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Extreme Edition

Wow. After a four hour WrestleMania, and an emotion-filled two hour "Raw", one hour just seems to fly by. Then again, I suppose everything ECW does has been done quickly lately.

Case in point, the opening segment highlighted the Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero match from last Sunday night. Specifically, the fact that it lasted all of eight seconds. Normally, an eight second match seems like something very stupid that WWE creative would do with very little thought put behind it. However, in this case, it may lead to a good feud.

Chavo, in classic heel fashion, claimed the victory was a fluke, and that he deserved a rematch before CM Punk, who had already come out to mention his Money In The Bank victory. I liked this promo, because having more people involved in the ECW title picture may help to restore some importance to the title.

I can't be positive about everything, though. Mike Knox bores me to tears. His feud with Stevie Richards has been well developed, and I think the ECW writers should be commended on putting together a feud, but Knox is just not the right guy. The only time Knox ever entertained me was when he got eliminated in about 10 seconds at Survivor Series in 2006.

Colin Delaney's segment with Armando Estrada was entertaining last night. By the way, Donnie, that's how you fool people into thinking that someone got a WWE contract. Big Show then came out and beat Delaney in about 30 seconds. I'm not looking forward to the impending Show/Khali feud, for the record.

The main event featured Kane and CM Punk taking on Chavo Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin. It seems like Punk and Benjamin are heading towards a feud, which should make for some excellent matches. I would like to add in at this time that I like the idea of Kane being the ECW Champion. He's got charisma, he's a very underrated big man worker, and I believe that giving him a championship run can help to pop the ratings.

Tha Results:
Mike Knox def. Stevie Richards
Big Show def. Colin Delaney
Kane & CM Punk def. Chavo Guerrero & Shelton Benjamin

3 comments: on "Extreme Edition"

mach23 said...

I agree, Kane deserves a real run with a title and now he finally gets it. Hopefully afterwards this will lead to him winning one of the others in the future.

srr said...

did you guys see kane talk? god it was godlike he put the title over, and its been a while since i heard ecw chants. kane is dope

Anonymous said...

Can it be, WWE's finally getting ECW right? Wonders will never cease!