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Tha Rock And Wrestling

Why all the hate for The Rock? For months now it seems that a lot of fans and more puzzling wrestlers have been hating on The Rock. When he was off filming movies people talked about him. When he wanted to be known in those movies as Dwayne Johnson people got mad. They said that he forgot where he came from and who made him famous. Well, damn it, I’m here to defend the Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment! Because I am sick of you sons of bitches talking trash about him.

Have you actually seen any of The Rock’s films? He does a nip-up and The Rock Bottom in his movies. This is a message to his wrestling fans. In every interview he did wrestling was brought up and it wasn’t like he said “Yeah, wrestling is a part of my life that I want to forget about.” He couldn’t if he tried seeing as how his father Rocky Johnson, uncle Soul Man Ricky Johnson, and grandfather “High Chief” Peter Maivia were well known wrestlers. He comes from a legacy of wrestling but doesn’t rub it in people’s faces. I mean, yeah, his name is a combination of his father and granddad but whatever.

At first it seemed that John Cena started with the hatred. Then CM Punk and Randy Orton jumped on the bandwagon. It gets attention, I’ll give them that much. Hating on something that is popular is a great way to get the fans talking about you. But when this kept going on and on I started to wonder what was the real issue. Was it jealousy? Is it because The Rock got out of wrestling before suffering a permanent injury or died? Is it because he knew when to get out? Or maybe its because he doesn’t need wrestling?

I’m just gonna come out and say it. They sound like marks. I hate using terms like that but it just so…fitting. “The Rock arrives and doesn’t talk to the boys and gets in the ring then leaves.” What I see is “The Rock arrives, gets the loudest cheers I’ve heard in a wrestling ring since he was last there or Stone Cold showed up, entertained the crowd, and they couldn’t wait for him to return.” I may be stretching a bit but that’s just how I saw it. I have a crazy theory that I wanna share with all the O-Sters.

The Rock is grooming John Cena.

Here me out! I watched their match against R-Truth and The Miz. After the match The Rock called Cena back into the ring to get a reaction from the crowd. Of course the booed. He did this a few times while saying things I couldn’t hear. You may recall that The Rock used to get the same reactions, if not worse, than what Cena gets. The Rock used to smile for the kids and high five fans. He was Cena. Then he turned heel and was hated. Then he was eventually became loved for being entertaining. Maybe, just maybe, he is going to do the impossible.

Make grown ass men cheer for John Cena.

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Moonsalt said...

I never had a problem with guys like the Rock, or Chris Jericho, or even someone like JBL; who were able to make money outside of wrestling. These guys were great performer and I loved to watch them, but if working outside of wrestling means they don't wake up everyday in pain or die before the age of 50 then more power to them. Also none of those guys seem to deny how they came up.

The issue with the Rock seems mostly a work, but if the reports are true that he arrived at SS in a limo, went to his private dressing room, had his match, and then left without interacting at all with any of the boys, its understandable why some of the roster would be pissed off.

Dante Ross said...

Thanks for commenting, Moonsalt. Another question I have is how does it makes WWE look when their current roster is blasting the alumni for being successful? Especially when they are still releasing movies of their own with their superstars.

And these guys can be pissed at The Rock's attitude, behavior, or how he runs his life when he arrives at arenas. Just keep it to yourself. Dont air that shit on Twitter.

Saqib said...

Of course he is the Most Electrifying man in Ring and In Movies and No doubt,On the MIC.

Saq said...

I am in side of the Rock and he has slapped in face to all those who said that Rock has nothing left.He showed what he had and still have at Survivor Series.