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Tha O Show: Episode 247

O-sters! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro Dan-e-o are back with a BANGIN' edition of "Tha O Show"! And it's a day early!

The returning "BCS" Frank Fronte and Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club join tha O-riginal Brothaz of O in Tha Sick-O Zone for Episode 247 while Crystal Beth is away this week.

On this week's show you'll hear...

"Donnie VS. Danny"

"Tha Os & NOs"

"Tha Pit Stop" with The Notorious T.I.D.

Tha return of Snakeblood!

PLUS hear the guys weigh in on the re-debut of Brodus Clay. the continued comeback of Chris Jericho, the Hall of Fame announcements and the rumors of Bellator and TNA working together!

"Tha Round Table" with former WWE Tag Team Champions, The Headbangers!

AND "Stop Schemin' (Remix)" featuring Common dissing Drake!

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12 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 247"

Anonymous said...

wicked ass shit

Dr. Funkin' said...

also, as far as people not taking him seriously, they did a exclusive v(I know you guys hate that shit) where they ask Brodus if he is worried about people not taking him serious as a competitor, and his response to that question, COMPLETELY sold me on Funkasaurus Brodus Clay.

Mike From Hamilton said...

Great show as usual guys however I wanted to point out something about the debate involving the Chris Jericho "Promo's" from the past few weeks. I have to agree with Danny on this one, however no one had said the most important word in all of this. Although the videos may not have fit, although the "non promo" promo isn't very popular with some fans, it got fans watching and it made WWE money. Yes, it may be short term money but this is the time of the year when WWE pulls out all their good and bad ideas in preperation for Mania cause they want that PPV to kill. That's all the WWE cares about is if they can make money of a guy. And if an extra 10,000 people watch to see what Jericho will say, I doubt they care if 1,000 fans are upset over it.

Anonymous said...

You guys should go check the interview with Brodus Clay. He sold the gimmick the entire way, and plus theres two black bitches looking hot as fuck. Always a way to draw more pops.

Anonymous said...

Mike from Hamiltom agrees with "Danny" but Danny didnt really say anything about the Jericho debut except that he hadnt seen it

fedex said...

Yet another reason i LOVE this show. I fully expected BDD to SHIT on Clay's debut and since i hated it, i was prepped for laughs ... Donnie - you made me see the whole thing through new eyes and got me to re watch and actually like it for what it is.

Bart Gunn said...

Donnie, why do you hate me?

Dante Ross said...

As much as I like wrestling fans for being creative at times, I equally dislike how easily they are swayed. "I had a solid opinion until Donnie opened his mouth!" Just because something is surprising doesn't mean its good. I had food poisoning before. Surprise!

I still don't like Clay's new gimmick. I rewatched it just to see if perhaps I missed something. Then I said "Curt Hawkins is still employed?" and then watched his little video of him being asked about his new whatever the fuck this is. Made me like it even less.

I keep having it hammered on my head that this is not for me. WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world and they have tricked everyone into giving shit a chance that they don't even like.

Anonymous said...

Maggots are flys larvae
Unless you sterilize the food you are going to store, there is no way to avoid the possibility of a fly having deposited its eggs in it.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I see with Jericho. He is doing the Hogan heel turn of 96. What I have seen, he has basically done Hogan's post match posedown playing to the fans with body languages, mixing fans left to right, etc. Go look at all of Hogan's post-match celebrations.
Now, what happened in 96? Fans started booing Hogan because it was the same old gimmick and it got stale. With the state of the business today of fans having low attention spans, what not, fans are going to turn and then Jericho flips it on them. Remember back to when Hogan turned and his promo. Rewatch it and then Hogan completely reinvented himself and basically killed the red & yellow.
Jericho is Hogan 96.
Steve K

Anonymous said...

I can see only one way for the TNA/Belator to be a positive: take one 'rassler have have him join the "camp" of one of the MMA guys and don't publicize it for a month. This way if the 'rassler' can't hack it in a MMA training camp for real then pull the plug, no harm no foul. But, if he can cut it, then start doing vignettes of the MMA guy first being skeptical of some 'rassler guy hanging but then slowly being won over by the guy's fighting spirit. The payoff's would be having the 'rassler being part of the entourage of the MMA guy at some fight, and for the MMA guy to visit TNA for a match of the 'rassler guy and some jobber where the 'rassler guy uses a new BJJ based finisher and have the TNA guy put over that he taught the 'rassler' guy the move since he has good fighting spirit.

I agree with BDD though that having a 'rassler or MMA guy "cross over" into the other sport is a really stupid idea.

Robbie NekOda said...

RE Vid-E-O, all you need is a cheap video camera that takes SD cards, import the footage into any shitty movie maker, synce it with he O Show audio and stick it on Youtube now it allows for unlimited time for those who own the rights for their gear. Easy.