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Be Alarmed! Raw In Major Decline

"Raw" for Monday, May 26, 2008 did a 2.9 rating. Sure it was Memorial Day, but that "Raw" rating is the latest and worst in a trend of bad ratings, that is spiraling out of control. Now we know why CEO V-Mac is willing to give away a million bucks.

I'm no expert, but that means that 2.9 million of an estimated 112.8 million were watching "Raw." There were only three segments that went over 3.0, and the show did hours of 2.87 and 2.94. This is TNA-like for a company like WWE who are used to the 3.5 range.

Keep in mind that during the "Attitude" era "Nitro" AND "Raw" were both averaging over a 6.0 each week. Think of the disparity. A combined wrestling audience of 12.0versus a 2.9 on this week's flagship program.

This announcement did cause WWE stock to fall nearly 35 cents per share yesterday before finally leveling off near the spot they started the day with.

To paraphrase Donnie's favourite announcer, business is not about to pick up.

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BRoqq said...

Hey DJB, your numbers are a bit off. A 1.0 rating doesn't equate to 1 million viewers. A 1 rating is usually closer to 1.6 million users.

So a 2.9 rating is closer to 4.64 million viewers.

Also, most advertisers don't care about the overall rating (which is what you get on the overnights), they care about the 18-24.

Anonymous said...

The million part is off, but it's still 2.9 out of an estimated 112.8 possible.

It's still shitty, and while they may not lose their spot on tv they are in a whole hell of a lot of trouble.

Leonel said...

Ratings figures aside guys what this comes down to is the tops guys on RAW becoming more stale than a year old bag of Doritos.

- You got John Cena, Randy Orton, JBL and Triple Ass on top.

-John Cena lost his edge over 3 years ago!!when he dropped the rapper gimmick and started acting like a military veteran and started using hokey one-liners (which i blame squarely on the un-creative team!) on top of that he's got corny video game t-shirts (which i blame squarley on his corny ass!) this isn't Mike Tysons Punch Out Man!!

-Then we got Randy Orton who's gimmick and charisma consist of him staring blankly ice into the ring while methodically (and boringly) making his way to ringside...its almost like he's nervous about being out in front of the crowd after all these years that he has to focus directly at one item (the ring) so as not to show that he is nervous as fuck......what the fuck is his gimmick anyway?!?!....and all that repeating of phrases in his interviews does not constitute as mic skills.

-Then we have JBL...not impressed never will be impressed by this out of shape fuckhead.....his biggest claim to fame is punking rookies out backstage to appease Vince's sadistic sense of Bret Harts book he says there is not art to going out to the ring and abusing another performer when he trusts you with his body. hell JBL always says he was the longest reigning champ in Smackdown history.....and also the lowest rated.....despite hiw awesome mic skills (I'll give him that much) nobody was ever into him as a champ especially when all his verbal hype equates to shitty match after shitty match......this guys a piece of trash in my opinion and i wish some of those guys in the back should grow some balls and beat the shit out of him for real see him bitch bout it.

-Then we we have Triple-Hayche...they much i could say bout this ego-maniac that hasn't a;ready been said so based on what i said bout the other 3 guys, i'll leave that up to your imagination.

_I heard today that everyones gettin pissed of at Triple H for the way he is backstage (can't say i blame them) and that he may finally go to Smackdown in the draft....I hope he that Taker can finish his career on raw like he deserves too.

Anonymous said...


that was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Not surprised RAW is doing badly, the entire WWE product is dross, really need some fresh ideas there, better writers and wrestlers to come in ASAP because it will only get worse.