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Fedor Dominated. Again.

Many within the MMA community were thrilled to hear of the Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament Strikeforce created to generate interest in their top division and promotion as a whole.

The crown jewel of the entire company is allegedly the best fighter in the world and best heavyweight of all time - Fedor Emelianenko who was coming off of his first real loss in the sport to a journeyman fighter.

Fedor was mocked by many for ending up with Big Foot Antonio Silva as his first round fight.

Big Foot simply dominated Fedor, by smashing his nose in round one and his whole face in round two.

The Last Emperorer's right eye was swollen shot by continuous hammer fists until the doctors decided Fedor couldnt continue and awarded the massive upset to the huge Brazilian.

Long criticized as little more than a Can Smasher, Fedor hinted post fight that this might be the time to walk away from the spot and call it quits .

Certainly with two straight loses to men who couldn't get a job in the UFC if they had naked photos of Dana White banging an ostrich, Fedor's aura of invincibility is gone.

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Anonymous said...


I guess what Tha O Show has said about Fedor for 2 years is true. He would have got OWNED in UFC

Justin Faux said...

I guess it's time for me to step in and defend my fallen hero.

Don't get me wrong, the Fedor we saw Saturday night wasn't half the man I had seen years prior -- he was very reckless with his striking, he was considerably slower, he still carelessly jumped into a dangerous guard which I understand he did years prior with Nogueira which is a more dangerous guard than Big Foot or Werdum for that matter.

In addition, when placed on his back he didn't show the composure we had seen in the past and didn't defend himself properly especially when mounted.

But honestly, are you going to tell me that the Fedor we saw Saturday night couldn't defeat the Bobby Lashley's and Shane Del Rosario's of the world?

I've got a million E-Mails since this fight asking the same questions about whether he really is the best heavyweight of all time.

Let's stop and look at his resume and compare it to all the other top heavyweight's, the second most accomplished heavyweight would be Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira who he handled twice.

And again, the issue of judging comes out again -- only one judge scored the second round 10-8, I am the most biased Fedor nuthugger that you'll ever find and even I saw that he was dominated in the second frame.

Oddly enough, it was Doug Crosby who scored the round correctly who has been black balled as a horrible judge following scoring the first BJ Penn-Frankie Edgar bout 50-45 in favor of Edgar.

I guess to sum up, Emelianenko is still a top heavyweight and would give any heavyweight troubles despite his deteriorating skill set.

The end could be near for 'The Last Emperor' and if he chooses to walk away I will respect that but I honestly believe he could defeat a lot of the top heavyweight crop.

Anonymous said...

Mentor of the "Last Emperor" told the real reasons of the loss.
“Fedor was literally beaten throughout the fight. We believe that they used the forbidden psychological technologies.”

Trainer of Fedor Emelianenko convinced that illegal methods of psychological warfare were used against the Russian.
According to trainer Vladimir Voronov, both athletes have received various "charges" of hypnosis before the fight.
“ It seems that everything is not just right, and they used certain technologies,” said Voronov to Life Sports.
“Certainly not those that would see by the naked eye. Most likely, it was psychological technologies that worked on both fighters at a distance from the audience.
That is why Fedor was just not like himself during the fight.”

“Fedor’s behavior seemed very strange to me.
He stepped into the ring and did everything exactly the opposite what we practiced before the fight.
We were all shocked. This has never happened before.”


LOLFedor for having the worst management in sport history. Only a goof would associate with loonies of these magnitude.

Anonymous said...

Since Brock was dummied by Velasquez, and after he is dummied by Dos Santos, I think the time would be right to do the match that everyone wanted one year ago -- Brock vs Fedor -- Has-Been vs Never-Was!

Justin Faux said...

@Annonymous #1

That is just Fedor's trainer making an obsurd reason as to why he fell short to Silva.

The main reason he fell short had nothing to do with hypnosis, it had everything to do with the fact that Fedor has never had a full time jiu-jitsu coach and dismisses jiu-jitsu as unnessecary.

While he was put in mount his only defense to getting out was to attempt to bridge and roll like he did against Nogueira or Coleman but without basic jiu-jitsu fundimentals he wasn't able to do a hip escape and get a better positon.

@Annonymous #2

Personally, I have zero interest in a bout between Lesnar and Emelianenko.

The fight that has my interest once again is the "heavyweight fight of all heavyweight fights" 3 years ago -- Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture.