck of a reason to celebrate. Second of all if you're ever seen "All Access: Wanderlei Silva" on SpikeTV you know that despite his fearsome nickname he's a really humble, down to earth, cool guy.

Third and perhaps best of all Silva is from Curitiba, Brazil. *BRAZIL~!* Brazilians don't just know jiu-jitsu, they know how to party. *Carnivale *may be an even better party than Mardi Gras (depends on who you ask I suppose). Even in the unlikely event he loses to the most boring and uncharismatic light heavyweight in all of UFC, Silva would undoubtedly find a way to have fun afterwards.

The third party possibility from the main card for UFC 84 is the 'Huntington Beach Bad Boy' himself Tito Ortiz. There's a lot going for this afterparty, not the least of which is that it's right there in the MGM Grand at Studio 54, which makes it easy access for anybody going to the fights that night. Second of all there's the fact that Ortiz' girl is none other than adult film legend Jenna Jameson. *JENNA JAMESON~!* How could you not want to get a piece of that action?

One photo with Jenna (or Tito, or perhaps best of all both) is the kind of thing you could brag about to your friends, drinking buddies, and MMA fans for years. Last but not least is the fact that Tito is undeniably going to be in a good mood no matter what happens on Saturday night. If he loses, he gets out of his UFC contract, and he's been chafing at what he feels is a lack of respect from them for a long time. If he wins, he gets out of his contract ANYWAY, *AND* he gets to rub his victory over Lyoto Machida in Dana White's face. That suggests that Tito's party could be the very definition of *EPIC WIN*.

Despite three such strong contenders for getting your drink on, your mingle on, and getting your "pose with the fighter for a cheesy cell phone picture" on, there's one afterparty that I haven't even mentioned yet that doesn't involve any fighter on the card or even any UFC ring card girls and *THAT* is the party that I've got reservations for on Saturday night - the *Official UFC 84 Afterparty * hosted by Dana White.

Does it boggle the imagination I'd plan to hang out here and not even fuck with Tito, Wanderlei or Arianny? Well I'll tell you why. As mentioned above the Tito Ortiz party is sure to be a swinging affair whether he wins or loses on Saturday night. Imagine the flipside of that coin being Dana White, who was once Tito's manager, who probably hates the man more than any other man alive.

If Tito wins Dana's going to laugh it off because he still made money on his last fight with UFC, and if he loses Dana's going to laugh even harder knowing he sent Tito packing with a loss.

On top of that if you've ever watched *ANY* episode of The Ultimate Fighter let alone heard any interview with White you know he's a *FOUNT* of charisma - the man talks shit (and literally I do mean SHIT, because he curses a LOT) as well as any man alive. Last but not least it's the "official" UFC afterparty, so you might well expect a bevy of fighters from all over the UFC 84 card from top to bottom to drop in. If you're looking for Stevie J on Saturday night after the fights, Dana White's party is the place that I'll be!

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smarky smarkson said...

i know which party i will not be at. that being the party where girls who fucking stink take it in the pink. that idiot with the stuck comment box marky will no doubt be at that one.