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Tha iMPACT Playback: Tha Truth!

You may deduce from the title of this article that I’m talking about former TNA worker, and present WWE worker Ron the Truth Killings, but you’d be wrong. What I’m talking about is the standing ovation TNA got from me, in my living room when someone finally spoke the truth on TNA television.

There was a backstage segment with JB and James E that dealt with Awesome Kong beating up fans. It was the usual shtick with Cornette flipping his lid over Kong beating up these “fans”, JB trying to remain calm and looking after his own ass, but then in a shocking turn TNA deviated, albeit slightly from the storyline. Thank God they did.

Jeremy Borash produced a piece of paper and on it were “the ratings.” For weeks and months now the Knockout division has been the bread winner of TNA. When you look at a full show ratings report, the Knockouts are on top. Credit it to what you want, either booking or the female talent, or maybe both, but it is happening. This time though, they admitted it for the world to hear.

If TNA were to produce a women’s only show I’m betting that it’d beat out iMPACT and would be neck and neck with ECW week after week, but I digress. Vince Russo, Dutch Mantel, Jeff Jarrett and whoever else TNA threw together as a creative team isn’t getting it done with the guys, and that’s pretty obvious.

Scott D’Amore is booking the women’s division and he’s embarrassing the men. The ratings he’s getting the women are monumental for TNA, the sad thing is, and they just can’t maintain it. When the women go off the screen, a good number of channels change.

People have actually been intrigued by the Knockout division, something that doesn’t often happen in WWE unless it’s Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie or Melina. I’ve stated before that Scott D’Amore needs more booking control within TNA and apparently, the numbers prove that as well.

TNA doesn’t just have a load bearer for the women, they have several. Roxxi and the Beautiful people have been building for a while. Kong-ODB-Gail Kim has been going on for ages, but it’s still semi-relevant. It’s breaking away now to give life to new storylines, but the way it was booked it maintained interest throughout.

I’m going to switch gears now and talk about something else. I think I’ve given the TNA Knockouts their fair share of time. What I want to talk about is nothing new to the O-ster nation as there’s been a long history of Booker T markdom here.

Booker T may not be drawing any significant ratings for TNA as a whole, but he was no doubt a good addition to that roster, and dude can entertain in so many ways. As a face he’s comical and serious, all the while drawing some interest. As a heel it’s the same thing, but he can change up at any time and make people show interest.

I like the grouping of Booker and 3D. Yeah I know, it’s all former Fed guys, but in this instance there is no reason to complain that much. These guys are established, and their name isn’t made solely on being a fed guy. They can cut killer promos and for the most part can work their own style.

Booker’s backstage promo on Jim Cornette, about his locker rooming smelling like rodents had pissed in it for a week straight was entertaining. The grouping of Booker, 3D, Angle and Tomko is one that as I said I like, and Tomko is finally finding himself it seems.

The storyline with AJ, Karen and Kurt has been going on for a while and while I don’t think there is much of a way to salvage the love triangle, I do think Kurt and AJ can make something work in and out of the ring. Kurt is still entertaining, but can’t be the focal point of the entire show.

AJ Styles is leaps and bounds above where he was several months ago. He’s learned to do entertaining promos, and he can work circles around a good percentage of the other people out there. He and Kurt will most likely put on a solid match, if TNA doesn’t overbook it.

There were a few new matches added to Slammiversary this week, LAX will defend the TNA Tag Team Championships against Team 3D and the aforementioned Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles. Christian Cage and Rhino both advanced to the King of the Mountain match as well. So King of the Mountain will be Samoa Joe defending against Robert Roode, Booker T, Christian, and Rhino with Nash as the special enforcer.

Tha results…
*Christian Cage def. Tomko
*Rhino def. James Storm
*Lethal & Dutt def. The Rock and Rave Infection
*Angelina Love def. Roxxi Leveaux
*TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong def. Leva Bates

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ITS ME P-C-P!!!! said...

IS RHAKA KHAN OFF IMPACT... She was last seen at Sacriface and she wasn't in the immunity hair cut match,by the way, she is a good worker I notice she was selling very at SACRIFACE More KHAN in late 08'... I didnt think she would be a good matchup for Kong but just maybe...

My only problems are that the mens division is not clear enough... I have no idea where everyone stand in the ranking... And at some point the heels have to win, cleanly...Roode and Storm are great heels but when did you see them actually win a match... Also KAZ and J.Leathal can no longer be considers anything less than favorite in any match... If we play the whole anyone at anytime card then live by that for real

Christopher Casúr said...

TNA's booking is confusing to say the least.

In the women's division, who's the top heel? Awesome Kong. Who's the top face? ODB and/or Gail Kim, take your pick.

Now, let's look at the men's division. Who's the top heel? Who's the top face?

As much as people shat upon Jeff Jarrett, at least he gave the company a top heel to work around. That's more than anyone can say about TNA nowadays.

Matt said...

It seems like the clusterfuck booking of TNA is starting to work itself out in time for the ppv. The show, I think, will be one of the better ppvs of the year. The fueds building to this show all have pretty good build, and all have a connectivity in the show as a whole. This is what I think TNA's been trying to do for awhile, which in the past led to the clusterfuckness that we've seen. This time, it seems like its might work though.

The "bad guys" have formed a temporary faction. two of them are chasing the tag belts, one is chasing the heavyweight belt, and the other will probably be involved in the king of the mountain somehow (tomko). This makes the show feel more like a show, and less like a series of matches. Maybe TNA's finally figured out how to make a show have a sense of connectivity without clusterfuckivity. Also, I enjoy making up words, because it makes me sound smart.

I was upset that there was no Sting shoot this week, as i was enoying them. Did i miss it?

Besides being entertaining by himself, Booker's value in TNA is unlimited. He's stated since day one that he's there to help the company, and to put younger guys over. This attitude supposedly rubbed off on Kurt Angle, and is resulting in guys like AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Samoa Joe, James Storm (to some extent), and LAX becoming marquee guys for a growing company.

A guy like Booker, who can work and wants to put young guys over, is an infinitely positive attribute to a company, vs. a Triple H or Micheals, who can both work, but are usually looking out for themselves. I think a lot of TNA's future success is going to be a result of Booker signing with the company, as I believe he's already helped the company's focus to be more about building the younger stars.

I'm optimistic about TNA's future, and with WWE's ratings close to an all time low, it might be time to start considering if TNA will offer serious competition within the next couple of years. Good article, as always.

Leonel said...

I agree completely with Matt about how valuable Booker T is to TNA....especially in influencing the other veterans by leading by example and by putting the young guys over.

Thats how veterans should be..things do seem to be coming together for TNA now...yeah sure u got some comic relief with Super Eric and Jay Lethal (who in my opinion is awesome as a black macho man) but as long as that comedy stays to a minimium i dont see it as a problem.

Black rein seems to be gone from TNA which is great that stuff u got LAX, Kaz, James Storm and Robert Roode all in the midst of pushes and all TNa originals....this is a good thing!!also I like the angle with AJ Styles and the beat down last week of booker T's faction it was all done in a very old school way and kinda reminded me of how the horseman used to jump Dusty Rhodes back n the day....very well done!

TNA can't blow this now....if anyone knows anything bout wrestling psychology and history it will show that AJ Styles will benefit greatly from this beatdown..bbut its up to TNA to pull the trigger....this is were (if done right) AJ drops the class clown gimmick and turns into a kickass babyface out for revenge...AJ is the man and has more ability in his pinky than half the WWE rost so heres to hoping that TNA does this the right way....he needs a clean decisive win over Angle at sacrifice after that the rest is history!..Angle could get him back later....besides Angle will always have heat...but AJ needs this moment now or else he'll just end up like bret in wcw or Luger in WWe when they never puilled the trigger on them at the right moment so they fizzled out.

Chris said...

Good article, I'd like to point out though that it's probably easier to book 8-10 people then 30+ or whatever the roster split is. And probably easier when you're working with a group of relative unknowns vs some unknowns and some veterans (egos, creative clauses etc). So is it really fair to compare the mens division to the womens? In some ways, but not in all.
I don't think AJ should get a win over Kurt yet, where would AJ go from there?
If Rhaka Khan is gone I'm pissed, 'cause I really like saying Rrrrrraka Khaaaan every time she comes out.

Signguy_Shooter said...

I actually think since the last ppv the booking in TNA has gotten better.
I really liked this week's opening segment with Booker, Team 3D, LAX, Christian, Rhino and of course the champ Samoa Joe. I think this segment helped show who are the top heels and faces are in TNA. It also showed Joe as a leader in TNA.
I think it's kind of weird that the top heels are now all former WWE guys, Angle, Booker, Tomko and Team 3D.