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Tuesday Night Turmoil: Tha Gold Standard

ECW on Sci-Fi tonight blurred the line of the Brand Extension again, but this time it was worth it. Ric Flair gave the rub to not one, or two, but three guys who really will benefit from it.

The train of thought that says Flair should put over someone who needs the rub in his last match goes hand in hand with what we saw tonight. Burke, Benjamin or Punk could all benefit from that spot at WrestleMania. Tonight’s ECW was one of the best shows the E has put on in the last year, because it pushed all the right people.

Hopefully it was more than a one night stand.

On a lighter note, when Ric Flair makes you look short and fat, as he did to Taz, it’s simply not good. Taz needs to call Tha O Show or Evo and get hooked up, because dude needs to go on a diet. There were two highlights of the promo before the interruptions that need to be mentioned.

The guy with the WHOOOO sign, that was classic. I love seeing signs and laughing at them, or commenting on them. I personally would rather see several signs, one with a W and all the others with an O, but I digress. The other thing is that Ric Flair doesn’t need to be vocally put over. The put over’s seem stale because the crowd can’t get much louder.

I was discussing the other day how there are two guys I’d rather see get the rub from Flair at WrestleMania and those two guys were Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke. There is really no negative to it. Both are solid workers who are lacking the right rub that would put them over the top.

I liked seeing the team of Burke and Benjamin, but this entire episode of ECW gave us three different guys that could benefit from taking out Flair. Not only that but it gave us a chance to see three of the better workers in the E right now to work one of the greatest of all time. What better time than to push, “To be the man, you gotta beat the man.?”

CM Punk taking on Flair would be nice. Punk has already worked Steamboat, it can’t be called a match for legal reasons, but they certainly bumped enough for one another. For anyone that knows of the old Punk/Steamboat storyline would like to see him work Flair now giving him the opportunity to work two of the better workers of the past generation, if not of all time.

Shelton Benjamin could only go higher, and the same can be said for Elijah Burke. I’d like to see Burke in the ring against a guy like Flair with the lights on bright, and the world and the office watching. Benjamin and Flair have worked one another before, but in a match at this caliber it would only mean more, and push both men to be on the top of their game. Who would want to follow that match at WrestleMania?

I have caught heat from a few O-sters for being critical of Colin Delaney. I’m actually not going to bag on him this week. I’m going to put the guy over. Have him be a trainer at FCW or have him be an agent. He could be the man to teach John Cena and most other workers to sell. He has done a convincing job of selling his injuries for more than a month. Some can’t sell from one move to the next.

I like the pairing of Morrison and Miz because it guarantees neither is going to be a singles champion, but what I don’t like is having the WWE Tag belts collect dust on their waist. Why is that? There IS a tag team division, is the E scared to utilize it? I think Morrison is a good stand alone character, but to keep the Miz relevant, he can't be alone.

I still like Kofi Kingston, sorry Dan. I do still think he should come out to the theme of Cool Running’s, and I think he should ride to the ring on a bobsled. The biggest drawback to Kingston is his, “Boom,” because every time Taz attempts it I throw up in my mouth a little bit. Taz should stick with what he knows, not much at all.

I know I’m not the only person, but I may be the only person on Tha O Show, but I’d really like to see Stevie Richards get a big push and a run with the ECW strap. I don’t know what of the surgery talk is shoot, and what is kayfabe, but it’s a great story that could be used to get him over as a main babyface with a sympathetic appeal to the fans.

I haven’t seen or heard that Chavo was injured last night, so I’m wondering just where he was tonight. He went over clean last night but was nowhere to be seen tonight. Maybe it was creative trying to discard the memories of Punk losing at No Way Out, and that’s fine, I’d just have rather seen a new program start with one of the 3 possible opponents for Flair.

I wasn’t unhappy with ECW this week, I think it was actually better than this weeks “Raw,” so ECW may be on the way to A Show status soon enough. Make the ECW title a centerpiece, and do a little restructuring during the Draft and make ECW a competitive brand with a title that means something. Give Flair a run with the ECW Championship that would make it 17 titles, and give Flair the one last run we’re hoping for.

Quick Hits…
*Kofi Kingston def. Jason Riggs
*The Miz def. Colin Delaney
*Stevie Richards def. James Curtis
*Ric Flair & CM Punk def. Elijah Burke & Shelton Benjamin

3 comments: on "Tuesday Night Turmoil: Tha Gold Standard"

Matt said...

I'll keep supporting Kofi because of his inring work, but that promo was stale as hell.

The Colin Delaney things starting to grow on me, It's just taking way too long. I'm not surprised, as this is typical Dusty Rhodes booking, like the Balls Kelly storyline that took about 6 weeks to finally get going.

I couldn't see richards as a main event guy, but I'de love to see him try for the US or IC title on a different brand. That guy James Curtis is pretty good to, He jobbed to Kofi i think an few weeks back. I think he's KC James from Smackdown last year.

I marke the fuck out for Flair and Punk tagging together lastnight. Their opponents made the match that much better too.

I can't see Elijah being held back for much longer, unless he seriously pissed someone off backstage. Hopefully he'll get a spot in Mania, but I doubt it. I think the the MITB match would be perfect way to elevate him for this year. Probably just false hopes though.

Chris said...

Haven't seen the show yet but am actually looking forward to it.
I think Elijah is the best thing to come from ECW but I hesitate seeing him being pushed, I think I'd prefer to see him work up to mid card and hold there for awhile. How many years was JBL just a midcarder before he became a wrestling god? Would he have been as good if given the title before the APA? I doubt it. Burke will only get better unless he's given more than he can handle and breaks.

Anonymous said...

I actually didnt get a chance to see ECW this week as I had to work. So, I really shouldnt comment on the show...but some general thoughts as to whats been posted already....

I would love nothing more than to see Big Stevie Cool get a run with the strap. Alas, I dont think its gonna happen. I dont think Vince and co. view him as a maine event guy let alone a world title holder. I dont think the fans would get behind him either....well, I mean I would amrk out for it huge, and I know a few others as well, but thats the minority.

I think were gonna get Punk and Chavo for the world title again at Mania. Im not opposed to that. Their match at NWO was really good. Chavo getting the clean victory, at least in my mind, took this fued to the next step. Chavo proved he didnt need to lie, cheat or steal, as him and Eddie made so famous, to win a match. It didnt drop Punk down a notch either. I think these 2 could have a great outing at Mania with Punk winning the title back.

I think Burke and Benjamin are prime cantidates for MITB. I could see Shelton in the title picture in ECW but I will echo Chris' statement about Elijah not being there yet. He still realitivly new(its been what a little over a year..July 28th was his debut not sure if it was 07 or 06 thou). Thats not to say he wouldnt make a solid champ, but given some more time hed make a GREAT champ. I think MITB is a great way to test the waters and see if he can hang.

Ric Flair looks like hes making his farewell tour. I think between now and Mania well see him on all 3 shows every week working with guys he wants to work with. Im not opposed to that at all. Flair has given so much to wrestling and he has earned the right to work with whoever he wants to on his way out. I do still think were gonna get HBK/Flair at Mania. Where its not gonna put anyone over(I think its safe to assume Michaels is already over) it would be a great match.

To answer the question from the other day...I think my money in the bank match(at least at this point) would include: Jeff Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, Shelton Benjamin, Elijah Burke, Chris Jericho, and MVP. I realize Smackdown is takin a hit on that one, but I just dont know who on Smackdown would be worthy. MVP and Matt Hardy yeah(although they were both in it last year) but after that who? Kane?? He was ok in the last one.