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Shades of Gray - Louis vs. Cook

This week's post includes a discussion on a parallel between C.M. Punk's original work-shoot promo from the June 27 episode of "Raw," and a recent episode of the FX comedy, Louie. Yes, I really think there is one. Don't believe me? Then read on, sucka!

For those who don't know, over the past few years, there's been an 'internet war' between fans of comedians Louis C.K. and Dane Cook. Louis' fans claim that Cook stole a bunch of Louis' jokes.

Here's a video that plays three of their jokes back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

In the scene from the show (here's a 1-minute version), Louis and Cook have it out over the accusations. It's an intense scene during which both comedians air their grievances with one another.

And there truly is tension between the two comedians. Although he never really publicly complained about it, Louis was upset that Cook -- in Louis' opinion -- stole his jokes. (The YouTube video from above seems like pretty good evidence too.)

Cook, on the other hand, was upset about the bad publicity he got from the accusations, and that Louis never defended Cook in public.

However, like the Punk promo, you can't call the Louis-Cook scene a 'shoot' (in the wrestling sense). Louis allowed Cook to defend himself passionately on his show. Louis created, writes and produces Louie, and in a television rarity, Louis has complete creative control. Nothing gets on the show without his approval.

Similarly, Vince McMahon allowed Punk to air his grievances with WWE live on "Raw" back in June. Punk's promo wasn't a shoot either.

That isn't to take anything away from either Punk's promo or the scene from Louie. I just think it's interesting that one of the best shows on TV (Louie) and "Raw" are both garnering mainstream recognition using similar means.

Taking a real-life issue and turning it into on-air entertainment often results in the most riveting television. It's not new to wrestling by any means, but when done well (and done sparingly), it can help invigorate the product.

Other thoughts ...

- Speaking of FX programming, it looks like they're adding UFC to their already packed line-up.

The Fox-owned cable network already includes awesome shows such as Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Archer, and Sons of Anarchy. Maybe UFC isn't a perfect fit on FX, but hey, good programming is good programming. And to be fair, the target audience is generally the same.

UFC will also now have major shows air on a major U.S. broadcast network: Fox. The most important question, perhaps: How will this affect their PPV numbers, by far their biggest revenue source?

- I hope you're sitting down. (I know, I know, but you could be standing while reading this on your iPad or something, right?)

Anyways, there was another heel turn in TNA. At HardCore Justice, Kurt Angle swerved(!) Sting by taking him out with a steel chair. Angle then won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

This comes only a month after Mr. Anderson turned heel and joined Immortal. And it comes only a week after Mr. Anderson turned back babyface and left Immortal. Confusing as shit, right?

All of this back-and-forth turning speaks to why many wrestling fans cannot get invested in the TNA product. The characters are inconsistent and very little of the story-telling makes sense. Sure, they get about 1.5 million to 2 million people watching their TV show most weeks, but only about 0.5% (approx. 8000) of those people purchase PPVs.

How embarrassing is that?

- Speaking of TNA PPVs (seques are sorta my thing), the Bound For Glory poster was released online earlier this week.

Putting on my detective hat (it's always close by), the poster seems to be hinting that RVD will face Kurt Angle for the World Title, meaning RVD will win in the Finals of the Bound For Glory Series at No Surrender.

The poster also seems to hint at a match that includes some combination of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and Sting.

Or, as is often the case with PPV posters (especially TNA posters), it could mean nothing.

- However, Ric Flair made his return at last week's TV tapings to challenge Sting to a match, perhaps giving credibility to said poster.

Yes, it's 2011, and their last match was on the final episode of "Nitro" back in 2001. Still, I'm admittedly interested in seeing these 2 legends have one more match.

Some gossip claims that the match will take place at No Surrender -- perhaps we'll find out on Thursday night, if that's when Flair's promo airs on Spike.

According to the spoiler reports, the stipulation for the proposed match is that if Flair wins, Sting must retire. (I always say there aren't enough retirement stipulations these days.)

If Sting wins, then he gets a match with Hulk Hogan, which would presumably headline Bound For Glory in October.

If that's the direction they go in, I hope Hogan is healthy enough to have one more match.

I have no knowledge of his condition -- only he knows how he really feels -- but risking his long-term health for one last match (on a TNA show, no less), is not worth the risk.

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cnumb47 said...

WHen i saw that episode of Louie, I actually thought it had a hint of shootoucity about it. Great article1