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Tha Raw Report II: Who Booked This?

Okay, I get that the Orton/JBL feud needed a babyface in it so that it was more palatable to the marks. I understand that the large majority of the audience would greet a heel vs. heel feud with resounding indifference. However, I said a face. That means one.

However, thanks to once-again hapless booking skills of Brian Gerwitz, "Raw" is right back to the same old ass form that it had before. Boy, that didn't take long at all, did it?

Before I go and have a complete hemhorrage over that, I will say that "Raw" had some decent moments last night. It finally seems that London and Kendrick have done their "time" for running off at the mouth last year, and are in line for a push of some sort. Conversely, it looks like WWE is heavily considering splitting Cade and Murdoch. If they do this, I really hope that Trevor Murdoch gets a run with the Intercontinental Championship. I think he could put that belt over again.

In the other tag team match, Santino and Carlito beat Holly and Rhodes. I loved the acting from Santino Marella throughout the match. This man could give John Cena a lesson or two on how to entertain. I'm hoping that "Team O", as I am officially dubbing them, does get a run with the belts, I think Santino as a heel champion would be very entertaining.

Maria faced Beth Phoenix last night, proving again that if you take it off for Playboy, you'll get a push in the women's division. Maria is getting matches against the champion (non-squash, mind you), while Nattie Neidhart is on "SmackDown!", doing nothing. Thanks for fucking up future chances for your friends and family, Bret. Ya fuckin' dick.

Chris Jericho's "Highlight Reel" last night featured Shawn Michaels and Batista, again running off at the mouth over the WrestleMania match between HBK and Ric Flair. It seems very strange to me that Batista suddenly can cut a good promo, but if that's the side effect of him being heel, then let the people begin to boo him! (Oh wait...)

So now Michaels VS. Batista is set for Backlash. I'm actually excited about this match. Yes, Batista still sucks ass in the ring, but I feel that he'll use a more heel style in the match, which is ideal for a big slow lummox like himself. Not only that, this match is being put together in a very compelling way.

What is the deal with Umaga? He loses at a pay-per-view, wins a few squash matches, gets into an angle with someone, loses against them at a pay-per-view, wins a few more squash matches, gets into another angle, and so on and so forth. He really is used poorly.

Okay, back to the anger expressed earlier in this article. When William Regal stated that Triple H had to beat Randy Orton and JBL in a Handicap Match to qualify for a title match at Backlash, everybody knew Hunter was going over. As I said before, that's fine. However, the fact that this match took place square in the midcard should have given away to even the most clueless of marks that John Cena would be placed in the same match with the same stipulation. Sure enough, this happened, and in the most retarded of ways.

So now, instead of one face in the match, we have two. Not only that, but now John Cena has been in a title match at every pay-per-view since his return in January. It's asinine. He makes a decent title chaser, but not good enough to justify him getting title shot after title shot, especially on a show that has plenty of main eventers already.

As an interesting closing note, in Triple H's new DVD, he mentions his first ever match with John Cena. After the match, Cena supposedly went up to Triple H and asked him what he thought, to which Triple H said "Well, you suck." I wonder if he still thinks that.

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5 comments: on "Tha Raw Report II: Who Booked This?"

Matt said...

Why devote two articles to such a shittacular show. I was hoping that the writing and booking would continue strong off of mania. Guess thats what I deserve for having wishful thinking.

I dont understand the thing with lito/tino. They stated that they were #1 contenders about 2 months ago, if anyone remembers. They never got that match, unless it was at a house show or soemthing. Now, all the suden their fighting non title matches against the champs to try to earn the spot. Makes no sense. Not only that, but didnt the champs lose clean last week too? Wouldnt it be reasonable to give the team that beat them a title shot? naaaa i guess not.

I wish the writers would roll the dice and try something different, and just book a heel vs. heel match. I think it could work if you have two really good mic workers, which orton and JBL both are. I'll go as far as to say neither triple Hach or Cena belong in this match. Also, it doesnt make sense for a heel GM to stack the odds against a heel champ two ppvs in a row. On a related note, I think Regal's work lately has been really really bad.

mach23 said...

They should just have cena and HHH have a feud on the side and not in the title picture for now. I loved the santino saluting headbutt and his celebration. Whenever i turn on raw i hope that i didnt miss santinos match or spot and so far i love every1 he does

Shammy D said...

Now there's a point of view I can run with, although I disagree again!

I get that Cena is in EVERY main event and that's over exposure but Vince is obviously convinced that Cena can draw and were all whackin on about him so that proves that he get's people talkin.

We also all know that with Punk getting the push and Cena still in the main event picture it helps the public image after all the drugs issues.

Christopher Casúr said...

Shammy D, as long as you keep putting forth logical arguments, you're welcome to disagree with me any day of the week.

I agree that the pushing of Punk helps the E's image. I think that's the main reason why Vinnie Mac is so enamored by him.

However, I firmly believe that John Cena is (or at least, was) on steroids. A few weeks back, I was watching some of his old rap promos on YouTube, and he looked much leaner and slimmer in them. Add to that the fact that his injury is one that is seen frequently in steroid users. Then, on top of that, Cena goes on CNN and bluntly states "I can't say that I've never done steroids, but you can't prove that I have", which just smacks of double talk (honestly, if someone asked you if you were on the gas and you weren't, would you say that or would you give them a straight up no?)

However, that's neither here nor there. I agree that Cena gets people talking, but getting people to talk does not necessarily mean you are doing your job. People are talking about him, but not in an "I can't wait to see what Cena does next!" way, but rather, an "I can't wait until John Cena is off my TV again" kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Once again WWE drop the ball with the women, who organises their matches, Stevie Wonder? For once I agree with HHH, Cena does suck!