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Tha iMPACT! Playback

This week TNA didn't live up to the standards that last week’s “iMPACT!” put in place. Last week’s show didn’t go the route of TNC, Total Nonstop Comedy. This week, sadly, they decided that they needed to go back in that direction.

Just before WrestleMania, or just days after depending on how you want to look at this weeks episode, according to taped date, or air date, they bring back their “Money in the Bank,” rip off. Scott Steiner is going to “cash in” his Feast or Fired briefcase.

Matt Muh-muh-muh-muh-muh-Morgan is finally getting involved in the action. I remember all the praise directed towards him earlier in his career before he stepped into a WWE ring for the first time. I slept through that, and I’m scared if he doesn’t really step up I’m going to fall asleep this time too.

The build up to tonight’s main event reeked of Vince Russo. Who didn’t think that Matt Morgan was member Numero cinco of Team Cage? One of those things that you don’t really have to think about.

Here lately I’ve been really impressed with Bubba Dudley. His promo’s have been good and seemed to be a straight shoot. Of course they aren’t, but the way he delivers them is really good and brings an amount of emotion to them that not many other guys in TNA can deliver on.

I want to go ahead and get this out of the way. Highlander Robbie shouldn’t have been on camera last week, that’s on TNA. He shouldn’t have gone to the show, that’s on Robbie. Here’s the part that really pisses me off. TNA Mobile is trying to gain customers by publicizing it. That’s not business, that’s stupid.

Since we are on the topic of Canadians in TNA lets talk about Traci Brooks. I was really happy to see her get an actual match on TNA TV. Traci is a damn good worker and it was nice to see that tonight. I hope Carlito wasn’t watching though because Peyton Banks scored a Backstabber on Traci and Traci kicked out with ease. Sorry Carly.

TNA has a very unique situation with their Knockouts because people actually care. That’s a shoot. In WWE if Victoria, Melina, Mickie James and/or Beth Phoenix aren’t wrestling and I emphasize wrestling I don’t give a damn. In TNA I’m actually interested in the women’s matches.

What I’m not interested in are TNA reverse battle royals. I’m also not interested in female reverse battle royals involving a cage. It takes away from the actual wrestling and it will shorten the actual match. It’ll be a big gimmick with five moves and a pinfall.

Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle is going to be a great match, and I believe they’ll change things up and it wont be the same as it was the first few times. The promo’s that Kurt and Joe cut tonight were really good, but the “legal document” irritated me.

Scott Steiner, as I alluded to earlier is cashing in his World title shot. Now I know that a lot of people aren’t too fond of Scotty Steiner anymore, but I still am. You give me Scott Steiner and Samoa Joe one on one at Sacrifice and I’ll give you a pay-per-view buy. You give me a triple threat match I buy the PPV and the DVD.

Joe and Steiner have already done good matches on TNA house shows, and what says that they couldn’t do it again. For that matter Kurt and Scott could do it too. All three of them together would probably be a really solid triple threat for the belt.

James Storm! People have said they didn’t see dollar signs on him, and I don’t know if he’s a stand alone draw right now, but with the push he’s being given he can get there. Chris Harris left TNA which was the perfect move…for James Storm. That means Vince Russo doesn’t have to hurt his brain figuring out how to use them both.

I like James Storm always have, sue me. From his AMW days to his gimme a damn beer pub crawling gimmick. Pairing a guy with Sting is never a bad idea, and doing so trying to push them is great. It just can't be overdone, and the fact that Sting doesn’t mind giving guys the rub is awesome. Maybe if Hogan hadn’t waited so long to do that he wouldn’t have had to beg for a spot at Mania.

Matt Morgan is finally stepping in the ring after what, nine months or something like that? Matt Morgan has a decent move set for his size. He botched his finish on his first appearance in ring, but hey, shit happens. Hopefully the nine other guys can ensure a good match, and maybe I’m wrong, maybe Matt Morgan will be a really good worker, I really hope suh-suh-suh-so.

Honestly I was disappointed this week, but I’m not totally going to shit on it. I did like the promos, Joe and Kurt Angle cut the promo Bubba cut, as well as TNA Rough Cuts again. They can easily go in a direction that will be head and shoulders above where they are now, but they keep with the stuff that makes them Mom & Pop, and second rate. There are several things they can do, but I’ll leave that for Andrew Gray, that’s his gimmick.

Quick Results…
*LAX & MCMG def. Monsters of Rock (Rock & Rave-Rellik & Black Reign)
*AJ Styles & Tomko def. Rhino & Cage via DQ
*Shark Boy def. Primetime Elix Skipper
*Traci Brooks def. Peyton Banks
*Sting def. James Storm

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Anonymous said...

Last week I mentioned how for the Live show the stupid comedy characters and skits were left off and (sarcastically) maybe they would be back this week and they were. Thank god we got to see the Curry Man, Shark Boy, Eric Young, Rock & Rave, Dustin Rhodes, Rellik, etc. Thank you TNA for not letting me down.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that somebody likes all the "comedy," that TNA puts out instead of the actual wrestling.

I guess that's how TNA is trying to be "different." It's working, but maybe they could be different by putting out ACTUAL wrestling by guys like Christopher Daniels and Eric Young. Oh well.

For all those, and the writer for TNA that say the comedy doesnt need to be used like it is...I say this...AMEN

Anonymous said...

Pyro said...
I really like the columns on this site, and I really like DJB's take on TNA and when he does SmackDown I like those too.

9 times out of 10 I agree with him and as a whole I agree with this article about TNA needing to shy away from the comedic BS they are running with. I don't know if it's Russo & Co or that's just all they have but they HAVE to do something different otherwise they'll flop like ECW in the end.

What I disagree with though is James Storm. I don't know what it is, he just irritates the hell out of me. He's a decent worker, but the gimmick has been done...ALOT...and it's too dry and doesn't offer anything. Maybe they'll repackage him and if they do I'll jump on the side of those that like him.

D.J.B. said...

The thing with James Storm is that he's a good worker, and whether or not his gimmick is "used" or not he does it well.

James Storm is a heel, he's supposed to irritate the hell out of everyone. He's supposed to make you want to see him get ass beat and make you want to pay to see him get his ass beat. He's only doing his job, and he's doing it so well he's getting talked about on Tha O Show.

Anonymous said...

Pyro said...
I see your point DJB. I know that he IS doing his job as a heel and I would compare him to Edge, but Storm didn't steal anyones woman, lol.

You are right about him doing his job, but the cowboy shit gets on my nerves so maybe it's a biased view from me, I dunno.

Chris said...

I thought the first couple matches were really good. I really look forward to watching Hernandez every week and as much as I love LAX it would be great to see him in the main event.