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Donate To Tha DJ Kool Herc Fund

I recently learned that the man credited with creating the culture we all know and love as "hip-hop" has fallen ill. Worse, the American health system is denying this legend the care that he needs due to his lack of medical insurance.

As a Canadian, I find it hard to fathom that such a situation even exists, especially considering that we often hear up here that the United States "is the best country in the world".

Political views and musical tastes aside, I would like to take this opportunity to humbly ask ALL O-sters who have ever enjoyed a second of our program to consider donating whatever you can to the DJ Kool Herc Fund.

You may do so by simply clicking the "Donate" button right here on's right sidebar. 100% of your donation will go directly to the DJ Kool Herc Fund.

For more information, please read the following from DJ Kool Herc's Official Website or visit it to make a donation directly to the fund:

Like many artists and many Americans of every race and age, the father of hip-hop, DJ Kool Herc, is without health insurance. Because of this fact, a recent medical issue —— kidney stones that caused him internal bleeding and serious pain —— has become a financial crisis.

Herc will need additional surgery and medical procedures to become well. Yet the health care system has treated him as it has many uninsured patients —— using red tape and threats of prohibitive up-front payments to discourage him from seeking and obtaining the treatment he needs.

In order to help Herc deal with his health issues and mounting medical bills, the hip-hop community has come together to create the DJ Kool Herc Fund. We are asking that all who have enjoyed the culture and the movement that Herc created to donate whatever you can to ensure that this pioneer may heal.

He has given so much to make our lives better. Let us do the same for him.

We also know that many of hip-hop's pioneers and artists, like many Americans, have faced and will continue to face similar circumstances. So we call on the hip-hop community to come together to figure out positive solutions around health care and to advocate on behalf of the artists who made this culture and movement the global force for change that it is.

To donate to the DJ Kool Herc Fund, you may choose to donate through Paypal or to send a check made out to "Kool Herc" in care of:

Kool Herc Productions
P.O. Box 20472
Huntington Station, NY 11746

The Campbell family would like to express their deepest gratitude to all of you who have graciously donated and who have sent their best wishes for DJ Kool Herc's healing.

4 comments: on "Donate To Tha DJ Kool Herc Fund"

Michael LaPenna said...

May God bless Herc and all the O-Show family for caring. I suggest at least a donation of $10 per o-ster.

Keep up the good fight! Y'all might be crass on the show, but your hearts are HUGE for caring about the bredens and God bless all of you for it!

Mike in Pine Bush, NY

Michael LaPenna said...

Please put my PayPal donation toward helping Herc. Thanks, Guys!

Michael LaPenna

Dan-e-o said...

Thank you Michael.

Your donation was transferred to the DJ Kool Herc Fund this morning.

Let's keep this great cause going.

Michael LaPenna said...

I ain't so super rich (yet haha) and I busted out 20 bones out of my poverty. Where is the Hip Hop community's collective donation of the probable millions owed this man -- not from a legal standpoint, but a moral one? Jay and Em alone could fund this! Get off the your comfort-zone-entrenched asses, Hip Hop millionaires! I don't care why Herc has no insurance or what he's done lately, Herc deserves a hand simply because we'd want the same done for us!

P.S. Dan and Donnie: If you can help it, don't use my O-Phone calls from last week. I stumbled through that shit much too fast -- sorry about that.


Mike from Pine Bush, NY