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Tha NO Show!

O-sters! In what can only be described as the most venomous attack by Tha Dan-e-o Curse in the history of "Tha O Show", last night's recording of Episode 207 was the studio session from hell!

The next edition of "Tha O Show" IS on the way but regretfully we have to inform tha loyal Nation of O that it will be delayed for an undetermined amount of time. As of this writing, our technical producer Voodoo Drew of So Sick Social Club is tirelessly working on a remedy to the madness that was last night's technical difficulties.

From computer short outs to missing equipment to Frank making passes at a severed mannequin head, the recording of Episode 207 was one crazy experience of cocktasity!

We are, however, looking forward to bringing it to you as soon as possible as we have some O-some interviews set to come your way as part of the show. This week, we speak to UFC featherweight competitor and former "Ultimate Fighter" contestant, Nam Phan as well as former WWE Superstar and ECW Original, Al Snow!

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Shitty deals guy

Anonymous said...

Tha Dan-e-o curse?

What exactly is the Dan-e-o curse Dan?

BIGROG said...


Big Daddy Donnie said...

just to explain what went down ...

The studio is powered by a SICK power Mac with about a 100K of upgrades. It's insane.

As we were prepping to start show, we had a crash.

When Drew rebooted, the external hard drives where all of the show files are and where show gets recorded to vanished. It was no longer visible to the Mac.

After a cpl hrs of trying to make it reappear, it finally did. We got excited and cut the Nam Phan interview.

At the end of Nam, the computer froze. We rebooted, and the hard drive again disppeared from the Mac.

Drew (who hasn't slept yet from last night's show) has managed to save our SICK interview with Al Snow, but Nam's is gone.

Drew also appears to have corrected the issue and the drives are up and running.

I hollered at Nam, and he is good to re-cut the interview tonight.

That all being said .... we SHOULD have episode 207 online by this time tomorrow, assuming all goes well tonight.

Fingers crossed.

Dante said...

I blame the rock's "BIG" return to the WWE for you guys curse!!!hehe.

Dan-e-o said...

For those of you who may be new to Tha O Show and are unaware of "Tha Dan-e-o Curse", forgive me for not explaining.

I hate computers. Computers hate me.

Generally speaking, ANY time I'm around a piece of technology, it goes to shit.

The whole "curse" thing started as a joke until it literally started taking effect on EVERY computer I would come into contact with.

Ask anyone who has worked with me. I've heard "this has never happened with my computer before" so many times, I'm convinced that my negative energy towards technology actually creates adverse effects.

I'm deadly serious about this. Drew thought it was all a rib. He's a believer in the curse now.

Sorry bro...

Stevie J said...

It's all good guys. The anticipation will make the show that much more exciting when it goes live tomorrow!

TWK said...

I think your curse may have spread to me somehow. All of a sudden, my laptop has now stopped working, my mp3 player died last year, and all of a sudden white girls don't want to talk to me. God damn you, Dan-e-o.

jim j said...

On behalf of the entire Nation of O, let me say I'm sure you guys gave it your best shot and you did everything in your power.

if there is a new show tomorrow, that's awesome and it just further demonstrates your commitment to your loyal followers.

Scott Hall said...

Hey Yo....I had nothing to do with the title bro

Justin Faux said...

Damm, due to not having internet I won't get the chance to listen to this weeks show until next week.

Sounds like a show from hell guys, good thing Nam is a pretty stand up dude and willing to re-record his piece.

ReA said...

Really sucks to hear was wanting to listen to the show so it can get me by thru work!

Ah well I guess I will have to go back and listen to some of my favourites!

Can't wait to hear the new show if Voo Doo Drew get's his magic working on this.