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TNT: Who Booked This Crap?

My esteemed colleague Christopher Casúr aptly titled his Raw Report, “Who Booked This?” He was absolutely right, the amazing thing however is that after ECW a.k.a. "Tuesday Night Turmoil" went off the air I was left with that same exact feeling.

Dusty Rhodes goes to FCW and ECW goes straight to hell. Give me a break, he was only helping. From Sunday March 30 until Monday April 7 at 8:59 PM the WWE was on a roll. They were knocking it out of the park. Now though, we’re back where we started.

On a night with a contract signing for the ECW Championship, you give me Mr. Money in the Bank facing one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, who by the way wasn’t even in the MitB match and I’ll scratch my head for the better part of the match.

If they in some way spin a John Morrison/CM Punk feud from this then maybe I’ll be ok with it. The thing is though, that feud has been done, so if you’re going to do it do it on a different show or add a little to it, and the Miz does not constitute as a little. He’s not even to that level.

Colin Delaney’s quest for a contract continued tonight, and tonight it was against Tommy Dreamer. The funny part is, the E pulled the trigger and then extracted the bullet from the wound. Earlier in the tapings Delaney beat Dreamer, but later they had a rematch which Dreamer won. Guess which one aired.

With the stip of Tommy “retiring” if he loses I guess the E decided they’d get some mileage out of this gimmick, who knows they may even try and turn it into a feud with Dreamer going heel. I don’t know if anyone will buy Dreamer as a heel at this point, unless of course he reveals himself as the guy behind Delaney’s losses.

When I hear contract signing I immediately think that something is going to happen to perpetuate excitement in a storyline. Tonight they did that right. FCW wrestler Justin “The Ox” Larouche who appears to be the illegitimate lovechild of Highlander Rory and Amish Road kill or maybe Hacksaw Jim Duggan, debuted as Chavito's bodyguard.

The Major Brothers, er, Hawkins and Ryder were with their Familia member Chavo. So what this tells me is that Chavo is going to stay a factor in the upper card of either ECW and “SmackDown!” or just ECW, and he may even branch out and create his own branch of the “Familia.”

The Justin Larouche character is at this time nameless. So I have a perfect name for him. You name him Kerwin White and my friends you have instant money. Well maybe not instant money, but it’s humorous at least to me, and humor for one is still humor.

Nunzio, the artist formerly known as Little Guido has apparently pissed someone off, or is too good a worker. Being a really good worker and not one of the “boys” means you will be a job guy to get new dudes over. Elijah Burke doesn’t need a damn jobber, he needs a damn feud.

Elijah Burke is too good to be misused on the rare weeks that he is used. No Shelton Benjamin this week. This makes me say, who booked this crap. What could benefit the E and kill nearly 3 birds with one stone, is group Ron Killings, Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin. There’s your New Breed.

You have three superbly talented guys who can work, all three can talk, and Ron Killings has excess charisma oozing from his pores. Each can get over on their own and with their own merits, but WWE is notorious for ruining guys like that, so group them and boom, you have instant success.

Kofi Kingston is officially on my bad side. So BWOP, BWOP your ass into the repackaged line, you Bostonian converted into a Jamaican, who I’m sure will later be converted into another character that people lose interest in quick.

What by the way did Deuce and Domino do to deserve job duty in both the singles and tag divisions? Maybe I missed something, but for such a good tag team to be jobbing as a tag team and then dispersed to other brands to job there must be heat. The E can’t be misusing them that bad.

With all the things you’ve seen and heard in the last three hours of WWE TV and the last three columns of Tha O Show you may be asking yourself the question, “Who booked this crap?” I must say, I don’t know the answer either.

Tha Results in case you missed them…
*CM Punk def. The Miz
*Elijah Burke def. Nunzio
*Kofi Kingston def. Domino
*Tommy Dreamer def. Colin Delaney

4 comments: on "TNT: Who Booked This Crap?"

Chris said...

I think I'd rather see Killings and Burke feud than team up, but maybe have killings come in as a heel teaming with Burke then split (with Killings going through a plate glass window).

Maybe they'll call Chavo's new bodyguard Pepe?

Downtown said...

I watched 40min of ECW and it wasn't that bad...

I see what you're saying about Burke, and being one of my favorite new talents maybe I can defend last night's move. Burke has played no role for weeks so last night may have been a refresher for the audience. Also, if you noticed there was a slight alteration in his mannerisms replacing his usual cocky, million dollar smile with a more mean/disappointed scowl. Styles - Tazz put it over, so I assume the writers/bookers are playing with moving Burke further along.

As far as the opener, I was actually impressed with Miz. Not popping for the guy, but for the time given he didn't shit the bed.

The Delaney story is actually compelling for the audience, surprisingly. I didn't catch the match (all the stores nearby close at 11 and I had to grab some munch), but apparently scrawny ass Colin got some offense in, good for him.

darth frost said...

Yo Word is the next Smackdown Vs Raw Will focus on the tag division. so you could look for more tag relevince in the future

D.J.B. said...

Miz did better this week and I won't deny that, but he's still around Cena level minus the crowd reaction.

I saw that too Darth, and that could be something to look for.

Elijah Burke needs to be a guy that even if he isn't on top, he needs to be in the upper mid-card. While Tazz and Styles did put over his attitude adjustment they also put an emphasis on Nunzio's feet.