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Dan-e-o On Omni Television's "V-Mix"!

OMNI TELEVISION's "V-Mix" will be featuring veteran Toronto lyricist, Dan-e-o in a three-part interview that begins this week! If you missed "V-Mix" this past Sunday at 7:30 PM EST, Ontario viewers can catch the replay on Tuesday, December 6th at 4:30 PM EST.

In week one, Dan-e-o sits down Deejay Ra to discuss his long-standing involvement in Canada's hip-hop scene. He also reflects on his contributions to the culture and gives his opinions on freestyling and DJing.

In week two (Dec. 11), Dan-e-o will be put on the spot by Deejay Ra to recall a verse he wrote 20 years ago, and discuss his long list of releases to date.

In week three (Dec. 18), Dan-e-o will talk about "Kama Sutra" - his most popular YouTube music video to date - and his new venture as part of the duo, Perfeck Strangers.

"V-Mix" airs Sundays on OMNI TELEVISION at 5:30 PM PST in British Columbia, 6:30 PM MDT in Alberta and 7:30 PM EST in Ontario!

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