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Rated O Radio - Episode 58

Tha O Show RadioA few days removed from a surprisingly exciting WrestleMania XXIV, Tha O Show is back and better than ever with another episode of Rated O Radio!

Coming off the biggest weekend on the professional wrestling calendar, Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o have a lot to talk about. Then again, when don't they? And there's a lot of Flair-love and Cena-hate goin' down.

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On this week's show...

A super-mega double stuffed WrestleMania XXIV edition of tha "Os And NOs".

The Notorious T.I.D returns with another installment of "Tha Pit Stop". 'Mania be damned, Tid has got MMA on his mind and tackles such topics as Chuck Lidell calling out Kimbo Slice, UFC's prevention of the would-be clash between Anderson Silva and Roy Jones Jr. and the upcoming season of "The Ulimate Fighter".

Class is back in session as your teacher, Textbook Tyson Dux conducts a special session on the lost art of tag-team wrestling. This week, he discusses a classic WWF battle between The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels) and The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard).

See the match here:
Rockers VS. Brainbusters

And making his return to Tha O Show for "Tha Round Table" is the out-of-control, legally blind Ontario Indy Superstar and current LLW Light Heavyweight Champion, Crazzy Steve!

And this week's show goes out stylin' and profilin' with a special tribute to Ric Flair done like only Tha O Show can do it.

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28 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 58"

B4 said...

Yeah...uh...pressed play and got...nothing. Just an FYI

D.J.B. said...

Show works fine now for all those wondering.

BigDaddy said...

It was working B4. Sometimes if many are accessing at once, it take a few seconds or longer for the stream to kick in.

Anonymous said...

No Fatty! And no Shoot on Fatty! I kinda expected there to be one... but fuck it. I like this better.

LuFisto said...

Crazy Steve VS Dan-e-o on May 31st... Here's my vote!

PS: I can bring some weapons too! :P

Jesus said...

who's fatty?

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE TO SEE Crazzzzzy Steve VS Dan-e-o!!! BOOK IT PLEASE

matty said...

I agree! Book it!

Joe Lockhart said...

I would hype it on my show in a heartbeat.

Joe Lockhart
Ottawa Wrestling Report
Part of Tha O Show network

Anonymous said...


mach23 said...

That would have been hillarius to of had Santino against mayweather since u think there should have been some1 else

D.J.B. said...

Paul Heyman made that challenge to anyone to come in and challenge Angle when Angle went to ECW. Kinda funny eh?

Tyson Dux speaks the truth. The guy never misses a beat and I absolutely respect the fact that he is a true student of the business and knows his shit and isn't afraid to share it, and the dude does have his own students.

I will always have Ric Flair just a step above the rest of the pack, but what I've always wanted to know, had he had longer with us, would Owen Hart be to that level?

As far as TNA's distribution deal I dont see it being a negative. I don't always buy the TNA pay-per-views. If I knew that one was going to be on free at Hooters or Gator's or something I'll go. I will then make an effort to see it. I dont always want to pay $30 to see something I've already seen, but if it's free, yeah I'll go see it again. It's not the pure fact that it's free, it's the fact that they are making an effort to show it to the fans who aren't capable or interested in buying their PPV product. The other thing is, after a few months or so if someone is a regular at the bar watching TNA PPV's they may want to stay in one night and have a few boys over to watch the show. It may decrease the actual buyrate of the PPV at first, but in the end they will make more money, draw more ratings. If they draw more ratings it will be the guys at the bar who see it and they're like "Damn, I like that shit, hot damn, look at that ring," finds out when it comes on and goes to the house and watches iMPACT on Thursday nights. Maybe I'm wrong, but that makes sense.

Crazy Steve vs. Dan-e-o! That shit is the bank. If that doesnt work put the LLW Light Heavyweight Championship on the line in a triple threat or a three way dance between Akira/Steve/Dan

Dan-e-o is so stupid there's no need to make fun of him, because he wouldn't fucking get it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Was that Ric Flair rap written before hand cuz it was nuts no way could he "free style" all that??!!

Anonymous said...

That rap was awesome! I loved this weeks show. It felt "full" with no fluff. The freestyle was amazing and so was Tyson Dux.

MutaBusa said...

Great show, what other wrestling podcast would mix in a a Will and Grace reference? Dan-E-O's creeps himself out with his homophobia once again, classic.

The Tyson Dux tag-team analysis was good, and he mixed it up with a wide array of transitional phrases this week, not just his usual
now". The official "now" count I had for this week's Tyson Dux drinking game: 6

I was wondering if the old round-table theme would slip in un-edited, props to you guys for being on the ball and remixing it.

TID was, well TID! It's nice to hear someone on the air more bitter and cynical than myself.

MutaBusa said...

On an unrelated note, I can see why certain members of Tha O Show were constantly banging the criticism for a certain ex-member that shall not be named.

We're having a "Biggest Loser" contest at work. On April 21st I had a doctor's appointment. My official weight: 247 lbs (I'm 5'5").

On March 27th I started the South Beach Diet, the following day I started YRG. April 2nd I started on a men's multi-vitamin and the ECY stack (minus the E for now).

On April 1st, for my first official weigh-in for the contest at work I came down to 236 (hope I didn't start my diet TOO early). Upon weighing myself today, I come in at 228 pounds.

In 2 weeks, 14 days, I've lost 19 lbs. It just goes to show with determination, willpower, some hard work and sweating, a goal of 40 pounds in 4 months certainly seems attainable, if you push yourself.

The hardest part about about the South Beach Diet? No alcohol at all for the first two weeks. But willpower prevailed, went out to a bar with friends shot pool, stayed sober. Even did my regular Tuesday night karaoke sober. That was terrifying, but again willpower and wanting to lose this weight prevailed over the temptation to drink.

The prospect of winning close to $200 if I'm the top "loser" is certainly a motivation for me to adhere to my diet regiment as well. The prospect of succeeding where someone else failed so miserably provides me with a great motivation as well. Shocking my co-workers and friends, looking better, feeling better... that's all bonus.

Shameless plug for DDPs "YRG" program. Buy the 3 DVD set and get the free motivational audio book. The 20 minute workout takes some getting used to at first, but within 4 or 5 viewings I've now moved up to the 40 minute fat burner workout. In a little over a week I've noticed my flexibility improve tremendously. For those that like being pushed to their limits DDP delivers in these workout videos.

Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o is sooo stupid...
it takes him 3 hours to cook minute rice.

kimmimaro said...

i dont care i need to get this out.
im going to miss frank fronte. he always had some interesting things to say especially when he argued with you guys. during the weight loss at around october.

i dont know why. but i found it dumb to always make fun of him. i always thought it was a shoot to have donnie get angry at him and flat out say disrespecting things. so yea i dont know what was shoot and what was a work, i guess that was the whole point. the only time you were ever nice to him was the benoit episode but thats too long ago.

oh yea you guys think you can have tid talk about wrestling some more besides the mma talk since i dont always watch. but i love his passion for wrestling such as the time he destroyed donnie when he was in the studio filling in for dan e o.

well overall good episode better than last weeks.

oh yea. what do you guys think about hhh doing the crippler crossface at mania? i thought htat moved was banned since it automatically reminds people of benoit

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA kimmimaro = Frank. Nice to see you back Frank. Pretty easy to tell that its you tho.

Anonymous said...

Great episode!

Dan-e-o is sooo dumb, he tripped on a cordless phone.

kimmimaro said...

lol naw i never want to be frank.......ever. im just saying it was cool to have him around and that theres a door open for him to return.

Anonymous said...

Awesome show.

Dan-e-o VS. Crazy Steve would be sick. Dan-e-o is so dumb he stares at the juice jug for hours cause it says CONCENTRATE

Dan-e-o said...

For those who don't seem to get it yet. Of course, we were nice to him during the Benoit episode. Everything said in that show was a shoot, as we were dealing with a very tragic occurence.

Every other show has entertainment as first priority. If you're a wrestling fan, telling a work from a shoot shouldn't be that hard.

I'm not too stupid to know that...thanks for all the jokes. The winner(s) will announced this week.

srr said...

god these jokes are dry lol.
dan e o has plenty of his extra cds from not selling that he uses them as coasters.

Dan-e-o said...

Yes srr,

and that joke wasn't dry at all...

MP3s are the prizes, by the way, not CDs.

Anonymous said...

Yes SRR. Would you like to buy s vowel sIr?

I loved this weeks show guys...

D.J.B. said...

Dan-e-o is so stupid Portia Perez asked him out so he left.

Dante Ross said...

Dan-E-O is so stupid he saw a sign that said "wet floor" so he pissed on it. Went to a restaurant that said "Chili Inside!" so he put on a hat. So stupid that when he heard the Twin Towers fell he sent Bossman and Akeem get well soon cards. So short that he pisses on his tip-toes. So stupid he challenged Stevie Wonder to a staring contest. That's all I got. Great show by the way.