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Why Triple H Returning Is A Bad Idea

Royal Rumble is my favorite event of the WWE calendar year, each time they find a way to make the Rumble match eventful and interesting and I expect this year to be no different.

This year the Rumble match will feature 40 WWE Superstars all fighting for the right to face the Champion of their choosing at “Wrestlemania XXVII”.

While WWE are in the process of re-building their current roster with a lot of their main talent having debuted the year prior, it seems that this years Rumble match lacks the star power we have seen in years prior.

One rumor that has consistently been thrown out there is the return of the thirteen time World Champion, Triple H.

Triple H is no stranger to the Royal Rumble match having won the age-old contest in 2002 and made eight appearances during his career.

Triple H has been absent from WWE programming since April – Shortly after their landmark event “Wrestlemania XXVI” following a feud with Sheamus. The former Champion suffered an injury to his triceps that left him unable to compete and forced him to have surgery.

Speculation regarding his return to action has been prominent since mid-2010 with reports that for the past few months Levesque has been in the condition to compete.

Royal Rumble has always been seen as the perfect place to return a superstar who has been away for a period of time with the past two winners, Edge & John Cena being surprise returns.

But the question becomes should Triple H make his much anticipated return at this Sunday’s Royal Rumble live on pay-per-view? Personally I don’t think so.

2010 proved to be a disappointment for WWE for pay-per-view buys with their biggest event of the year getting 885,000 buys on pay-per-view in North America which is down from the previous years 960,000 buys.

In a time where pay-per-view buys are dropping rapidly for the company I think it would be a foolish move to bring back one of their biggest names without any build or promotion which could result in several thousand more buys.

Recently, rival wrestling promotion TNA were heavily criticized for debuting former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy without any promotion at their “Genesis” event.
Triple H has been away for the better part of a year so his return should be a heavily advertised event whether he returns on pay-per-view or at a television taping.

In addition, if he were to return at this Sunday’s Royal Rumble event there would be a strong possibility that he would win the match.

However, the natural feud for his return is Sheamus following the injury angle played out on television which leaves them a few weeks to blow off the Sheamus feud before he has a shot at the title.

Especially since Sheamus won the “King of The Ring” tournament this past year so many have speculated of an angle stemming around Sheamus flaunting his status as king before running into Triple H who has dubbed himself the “King of Kings”.

A brand new year has begun for WWE and we are yet to have any mention of the “King of Kings” on WWE television, if they are planning on having him return in their landmark 40 man Royal Rumble then it is a mistake.

3 comments: on "Why Triple H Returning Is A Bad Idea"

TheNewMVA said...

I agree, they should start hyping him up tomorrow night as a part of the Raw Elimination Chamber match.

Big Daddy Donnie said...

if they're smart, they have HHH return, destory Sheamus, toss him and eliminate himself as he chases him down.

Justin Faux said...

I wouldn't complain too much if they did that or a spot where they eliminate each other and brawl to the back or something.

My main problem with the idea is the loss of pay-per-view buys, I know it's a big deal to have the "shock" but 99% of people watching suspect it to happen anyway and they could cash in on his return.