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Where's Tha Beef?

In sports there have always been feuds. Some sports survive because of them. Why would you pay to see some guys or girls battle each other if there was really no reason for them to? Yet every week we see in wrestling feuds started with no real pay off at the end or an unsatisfying one. If you had told me that The Nexus would be on the path they are now 7 months or so ago I would have laughed and said something akin to, “No way. They have a good thing going right now and wouldn’t mess it up.” And I would have been wrong.

Feuds are fun. They get you interested in what’s going on and a reason to watch weekly. But some feuds are made to get attention. I’m talking about two in particular. Shane Helms versus Shawn Michaels and Eric Bischoff versus The Internet.

I’ve been a fan of Helms for years. I liked him through every version of himself. Except the current one. He’s been coming off like, well, a bitter vet. HBK is the perfect target though. A good Christian man with a family that recently retired that has a past of upsetting people through his actions and behavior in and out of the ring. Michaels isn’t going to waste his time getting into a catfight with Helms and they both know it. But it does get attention.

The Bischoff versus The Internet feud is just…dumb. He bashes dirt sheets. The dirt sheets bash him. They both give each other attention with neither side yielding. And why should they? Bischoff keeps his name out there with a couple tweets (Jesus Christ…) and the sheets keep some of their writers names out there by being called out by name. It’s a total win-win!

No, its not really. It does nothing but call attention to the fact that most grown ass men act like fucking children. If the sheets really felt the way they say they do they wouldn’t post what Bischoff says. If Helms wasn’t talking so much shit about HBK neither one of them would’ve been mentioned on Tha O Show or the wrestling sites the past few months. You know what a fight with no winners is? Retarded.

Just stop. This isn’t like with rap where someone will get shot or jumped because of shit they said. Maybe they will pass each other in the airport and some lucky fan will get the chance to take a picture of them…passing each other in the airport. Yeah.

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Moonsalt said...

"You know what a fight with no winners is? Retarded."

I think its technically called a draw Dante, but I see your point.