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The Rock Involved In NBC Wrestling Project

In what could turn out to be one of the biggest pieces of wrestling news to come out in 2011, The Rock has signed on to be the executive producer of a one-hour fictional NBC drama, based on the wrestling scene in the 1980's.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has committed to doing a pilot for the show. Well-known Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer will also be an executive producer.

Here are some of my initial, random thoughts on the story:

- This seems like the real deal -- NBC is a major broadcast network, and Bruckheimer (and Rock too) are major players in Hollywood. Of course, pilots get shelved and aren't picked up all the time, but considering the names attached to the project, this seems legit.

- It's WAY too soon to jump to conclusions, but considering that cable networks -- HBO, FX, AMC, etc. -- have the best dramas on TV, I'm feeling like cable would be the best home for a show like this.

1980's wrestling? There will be a lot of stories untold due to the restrictions of being on a major network, instead of a cable network.

- How will Vince McMahon feel about The Rock being involved in this project? Is WWE affiliated with the project in any way? After all, NBC recently showed a WrestleMania replay, and two have done business in the past as well -- XFL, Saturday Night's Main Event, etc.

- I'm excited overall about the project, acknowledging that we don't know much about it. Drama and the 1980's wrestling scene go hand-in-hand. Hell, wrestling and drama go hand-in-hand.

Tha O Show will have more on this story as it develops.

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