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Rated O Radio - Episode 52

Tha O Show RadioWe're only one week away from your favourite internet wrestling radio show's one year anniversary! And of course, your boys are in top form.

This week, Big Daddy Donnie, Dan-e-o and Fatty Fronte welcome yet another star from Ontario's Indy Wrestling scene.

Dubbed by Donnie as the "World's Worst Babyface" (and you'll find out why), Mike Rollins is in studio to join Tha O Show this week!

Straight up...there is A LOT of shit talkin' this week!

But to kick things off, Donnie and Dan find time to hit you with an extended mega-version of their "O's And NO's".

Amidst the shit talkin', The Notorious T.I.D. stops by for his weekly installment of "Tha Pit Stop" and reviews this past weekend's Kimbo Slice VS. Tank Abbott MMA encounter.

More shit talk...and then in a "time to bury Mike Rollins" edition of "Road Stories", Tha O Show favourite, Hornet delivers a classic describing why Rollins is the "World's Worst Babyface".

Tha crew then introduces its first ever performance as "Tha O-chestra"!! What's that, you ask? Well, you've heard of "Weird" Al Yankovic, right?...and you've heard of Flight Of The Conchords, haven't you? Well, now "Tha O-chestra" are your new kings of parody music making! You'll love their debut!!

And, as always, "Tha Round Table" takes you home! With a heavy dose guessed it...shit talkin'! Enjoy!

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25 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 52"

LuFisto said...

I'm not sure but I think the show you are looking for is The Wire on HBO!! :P

Next time you'll know what the guy who's pooping right next to you is talking about!

BigDaddy said...

Thanks for the info!

That's just one of the reasons Lufisto gets an O on the end of her name and Fatty Frank doesn't have one at all.

Ben said...

2 quick notes about the begining of the show...

1) I could be wrong on this, but I'm quite possitive that Big Show is win-less at Mania.

2) My opinion on why the cruiserweight title is no longer around? They know that with the limitations they have put on the workers, they would look inferior to TNA's X Division.

Just my 2 cents.

BigDaddy said...

I don't think the TNA ever enters their minds in creative.

ben said...

They do keep a TNA video library in the who knows? Another argument there is that why would the WWE as the globally known commodity, want to risk the chance of being known as an inferior wrestling product to a company they don't even concider in their league? Granted, the WWE is not a wrestling company anymore, but wrestling is still the main product they sell, regardless of what we think of the quality of the product.

Again, that just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

I think Ben makes an interesting point but then kills his own point by speaking the ultimate truth. the wwe isnt a wrestling product anymore. if they were worried about their ring work compared to competition theyd be terrified of ROH. I bet VinceMac doesnt even know what ROH stands for.

Anonymous said...

and the O-chestra made me laugh my head off.

Christopher Casúr said...

Big Show won at WrestleMania 22 (Kane and Big Show beat Chris Masters and Carlito). Prior to that, he was winless.

Anonymous said...

I hated that Delillahh song but i love this version! LMFAO! SHOOOT! Good work boys!!!

mentos said...

Great work.

The worker in studio seemed nervous and then warmed up. Some great one liners.

Please arrange to have Notorious T.I.D. in studio again.

Fire Dan-e-o!

Rage said...

Benoit jokes? Cold. Very Cold.
Love the song. I pissed myself.

Tid was great. Rollins was ok. Fatty seemed like he was trying really hard to get over this week. Pick your spots Fatty.

Anonymous said...

Great episode! I think Lufisto is right about the wire. I used to watch that show and fell of cuz of time but its gangsta.

Anonymous said...

I think that someone needs to start up the old school ECW again because that was old school GREAT wrestling. Maybe you can talk about that next episode? E-mail me at

markus k fabian said...

Old ECW was old school wrestling? it was spot monkeys and garbage matches.

Anonymous said...

Garbage matches? It was more about wrestling and less about storylines. I will tune in frmo time to time to the WWE but it sucks soo bad because of the storylines. They have NO competition from anyone. At least when WCW and ECW were around the WWE stepped up it's game to compete. I know sooooo many people who would prefer to watch the old ECW instead of the new WWE.

markus k fabian said...

Old ECW was all about hardcore and baking sheets and chair shots. Ya they had 2 or 3 guys that could wrestle but thats it.

Anonymous said...

whens that benoit angle gonna end

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious. I loved the song even though the off key singing made my ears bleed a little

Anonymous said...

Outstanding. The work you guys all put in is appreciated.

Christopher Casúr said...

I said I like Hardy being in Money In The Bank because I believe that MITB should be a match filled specifically with guys who are already main eventers or specifically just guys who are close to breaking the glass ceiling. That way, it is legit unpredictable.

Have Hardy win Money In The Bank this year, then cash it in later in the year to win the title from a newly-turned heel Triple H. You don't think that a few high spots and a Money In The Bank win wouldn't get this guy even more over?

Haha sweet. I got Donnie hot b/c he can't speak Gaelic.

MutaBusa said...

T.I.D. is a better face than Mike Rollins. T.I.D.'s exploits haven't led to any paralysis.

I liked the segment on rule changes and announcing time limits in matches. There was a day and age when every match for TV started off with: The next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first ....

One of the many things that's bugged me a lot lately are announcers. Specifically when putting over a main event match or an upcoming PPV while there's a match currently in progress. Rule #1 for announcers should be that there is no match more important than the one you're currently calling. Shill the PPV with pre-taped promos, if you must have the announcers hype a main event or PPV do it between matches. It makes the two guys in the ring seem like shit when the announcers are ignoring them to put over some other forthcoming matchup.

Not sure if it was this show or last, or a while back. But Donnie cut off Dan-E-O when Dan was trying to mention how he liked Booker T as an announcer on Smakdown. I totally agree, Booker sold the psychology of the moves, the likes of which I haven't seen since the days of Mark Lorentz in WCCW. If I was TNA I'd have Booker do commentary, but only on PPVS. If he wants to get involved in a match he can just hop up from ringside too. But Booker's mic work announcer wise is sound. Much better than Jim Ross's "Mah gawd, colla and elbah tie-up, stop the damn match ref! the brutah-lah-tee"

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments on the Big Show - Mayweather who is the real heel-face debate.

Shane O'Mac may well be a good buddy of Mayweathers but he seems to be blinkered towards the general reaction to Floyd. You only have to look at 2 points here.

1) No Way Out was in Vegas, this is Mayweathers home town for christ sake. If he can't get an over reaction there then what hope in Orlando?

2) Look at his fight against Ricky Hatton in December 07. Again in Vegas. Outchanted, outsupported in his own backyard.

There is no denying the man's talent, quite possibly one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world ever, but he is generally NOT well liked throughout boxing circles. He comes across as cocky and arrogant, witness the HBO programmes in the run up to the Hatton match. The man has the attributes of a natural heel, and yet is being positioned by the E as a face.

I believe he may give Cena a run for his money for the biggest Face Heat of the night at WM

Dante Ross said...

For some reason when wrestling brings in a celeb they get the opposite reaction. Look at how Master P and his No Limit Soldiers were received in WCW. The West Texas Rednecks got cheered. I choose K-Fed over Cena. The Jackass crew made a mockery of The E. I wasnt shocked that Mayweather was booed. I would love if they brought Gary Busey in as a heel manager for a second.

Rage said...

Yo Dante! Where you been?

Michael said...

Hey you guys were wondering where to get the Flight Of The Conchords album? You can buy it off their MySpace page for $5