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Tha O Show: Episode 292

It's the same forwards and backwards -- it is episode 292, of Tha O Show!

For the first time since becoming the co-host of Tha O Show, Notorious T.I.D. is NOT in tha house! We have unconfirmed reports that Tid was arrested at a common bawdy house, and hasn't posted bail yet. More on this as it become available.

Taking Tid's place in the co-host chair will be a favourite on Tha O Show ... the International Wrestling Superstar ... HORNET! And where Hornet goes, his guitar goes. Bring on the parody trash!

Big Daddy Donnie and Voodoo Drew are in the house ...unfortunately, Crystal Beth is not.

There is plenty of wrestling talk to digest this week including a couple of conversations that get fairly heated! Check it out!
Our featured guest this week is a man who old school fans know very, very well! He is the former AWA Light Heavyweight Champion - "Rock n Roll" Buck Zumhofe!

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