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Tuesday Night Turmoil: Jamaican Me Crazy

ECW this week reverted back to what they did on the “Special” 100th episode. They played flashbacks, and I liked it. This week it wasn’t to commemorate a 100th episode it was to make us the fans believe that the ECW Championship still means something.

While most of us have come to the conclusion that we’re looking at the new WWE Intercontinental Championship, since the original title isn’t being defended anymore, this week ECW made it look like the ECW Championship was on the level of the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.

I’ve always been a big fan of the flashback/history lesson gimmick. It adds a little something to a feud, or a title or even to a worker. This week ECW gave several flashback clips that made us remember the matches that took place where the ECW Championship was on the line.

Big Show defeating RVD back in July of 06, Punk defeating Morrison in September of last year, and my personal favorite was the clip of Dreamer’s post match promo. Saying he’d most likely never see a WrestleMania, which he did, and saying he didn’t want to see a Starcade, which he didn’t.

Adversely, my favorite segment that didn’t air was Kane’s 8 second victory at Mania. I will give love to the E and their editing department for throwing those in and making the ECW strap look legit. Kane being in action didn’t hurt, and the six man skirmish to close out this weeks edition of ECW didn’t hurt anything either.

Big Show being added to ECW is something I’m torn over. Put the guy on “SmackDown!” he could do them some good. His match with Tommy Dreamer tonight didn’t disappoint me, and it didn’t leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.

The five man kendo stick gimmick extravaganza that’s going to go down at ONS is something that I’m still in the middle about. Sure it will add a little legitimacy to the ECW belt, and sure it’ll give Kane someone to feud with for a while before Night of Champions, but it also backs CM Punk into yet another corner.

Punk can’t win that match. He can, but would it make any sense at all? He’s got the Money in the Bank briefcase, and for that reason alone he probably won’t win that match, and if he does he won’t win the ECW title. I don’t think it would behoove the E to have a guy with a World title and the Money in the Bank briefcase at the same time.

Guess what folks, CM Punk lost again this week on ECW to Chavo Guerrero. I understand that he didn’t lose clean, but he still lost, and as I’ve said, he isn’t going to win this Sunday either. It really is troublesome, and the biggest problem is, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

The match itself was a damn good match, especially for free TV and while it does help Chavo gain a little more credibility, if he has any at all, it does, as I said bury CM Punk even farther.

Now, I titled this article Jamaican Me Crazy because Mike Adamle says it at least three times a week. The first time he said it, it was “Wow that was sort of funny because this guy is retarded and he’s trying to make it work.” Then Miz made fun of it and it became a short running joke that was ok.

Adamle continues to say it. I’m not even doing Mike Ups in my articles anymore because he isn’t committing too many of them, and they’re so annoying there’s no purpose. I think Adamle may get better, but between the “Have Mercy’s,” and “Jamaican me Crazy’s” it’ll be a long while.

I do like the fact that Shelton got the win, and that Shelton is developing as a character, even without Dusty there. Shelton won’t go much further, because Kofi will beat him next time, but nonetheless Shelton is getting a character, other than “athletic black dude.”

Mike Knox is a guy who I have heavily criticized lately, but I actually sort of get it. Sure, he can’t really work his way out of a paper bag, but he’s big, and he can play the unstable heel pretty well. The shot he took below the eye was wicked, and while it didn’t last long after, he did a nice job of continuing the match and following through with his heel duties after the match.

ECW this week wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great, but it did enough. Whereas “Raw” ended with an announcement from Vinny Mac doing nothing for the PPV, ECW ended with the five guys competing for a shot at the ECW Championship at the PPV and the ECW Champion himself in the ring.

DJB’s What to Watch:
All the rewind segments
Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer >>
Mike Knox vs. Kofi Kingston>
Post match
CM Punk vs. Chavito
Kane vs. MnM >
Post match

Tha Results…
*Big Show def. Tommy Dreamer
*Kofi Kingston def. Mike Knox
*Chavo def. CM Punk
*Kane def. MnM via Disqualification

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marky markington sr. said...

Donnie takes it in the pink cause you fucking stink

Skitlez said...

I agree, ECW was pretty good. It was actually fun to watch.

Shelton plays a great foil to Kofi's super faceness and it's the kind of mid level feud ECW needs to make it seem legit.

I don't mind Big Show on ECW, I really didn't see a place for him anywhere else and after coming off the Mayweather match, it really puts ECW over by having a big name WANTING there title.

ecw Nazi said...

glad to see someone else giving the ecw article shit when im not doing it even tho this one wasnt bad