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Mind Subject To Change

Sheamus and Daniel Bryan had a dark match and people are mad it didn’t air at Wrestlemania. There was also a battle royal that Khali won. Very few people are mad about this not airing during Wrestlemania. I haven’t heard this much complaining about a wrestling show since…last Monday. Because people bitch about wrestling all year long but all of a sudden expected something magical to happen and when it didn’t people lost their fucking minds.

I actually liked the show. I don’t watch WWE, TNA, or ROH regularly. I watch stuff online the next day or read the results and if there is something that sounds cool I will watch it. Hell, even if it sounds bad depending on whose writing it I know I’ll actually like it.

The first match (that aired) with Edge versus Alberto Del Rio was cool. People complained because it opened the show. Who gives a damn? It was a good match! I like Del Rio. I liked him in Mexico and I like him more now. The Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio match was good and had an ending I didn’t expect. I seriously thought Rey would win. The creative way Cody won and the way the crowd was cheering for him made me smile.

The Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Santino versus The Corre match was over just as fast as it begun. I didn’t mind because I wasn’t expecting this match to be good. Did you? Honestly? The Orton and CM Punk match was good and had a cool story built into it. Orton acted like his leg was gonna fall off. That bionic RKO made me cheer. A fun match. I am a huge Orton fan and he has managed to come back from multiple injuries and still go out and please the fans.

The Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler match was goofy. I didn’t expect it to be a fucking classic or anything but from the way people are acting they wanted Cole to be murdered. It was an announcer versus an announcer that used to wrestle. Stop the bitching. “The GM reversed it! That’s bullshit!” The GM has been doing this kinda shit for like a year now. Did you expect a clean finish? You did? Wow.

Who are you people complaining about the HHH and Undertaker match? These two almost killed themselves and put on a very entertaining match but people are saying “Oh, it wasn’t as good as Taker’s match with HBK.” And? Are we going to compare Wrestler 1 with Wrestler 2’s match against Wrestler 3? You know that Sheamus and Bryan match you didn’t get to see? Bryan’s match against Morishima was better. That doesn’t matter because is in the past. If Taker went out and had matches like he did against HBK every time he stepped in the ring he’d be dead.

The John Cena and The Miz match ended just like I figured it would. People got mad because…I honestly don’t know. If Cena had won people would be mad. He lost and people got mad. There is no pleasing wrestling fans! I was talking to someone earlier who also watched Wrestlemania (which I suspect many people moaning about it didn’t do) and we both agreed that if fans got what they wanted with wrestle wrestlers would be dead. It would be iron man matches every night. Hardcore matches every night. Shooting Star Presses five times a match. You cant put on the best match ever every night. They get tired. They have off nights.

But…its Wrestlemania! You cant have an off night!

Yeah, you can.

They’re human. They make mistakes. They get worn out from all the events (pleasing us, the fans) throughout the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania. If you have been complaining the past few years about wrestling and thought this past Sunday was gonna fix that, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s the same WWE you’ve been getting for a while now.

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Anonymous said...

I know Donnie hates Miz, but, even he had to O for that Miz promo

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that if I started a wrestling company that the product that I would put out would be universally hated by "smart" wrestling fans. Hated because the wrestlers wouldn't care about doing 100 flippidy dippidy move a match and cared about emotionally connecting to the crowd. Hated because people wouldn't get up after a move that should have killed them but instead they would "die".

Anonymous said...

Agree with some of this, but not all. Yes, I did expect a clean finish to Lawler-Cole. Why? Well, it's WM and surely the point of the biggest PPV of the year is to have blow-off matches to the biggest feuds - and certainly not to elongate a feud between two announcers (plus, Stone Cold, as a ref, did nothing wrong. He was pushed, he pushed back. Lightly). It was dumb and cheap. Like the 8-man tag, it should have been over in 2 minutes with Cole getting his ass handed to him. Big pop from the crowd, feud over, thanks for coming.

Taker v HHH was not a great match, sorry. Spot. Roll around. Spot. Repeat. Just kicking out of a million finishers does not make a good match. It was a nice ending, with Taker somehow finding a way to win against all the odds despite being half-dead, but even that was botched - HHH should have passed out, not tapped out. As Donnie said after the first Taker v HBK match, it's irresponsible for a match that is not the main event to have that much super-human activity - it takes too much from the main event, as HHH himself discovered to his cost in the past.

Cena v Miz was not a bad match, just the wrong match. No one cared. 'Smart' fans don't like Cena and the reaction to Miz is still nothing - no love, no hatred. Just acceptance he's there. Those who hate Cena want someone to cheer against him - but someone who isn't the Miz.

It didn't work because the match everyone wanted wasn't happening - Cena v Rock. So, you're right, any outcome would have left fans angry. The build to the match was Cena v Rock, but what fans got was Cena v Miz. And no one cared. And who can blame them?

And, no, you're not allowed to have an 'off-night' at WM. If you are the kind of wrestler who has an 'off-night' at WM, you shouldn't be there. Sorry. Give that spot to someone else. Have an off-night at a house show or on Smackdown, not at WM.

Victor Wildcat said...

Dante, I completely agree with the opening statement of the E fucking everything up so why expect Mania to be different?

But that being said, no problem with the Edge/Del Rio match, it was solid and who cares if you open the show with a world title? Kinda shitty that this is what the rumble builds to, but meh.

HHH/Taker was better than Taker/HBK 2. Period. Anyone disagree? You're an idiot. It was a great story with legit false finishes. If you didn't buy the HHH tombstone finish you're lying. This was on the level of HBK/Flair.

Less than stellar show indeed. But it's a WWE product, I'm not shocked. Shitty Manias are gonna happen. They have a lot of young talent right now and I think with a slight change in creative the product could get really good. The WWE is the Carolina Panthers. They have a great team that can run the ball, a great defense and some sick receivers. All they need is a QB to lead the team in the right direction. And I'm optimistic for both teams. Hell, they can pretty much only get better.

Victor Wildcat said...

Oh shit, I forgot the entire reason I decided to comment. The GM reversal of the decision made me fucking POP. It's suuuuuch a smart move. It really keeps me interested in a gimmick that's running long. And it's such a heatgrabbing move that I fucking love it. I dare someone to find a reason why that was a bad move. Because feuds end at WM? That's ridiculous. Granted I hate having Michael Cole be the centre of every show, but if this anonymous GM leads somewhere then this was such a smart move to keep the ball rolling on the angle, pick up a ton of heat along the way and get the angle over at the biggest event of the year.

Also, it would make me O so big if they reveal Matt Striker as the GM since he's good on the mic, entertaining, can actually work so the angle can go somewhere and he has legit heat with Lawlor so it makes sense. And who would make more sense to create the Nexus than the host of NXT? Just saying, if they're smart they put him back on TV and get him over a bit and the reveal isn't a letdown. (That's really the only problem I would have is that he's not as over with the 'regular' marks as he is with smart marks.)