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Rated O Radio - Episode 66

Tha O Show RadioIt's party time y'all! Welcome to a MEGA-edition of tha world's greatest internet radio program: Tha O Show!

And what a load O's we have in store for you. This week, Tha O Show family celebrates the birthday of T.J. a.k.a Sinista who has been keeping this show sounding sick for the past year and change.

Our boy was a bit under the weather celebrating his big day but that didn't stop Big Daddy Donnie, Dan-e-o and Tha O Show's monthly in-studio guest, Hayden Avery to crack the beers open!

Also on this week's show ...

Tha O's And NO's

Tha crew previews this coming Sunday's "extreme" WWE pay-per-view, One Night Stand.

The Notorious T.I.D. rolls by for "Tha Pit Stop" to discuss all things MMA including last weekend's UFC 84 event and what's next for Tito Ortiz.

Tha O Show Music proudly debuts its latest installment to the upcoming CD O-blivion: Tha Indy Wrestling Album. Ontario Indy Star, HHV gets blessed with a banger sung by the beautiful and talented, Summer Brockwell.

In an ode to Summer, tha boys attempt a mini-return of "Tha O-chestra"!

The one and only Dangerboy Derek Wylde who will perform in his final match this Saturday at LLW: Exodus is back with another sensational session in "Tha Classroom". This week, we study an incredible match between Aja Kong and Manami Toyota.

Watch the match here:

Kong VS. Toyota Part One

Kong VS. Toyota Part Two

And the first of TWO new members of Tha O Show joins tha crew for "Road Stories". You may remember him as MVP's first-ever opponent in the Fed. More importantly, he's one of the most entertaining storytellers in the business. Please welcome to tha crew: Marty Garner a.k.a. Cham Pain!

And sitting in for "Tha Round Table" with Donnie, Dan and Hayden Avery is the second of our two new members. Tha Queen of O herself: LUFISTO!!!

Lufisto shares her views on a few hot topics, and discusses her HOT new segment that will be featured on Tha O Show radio program - starting next week!

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25 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 66"

Marky Markington Sr. said...

"You fucking stink, take it in the pink"


greatest freestyle from Donnie ever..

Marky Markington Sr. said...

"You fucking stink, take it in the pink"


greatest freestyle from Donnie ever..

Marky Markington Sr. said...

that rodeo song in the intro was phenomenal...


Anonymous said...

I loved this week's show! Adding Cham Pain AND Lufisto to the program as regulars is freakin amazing!! Nice job!!

Hayden did a nice job this week.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Notorious T.I.D. should do stand up! By the way, you guys have sold me and I'm making the drive from Thunder Bay ontario to LLW on Saturday. I have tomorrow as a vacation day and my gf and I are leaving tonight.

Jim J said...

That singer Summer is awesome! And saw her myspace. Sexalacious!

Marky Markington Sr. said...

lol @ kendra taking it in the ass

classic show

Marky Markington Sr. said...

"hookers are real stupid"


Marky Markington Sr. said...


mach23 said...

Umaga should be Ted DiBiase tag partner

Marky Markington Sr. said...

donnie this weeks outro freestyle was great man....classic o show....

Brad said...

Figured I'd post this from my video collection...

Derek Wylde spot from 2001:

regan said...

Dangerboy did the same spot as that Japanese bitch! Did that guy ever wrestle again? Looked like Dangerboy Khali'd him and took great pride in killing a white man.

adequate said...

I loved that match Derek Wilde showed! Never heard of that skinny jap girl but shes nuts. I loved the whole feel of the show. You guys drink, have fun and talk the way my friends and I talk. I think Cham Pain and LuFisto will be great additions. I'm from Carolina and am a massive fan of Cham Pain.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for LLW tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Will there be O Show shirts on sale at LLW?? I really want a black one.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. I hadn't been to any indy wrestling show in forver because I got bored of them. You guys convinced me to go see Derek Wylde's last match last night and all i can say is


Thank you to Eric Young and Derek Wylde. There were tears throughout the crowd, the wrestlers surrounding the ring was amazing - even the look on Donnie's face (he was right behind us) on every near fall, thinking the match was over.

It was my "O" of the year.

Rick Dreamie said...

Dibiase's tag partner is also a second generation wrestler... absolutely... priceless? Absolutely PERFECT... Joe Hennig. I'll O for that.

Anonymous said...

mar-ty gar-ner *clap clap clap-clap-clap*
mar-ty gar-ner *clap clap clap-clap-clap*

Anonymous said...

Fighting Spirit Magazine does cover pro wrestling.In fact it does more so than MMA.


Anonymous said...

Joe Hennig is THIRD generation not 2nd. Just like Little Ted.

Anonymous said...

Joe Hennig is THIRD generation not 2nd. Just like Little Ted.

Skitlez said...

New weekly segment: "Dan-e-o calls whores". Please make it happen. That shit was toooo funny.

Rick Dreamie said...

I thought I typed Third Gen. My bad. Long time Listener, 2nd time poster. Dan-e-o calls whores was priceless.

BigDaddy said...

Agreed. It's not on this week's show - episode 67 - but Dan-e-o calling whores WILL return!