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Download Perfeck Strangers' "Series Premiere"!


NEW ALBUM: Perfeck Strangers - "Series Premiere" featuring Justin Nozuka, Wordsworth and many more!

Download it FREE from URBNET Records HERE!

DJs! Here's the DJ PACK for the new single "Come Back Home" featuring Justin Nozuka.

And check out Perfeck Strangers'

For bookings and info:
Chris "GotRocks" Jackson

5 comments: on "Download Perfeck Strangers' "Series Premiere"!"

Anonymous said...

Wow if it was not for the hair i would mistake you for a full white man

billskul said...

Why can't I put this on my IPOD?

Anonymous said...

Sick Album!!!... 5 stars all the way... one of the six in my cd player in my car.. keep em' comin'

Dan-e-o said...

Thanks guys,

You should definitely be able to put the album into your iPod. Perhaps you got the "Dan-e-o Curse"!

Anonymous said...


U spelt perfeck awsumlee.