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Tha O Show: On Tha Road - Episode 1

Alright O-sters, this shit is a bit different! As you all know, "Tha O Show" is on vacation until September 1st, but Big Daddy Donnie, while on tour with CWI Wrestling in the Maritimes is working to produce little mini updates throughout the next week and a half!

In this first installment, BDD spends 15 minutes updating all of you on his first 18 hours in Newfoundland. He also answers the question that has been asked a couple thousand times this week by CWI fans ... "What's the status of Kevin Nash".

Check this out, and as the week progresses, there will be more of these mini episodes with members of the roster, management - hell maybe even some fans!

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7 comments: on "Tha O Show: On Tha Road - Episode 1"

mark in nyc said...

I just want to say BDD must be one of the hardest workin guys around. Dan-e-o has often called him the back bone of Tha O Show and obviously he busts his ass for CWI, and now even when Tha O Show is on vacation he's still putting shit out just to stay in touch.

We love you big brotha

Anonymous said...

I was watching some old Umaga matches from when he debuted as the character and it occured to me. If they wanted to recreate or redo the Undertaker type gimmick they could have done it with Umaga and Astrada.

Umaga wouldn't be the dead man buthe could have been easily controlled by Astrada via some sort of Tiki idol or Samoan religious idols. He could have ended up rising from certian defeat due to the power this idol has over him. It wouldn't be the exact same, he wouldn't even need to be occult, but the same basic premise of early Undertaker could have been used by Umaga.

I'd like to know what Dan E O and BDD's thoughts are on this.

PS: Fuck you Fatty

Adam said...

Just got home from St. John's CWI show, sucks that Nash wasnt there but i expected that after last week. Meet Big Danny Donnie and the Flatliners, very approachable and cool dudes, did not recognize Rory at all and love his new character. Really hope that CWI comes back to St. John's soon.

Big Daddy Donnie is much teller then I thought he was, towered over everyone and seemed like he was in charge and control of the night.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Don is a really hard working guy, and always places his biz & thashow as priority.

Go get em Big Daddy ;)

BIGROG said...

YO Donnie,

Much Love from tha Osters man! All I can say that I think it is super hype with all the other shit you got to do while on this tour you take time to give us little updates. Much O love my tallie!!

classyfreddygassy said...

yo donny i understand your on the road but why are you putting on your "worked voice" just talk regular like you do on tha o sound like a commentator doing this update...simmer down dude...this isnt espn radio...smh...dan the intro is sick bregren

Anonymous said...


That IS Donnie's real voice & I luv it!