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Tha Classics Part 5

I cant believe its been almost 20 years since The 123 Kid beat Razor Ramon on Monday Night Raw. This was when I used to bust my ass to get a chance to watch Raw and hope that my parents fell asleep. I also hoped they paid the damn cable bill so I got a chance to check the show out. As soon as I heard the sirens I knew I was gonna be entertained for the rest of the evening.

There was this skinny ass dude that would wrestle. I had seen him on ESPN and watch him get his ass beat on WWF. This was back in the day when they would feed guys to superstars every week and it was awesome. Nothing like seeing The Legion of Doom add a little extra stank on the Doomsday Device on a rookie. But one week something special happened.

The Kid won.

Not only did he win he beat fucking Razor Ramon! The Bad Guy himself got beat by this clean shaven, small guy on national television! This was when the crowd was so close they could touch the wrestlers as they came to the ring. Even when they announced The Kid he wasn’t even on camera rocking his sweet mullet.

Razor, during the match, gave one of the loudest fucking chops I have ever heard that will make your balls jump into your stomach. After a mistake by Razor The Kid lands a moonsault and gets the pin. The place blew its top! I couldn’t believe it even happened! This guy who got beat every week and changed his name every week beat Razor fucking Ramon?! It was almost too much for my young mind to bear. I bet at this moment many future smaller wrestlers said “If he can do it…”

As we all know The 123 Kid aka Cannonball Kid aka Lightning Kid aka Kamikaze Kid aka Syxx aka X-Pac aka Syxx Pac aka Sean Waltman went on to join some of the toughest and most popular groups in wrestling The New World Order and Degeneration X. This dude still has a lot to give in wrestling and even almost 20 years later is still one of the fastest guys in the ring. Click here to watch this classic match.

5 comments: on "Tha Classics Part 5"

Anonymous said...

I remember when this took place that week i met a wrestling fan at all places church and we were laughing and talking about this match.

jim j said...

I think the match that made Kid was his match with Bret Hart on Raw. The one with Razor made him known, but the one with Bret made him believable.

Dante Ross said...

I'm sure even Jesus was shocked by that win. Thanks for commenting.

jim j said...

He didnt beat bret

Dante Ross said...

Sorry, Jim J. I was responding to the other comment. There's no way he was gonna beat Bret at that time period. He is a cool ass wrestler but Bret during that time wasn't laying down for The Kid.