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Passing Tha Torch

If there’s anything that can be learnt from The Miz & Jerry Lawler program, the Royal Rumble, or any segments featuring WWE Hall of Famers, is that the older generations of performers still have a spot in this business. The pop they get from the crowd, the little they have to do to get it and the knowledge they have as wrestlers who are seasoned veterans is something that I feel wrestling today isn’t taking enough advantage of.

Now let me say this off the top, I do encourage the current process of the “youth movement” or the next generation of main eventers as you may call it. Especially with the supposed signing of Mistico who is twice the talent in Rey Mysterio’s prime. But a sticky issue in the Internet Wrestling Community is where the older wrestlers belong.

Your guys like Nash, Booker, Flair, Sting (Insert a TNA joke here for your own amusement if you desire.) still have a place in this business however you need to know what they can offer now and where they fit best. The biggest response in the IWC is “Make them road agents.” Sadly, WWE can have all these great talents as road agents, however they need some of these guys in the ring to put the younger generation over…correctly.

I don’t like Miz…much like Donnie. However this program with Lawler is what’s best for Miz. They build him up as an undeserving champion and if Miz is to look better, him dominating Lawler in their match would be best way because Lawler is a great worker that can not only sell a match but he can also sell the story.
Nash may not be able to do half of what he can do now, but there’s no way you can’t have him off the camera. Nash as an authority figure or even just wrestling the odd match for a younger guy to look better.

Do they belong at the top? Not necessarily. If they wanted to give Sting a belt in WWE, would it be that bad? No. But the intent has to be using the popularity of the older stars to transfer it to younger talent through storytelling, performance and careful thoughts on how it’ll be done…correctly.

Let’s use an example, this one is for you indy fans out there. When Jerry Lynn was signed to Ring Of Honor, Jerry Lynn was put into programs with younger guys and while he did go over he made them look good. From his ROH World Title win to his last date in ROH he performed and constantly made young guys look like a million bucks. Is he a big name? Not compared to the other names above. Does he have big drawing powers? No. Is he a guy who can tell a story in the ring and make others look good? Yes.

Now let me use an example that needs to be said. Shawn Michaels is a guy who may not have created anyone. However what he did do was on a CONSISTENT basis was making people look good in 99% of all of his matches.

Do they all have to be in the ring? No. But the main problem is that when it comes to new guys learning from the previous generation is that it seems it’s being taught too theoretically and not enough applied teaching. I love listening to guys like Nash talk, but imagine how much more people could learn working with Nash in the ring and seeing and feeling what veterans like him have to teach.

It may be weird to read something by a guy who isn’t even 20 yet write about the significance of the older generation of stars, but let’s face facts. These people have been in this business, they’ve worked, they drew money, they drew fans, they’ve experienced what the newer generation of stars will someday experience. So why not let these veterans build their legacy in their final years by passing the torch to younger talent…correctly.

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Christopher Casúr said...

As far as the WWE Championship Match at Elimination Chamber is concerned, the only problem with your line of reasoning is that you and I both know that Miz is not going to dominate his upcoming match with Jerry Lawler at Elimination Chamber. Instead, Lawler is going to get a good amount of the offense in, Miz will be made to look weak again, and will only win through interference from Alex Riley and Michael Cole.

I was one of the few people who was willing to give Mizanin a chance when he won the WWE Championship. I thought that, if they were dead set on putting the belt on him, they did so waaaaaaaaaaay too early, but maybe they would build him up and make him look strong and impressive while he was the champion. So much for that.

Eric Young walking around with the old TNA Heavyweight Championship makes a more legitimate champion than The Miz.

AdamFromWelland said...

Interesting, although I think the match is going to be Miz dominating Lawler while Cole is laughing the whole time leading to King finally getting some offense and really taking it to him, maybe some back and forth then go home where Cole will probably push King off the turnbuckle when he goes for the diving fist.

Point is, I'm betting dollars to donuts that Miz will be doing the most offense so Cole can laugh about how easy this is for Miz until King retaliates.