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Is This What You Wanted?

Is this what you all wanted? Daniel Bryan floundering in a upcoming tag team with CM Punk? This can’t be what you all wanted. These two were arguably involved in the top feuds in WWE in the past possibly two years and they are each now working together to fight the powers that be. With Punk I’m not really all that upset with whatever happens to him anymore. Punk’s DVD actually made me like him even less. But Bryan pisses me off because he made me enjoy watching wrestling again after many months of just watching Dolph Ziggler flying around the ring clips. Damn, that man can make any move look painful.

Bryan was picked by John Cena to face him for the title which led to Vince McMahon saying that he didn’t deserve such a shot and HHH supporting Bryan. It was awesome. Bryan was putting on great matches weekly and even managed to make Ryback cool again. Seriously, Ryback is not all that awesome anymore. But this isn’t about him. Its about Bryan being turned into just another wrestler I used to enjoy watching.

So Bryan faces Cena at Summerslam, and goddamn, it was great! The match had moments where I was screaming at Cena “Tap you son of a bitch! I wanna watch wrestling again!” Then he wouldn’t and I’d go “Of course you won't tap, you asshole!” So when Bryan won I lost it. I seriously lost my shit.

This was not just Bryan’s moment, it was mine. You have to understand, at one point in my life I was watching close to 14 hours of wrestling a week which has now dwindled to 4 minutes Youtube clips. If Bryan had that belt I was going to be watching every show he was on. I wanted the shirt. I wanted the belt. This guy made me a kid again! And then…

Randy Orton cashed in his Money In The Bank contract after HHH screwed Bryan over. You know extreme highs becoming extreme lows? This was me. Truth be told, I’m a mark. I am that guy that hates being yanked back into reality when watching movies or any form of entertainment. I never refer to Edge as Adam Copeland. I’m a Black version of that “Its still real to me!” guy. Orton getting the title...belt...strap...fuck it. Championship. Orton getting the championship to me meant a few things.

1. In with the old, out with the new. Instead of seeing some great matches with Bryan being this underdog (whatever that means anymore) champion and fighting against whoever the man sent his way, we get Bryan being screwed over on TV and even pay per view for the love of it all. We get Bryan being told things that folks on the internet have said about him for years and what Vince, HHH, whoever may also believe to be true. We have his mentor, Shawn Michaels, turning on him.

2. Bryan got the belt back only to have it stripped away. This was just to fuck with me, I’m sure. I was sure they wouldn’t keep the belt on Orton. At one point I was a huge fan of the guy. But, like HHH, he started off one way, became another, and stuck that way for better or worse.

3. Midcard madness! Now Bryan is teaming with Punk to take on the Wyatt’s. I liked Bray Wyatt...when he was called Waylon Mercy. I’m kidding. But seriously, watch an old Mercy promo with Wyatt’s music playing in the background and tell me its not the same character right down to the white pants. Now while I like the Wyatt’s fine, they should be nowhere near Bryan or even Punk. Wasn’t Punk in a high level feud with Brock Lesnar? Then Mr. Perfect’s son whose name isn’t worth recalling at the moment? Then Ryback? Who’d this guy piss off? Weren’t the Wyatt’s the fighting Kane who is now a part of the HHH regime? It makes no sense!

I remember the night Bryan was screwed over for the title. I went on Tha O Show’s Facebook page and was met with so many people telling me that I didn’t know how “the business” worked. That this storyline was “good for business.” I even had one guy explain to me how wrestling worked. I’ve been watching this for 31 years now. I know how it works. I know how my complaints mean nothing nor does my satisfaction because I’m not a consumer of the product.

I’m just another internet guy complaining.

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