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Tha O Show: Episode 329

Happy Halloween O-sters!  Someone is getting a carbon footprint right in the mush this week!  Don't let it be you!

Coming up on tonight's show....

In Part 1:
  • Hell in a Cell fallout and future Shawn Michaels turn
  • Damien Sandow, was his loss a mistake or a blessing?
  • TNA departures and their immediate future
  • Hogan and a possible return in the WWE
  • Cena's role in the company and why he is irreplaceable

In Part 2:

We chat with former WWE and TNA star, "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan!

"I wanted to reinvent the big guy" - Matt Morgan
Morgan talks about a whole host of topics, including -
  • reinventing the image of the big man in pro wrestling
  • his inspiration outside of wrestling
  • how Jim Cornette changed his outlook on working smart
  • the change in the wrestling landscape / psychology and if wrestling is evolving fast enough
  • his opinion on his TNA run and their current situation.  Thoughts on the potential sale
  • the storyline pace in the business and how it hurts the fans' perception
  • his first run in the WWE and the crucial mistake he made
  • his passion for basketball
  • and more!!

This interview was sponsored by in conjunction with NWA Florida Underground who are running an iPPV this Friday, where Matt Morgan will defend the heavyweight title!

Order the iPPV by going to

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