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Tha O Show: Episode 215

O-sters! It's one day late - short but great - and well worth the wait! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o are back in Tha Sick-O Zone for a WACKY 215th episode!

Along with "Fatty" Frank Fronte, Royal Touch and Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club, tha boys also introduce a special in-studio guest, an O-ster with somethin' to say.... Crystal Beth for today's show!

On this week's somewhat abbreviated show, you'll get...

"Tha Os And NOs" featuring a dimwitted and confusing dose of "Frontenomics"!

AND "Tha Round Table" with WWE legend, Bushwacker Luke!

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28 comments: on "Tha O Show: Episode 215"

Joe From TO said...

frank is the fucking man...on fire this week. I was listening to the EP at the gym and almost fell off the treadmill when frank started dropping bombs in the opening segment.

Galaxyrise said...

Tell Frank to heel on everybody if he's going to stand up for himself,not pick his spots like a fucking faggot.

DRE said...

first of all mad respect to you guys. just started listening to you guys and enjoyed every minute of the chaos all of you bring each week but please for the love of all that is holy, STOP LETTING THAT HAIRY CUM GUZZLING CUNT KNOWN AS FRANK FRONTE TALK ON THE MIC EVER AGAIN. He is one of those people that make my head hurt every time he speaks

Anonymous said...

So Frank jobs to everyone and raps a song last week about how girls can treat him like shit, but the first time he grows a set is against a female fan??

Make you feel like a tough guy Fat Frank?

Anonymous said...

Hard to expect that level of thought from Luke.

If this shit is true Abdullah is a douche and Andrew Davis should be shot

Me said...

Is it just me or has Frank grown some balls the last couple of weeks... time to get Fired!

Anonymous said...

Unless Franks rant this week was part of some clever angle by Dan and Donnie, Frank hasdone what he did before he got fired the first time. Over stepped his character and forgotten how to be effective.

I vote for him to get the axe

TheGoodMuta said...

Drew's hardcore! Drew's hardcore! Drew's hardcore!

Really liked the show, yalls.

One thing though...

Val works for the Fed in a producer role? Hahaha. Donny, Donny, Donny. I know you hate it when people fact check you but damn sun, where did you come up with that one?

Adam said...

Hey great show as always, still think Frank needs to be fired.

Now that Edge has retired, any chance u can get him on the show or is he still under contract with the WWE?

Also what do guys think bout the Scott Hall incident and do you think Indy Promoters should be held accountable to making sure the talent is in in shape to preform?

Sprawling said...

Fuuuuck dude, who gave frank balls? As a fellow nerd, it totally makes me smile. He's still a tool. And you all know he to be correct.

shamar said...

I'm protesting Tha O Show till Frank is fired.

If I can't hear Donnie & Dan-e-o because Frank is busy screaming at a fan, then I'm done.

I'll continue to support the site and will visit daily in hopes of getting the news I'm looking for.

mkf said...

Frank as a spineless jelly fish who is unaware he's such a social tard is funny. Frank yelling and screaming to "defend" himself is just bad listening.

jim j said...

I like Frank's character on the show, but what's the real reason he snapped? It was really out of character and he started going postal on everyone, including the guest.

Was this supposed to be Frank's way of telling off the Osters that hate him that he hates them too? I thought Frank was happy go lucky.

Prophet tells him to drop dead, and Frank acts like a lovesick puppy to him. THAT'S funny.

This was ... mysoginistic and uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

I love Frank making the world hate him more. Keep growing balls!

Oh and you have to let Frontinomics play from start to finish

Supercalifrontelisticexpialidocious said...


don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

yours truly,

aninimouse said...

Random question what are your guys favorite hockey teams? I get the Blue Jays for baseball, i never know what team you like since you always diss teams. Im new to hockey so i just want to root for the O team.

Anonymous said...

Luke was amazing. Who knew he had a brain?

I wanna hear more from that chick, and less from Frank.

Anonymous said...

The Evolution of Fronte
by Edgar Allan "O"

The evolution of Fronte is a curious thing.

It all began when he was made to sing.

Did braying to Onyx somehow make him less gay?

Did his balls really grow three sizes that day?

Alas, Donnie's to blame, he's really fumbled,

And failed to keep Fatty Fronte humble!

Indeed, we've all been far too lax!

So spare the rod, and use the axe!

Drew will do it, he's so sick --

He'll use Frank's spine like a pogo stick!

Split his fat belly and see what falls out,

Hotdogs and gummy-bears will be littered about!

Dan-e-o will just sit back and smile...

And if we're all lucky, he'll bust a freestyle.

And let us not forget Royal Touch,

Who missed the whole thing after smoking too much!

But when all is said and done, Frank will remember his place.

Or Donnie will get Sheiky to humble Frank's fat Fronte face!

Dan-e-o said...

Edgar Allan "O" are aptly named. Very well done.

Aninimouse...Personally, I'm all Toronto bro. That makes me a die hard Leafs fan (sad...I know)

blue and white tonight said...

Why is it sad to be a Leafs fan Dan-e-o? They finally got a goalie and they were the 4th best team in the whole NHL the second half of the year.

Dan-e-o fears Reimer said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Good Muta I'm pretty sure I read a while ago that Val got hired as a producer or something.

Anonymous said...

Edgar Allan O needs his own segment!

Dan-e-o said...

Okay...well for starters...

Not making the playoffs for a sixth consecutive season (not ONCE since the lockout) is an embarrassment. Granted, we finished a lot better than last year, but still.

Consider that the Leafs are BY FAR the richest team in the NHL. They are worth a reported $80 million, which is approximately $30 million greater than the second richest New York Rangers.

The franchise charges its fans more than anyone else in NHL cities to see the team play live. And they DO NOT win. They haven't in a very long time.

They have failed to put a team on the ice who has even made it to the Stanley Cup finals since they last won it. In 1967!!

Expansion teams have come in from out of nowhere and have bested arguably the most storied franchise in hockey.

Toronto is a world class city. The fifth largest in the continent behind only Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Why busted-ass hockey cities like Phoenix and Nashville have teams that can make the playoffs each year while we all watch on TV wishing we could cheer for our hometown is beyond me. It's fuckin' retarded and totally unfair to the ravenous hockey-loving city that is Toronto.

These are the facts. And remember, I still bleed blue and white. But fuck this laughing stock state of sports in our city. It's time for a major change...and yes, I see it slowly progressing. But VERY SLOWLY.

The Leafs lucked out large with Reimer. Remember we signed Giguere to be our goalie. His injury brought up Reimer from the Marlies.

Being the 4th best team in the NHL in the second half is not enough to win a cup. Not enough to even get into the playoffs.

It's sickening how year in and year out we blindly support this franchise (remember I'm guilty of this too) who has been fucking us for our money and devotion for years.

I will NOT retire my love for the Leafs. But forgive me if I refer to it as "sad". Cuz it is.

By the way, for all their troubles and lack of success in recent years, my favourite of all Toronto teams - the most exciting to watch and the least expensive to see live - the Blue Jays, are the only winning team this city has. And yet the SkyDome struggles to get filled. Fuckin' bullshit.

Toronto Rock said...

The Jays are the winningest and cheapest team to see in Toronto?

Do you smell what The Rock are cooking?

Dan-e-o said...

Toronto Rock,


Galaxyrise said...

Yo,you're better off not making the playoffs than watching your team go and then suffer the most embarrassing loss in playoffs history. Would have rather been a Leafs fan than a Kings fan that night.

Lukewarmer said...

God how lucky you guys are... I'm in England and we have Football (soccer)which sucks donkey balls a load of overpaid, overrated wankers kicking a ball about.

Rugby which is the sport of 'Gentleman' not bad to follow but dull as fuck as a spectacle.

Cricket which is the most boring game to watch second only to a chess tournament.

You guys get

Hockey, a game I've managed to watch a few times and enjoyed, tried watching the local team the 'Sheffield Steelers' and they just don't compare.

American rules Football beats rugby as a spectacle and firmly places 'soccer' in the realms of a girls game.

Baseball ok we played rounders at school, a bat, a ball and four posts to round round, but baseball is a different league, I would love to attend a real game, I don't understand it all but late night TV gives me a chance to watch a few select games and enjoy them.

I can understand the die hard fans, 'Blind' devotion to your own team... But I really appreciate and respect Big Daddy Donnie's open and candid appraisal of his team, people like that are not easy to come by.