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Tha O Show: Episode 253

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with a PERFECK 253rd edition of "Tha O Show"!

This week, tha boys celebrate the release of the new Perfeck Strangers album, Series Premiere, available for download worldwide on March 6th!

Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club joins tha O-riginal Brothaz of O in Tha Sick-O Zone while Crystal Beth (sadly) and "Fatty" Frank Fronte (thankfully) are away this week.

On this week's abbreviated show you'll hear...

"Tha Os & NOs" featuring a brand new mini segment... "I.H.W.D.I.R."

"Tha Round Table" with former WCW Superstar, Crowbar!
Crowbar candidly discusses his multiple gimmicks, his experiences with Vince Russo, the strange link he has to Chris Kanyon, his late friend Jerry Tuite (aka The Wall / Malice), The Rock / Cena program and much much more!

PLUS a triple dose of dopeness to end the show:

1) "Come Back Home" by Perfeck Strangers featuring Justin Nozuka
2) "Gateway" by The Dead Zone
3) "Biters Beware" by Horsetooth Killah

"Ghetto" by Perfeck Strangers is available for just 99 cents on iTunes! Buy it HERE!


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21 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 253"

Anonymous said...

The point of the John Cena/Rock feud is to

1) Make money
2) Legitimize John Cena to a lot more people since he's the full-time guy going forward.

The quote of Donnie proclaiming that, "John Cena is gonna win, and he'll be my new favourite wrestler of all time!" embodies this whole thing to a tee. Especially after years of shitting on him. Thus you are getting worked. Just a different way of going about it that would make people react the way you were on this show. If they went the traditional route, it would fall completely flat since there wouldn't be any sense of realism to it.

Anonymous said...

Horsetooth Killa adds another body to the pile! MURDA! 187 ON 253!

Anonymous said...

Wicked ass show. I missed Crystal Beth ... Though I do like when Dan-e-o and Donnie dominate the show. They should.

Anonymous said...

Wicked ass show. I missed Crystal Beth ... Though I do like when Dan-e-o and Donnie dominate the show. They should.

Anonymous said...


Vinnie P said...

Check out The Dead Zone tonight Thursday March 1st.. You can listen live @ They'll be on at 10pm.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

I'm not being worked by WWE into liking Cena ... I'm being turned off by the Rock's laziness and Cena's full on intensity.

The thing I always hated about Cena was how fake ass he came off. Right no he feels legit.

Anonymous said...

Another wicked show! Holy hell Horsetooth!!

Anonymous said...

Drew makes me puke. He's into peeing broads and blood and puke and protecting kayfabe?


jim j in philly said...

Shouldn't the tech guy on the show know how to use his own mic? WE CANT HEAR DREW!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The fact that you're thinking that these Cena/Rock promos against each other are shoots is fascinating. Especially with a guy like Cena who is always company first, and Rock who isn't a guy who goes in for business himself over Vince. Ironically, both guys promos are written by Brian Gerwitz throughout their respective careers and considering how close Rock works with Gerwitz, I find it strange that you think that these promos against each other aren't carefully crafted for each guy depending on how the company wants to portray the storyline. If you don't think the line "I'll never leave." in the Rock's first promo wasn't carefully scripted for Cena to create a feud with Rock for and be a keynote for Gewirtz to write this storyline with, then the WWE is doing its job making this feud seem real. Just look at people arguing who won a scripted promo segment on a television show as to see who is getting the upper-hand in a pro wrestling feud.

Vinnie P said...

A big thank you to Donnie & Dan-e-o, as well as Voodoo Drew for showcasing some real musical talents on tha show. I miss you guys too and who knows, maybe I'll come see you guys at tha Sick-O-Zone sometime!

Robert said...

Donnie is being worked?
Rule #1 you can't work Donnie.

middle man said...

Angry boys is a good show.
Burt so is Big Bang Theory

flashfunk said...

Drew is right. The wrestling business has been over exposed.

Anonymous said...

when voodoo drew starts talking about nasty crap I skip or I turn it off.

Also, Donnie, after this past monday, has your opinion of chris jericho and his returning fued with Punk changed at all? I thought thier promo was pretty good myself, even if the theme is similar to rock/cena.

DRB said...

Big Bang Theory is fabulous and so is Horse Tooth Killer!

With regards to Rock/Cena, I more or less agree with everything said on this week's show. One alternate way to go instead of the 'jealousy' promo though would have been to have Rock say very little. At the end of Raw, just have Cena in the ring calling out Rock. Rocky comes down, gets a huge pop and simply says...

"Finally, The Rock has come back... to whoop your monkey ass!"

Fisticuffs, followed by a Tyson/Austin style pull-apart and we're off to wrestlemania. It was one of those nights when saying nothing would've been better than saying something.

Hipnosis said...

Hey you guys see the new WWE B.A. Star Video with CM Punk? lol

Anonymous said...

Here's a NOOOOOO you guys might have missed. Tajiri's SMASH promotion in Japan, a truly eclectic mix of smash mouth, romance, comedy and heart, is calling it's 25th show it's farewell show.

(Unless, of course, this is a work, since the promotion has signed dates until the end of the year.)

Anonymous said...

Happy 38th birrthday Crowbar!!