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Tha O Show: Episode 291

It's time for another week of pro wrestling / MMA radio folks!

Welcome back to Tha O Show, broadcasting from West Toronto at RedFish Studios on the brand new Pod Almighty!

Big Daddy Donnie and Notorious T.I.D. are sittin in studio this week with our technical producer Voodoo Drew and ready to tear shit up!!

Lots of talk on TNA, WWE, NFL, NBA and more!!
Plus, all you MMA heads will be thrilled! Our featured guest this week is UFC Welterweight Fighter ... Chris "The Menace" Clements!!

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6 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 291"

jenny said...

Oh good comments are turned back on! YAY! Great show! A little too short for me but still awesome, and I loved the UFC guest. Do more of that!!

Anonymous said...

Great show guys! Voodoo Drew is weird. Sometimes he creeps me / gross me and sometimes he is the "conscious" like BDD said.

Anonymous said...

THis is the BEst PoDCASt ouT!

matthew colborne said...

Hey guys. Are you sure Rock is going to win? I am seriously going to be a month pay check with my brother.

Anonymous said...

OHSHIIIT! Comments are working!
WHEN is Black Prophet coming back?
WHEN is Cham Pain coming back?
WHEN is Crystal Beth coming back?

I want MORE Voodoo Drew and more MMA talk!

LESS DEXTER!!!!! I hate that show!!

Not Voodoo Drew said...