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Deeply Discussing Dexter

Tick tick tick, that's the sound of my heart pounding into my ribs. This episode was the craziest thrillride this season. Is it gay or okay to use the word 'thrillride'? Seriously though, this episode was highspot from start to finish. This episode also provided Dexter with the stiffest competition yet. So much evidence is piling up against Dex that even though like Tid said, "We all know Dexter's gonna win in the end" it makes it really hard to see a legitimate way out.

How is Dexter supposed to wriggle free from the evil clutches of Robocop? Not only is Robocop on Dex's case, not only is he working with Quinn and not only does he now have incriminating photos of Dexter and Lumen dumping bodies out of the boat but worst of all Dexter has absolutely no idea that this guy even exists. This season reminds me so much of a Hulk Hogan match. The deck gets absolutely stacked against the good guy and you start legitimately thinking that the bad guys are gonna win. Just remember that I called it if Dex starts shaking his head and wagging his finger at Jordan Chase before he puts his blood on a slide.

Speaking of Jordan Chase, it looks like Tid was dead on the money about Chase's deeper meaning of "Take it!". And not only is he the leader of this stable of heels, but he just happens to be 'watch guy' who is also the last guy on the list. Which is going to make for an interesting last 4 episodes. Especially considering that Dexter was seen at the seminar and had a room next to Chase's head of security who just happened to have a room right next to Dexter's which also incidentally has a bashed in door joining the two. Explain your way out of that one, Dex.

Continuing on my switchaz on the Batista storyline, I'm really digging the way this is all going down. I was legit convinced that it was Angel that ratted Deb out. Turns out it was the sexy spanish 'jubby'. Honestly, I never catch her name so feel free to throw it up in the comments section if anyone actually remembers it. I really like it that they're getting back to LaGuerta being a bitch. She hasn't really been a cuntbar since the first season, I like hating her though. The police station was starting to feel like Sesame Street with no heat between anyone.

Furthermore, with Deb getting fucked over by LaGuerta it really furthers the whole Deb as a killer tease they threw at us this week with her not feeling guilty for killing Carlos Fuentes. I remember someone commenting a couple weeks ago with a theory that Deb was a killer too. I still don't think she's going to keep killer or team up with Dexter or anything crazy like that but I really like the new dynamic it created between her and Dexter. If you rewatch the scene where Deb tells Dex she didn't feel anything you can really see Dexter feel a stronger connection with his sister.

Like I wrote in my last article, there is so much depth to be found in every episode. Dexter's facials are so real it makes me wonder if this is a documentary sometimes. He can convey so much with one expression. Just from that back and forth with Deb you can see how badly he wants to connect with his sister and how much she believes she has already connected with him. You can also tell just how lonely he is. He wants so badly to bring everybody into his world. He let Miguel in, he's now let Lumen in, he's told Harrison that he kills people and he desperately wants to bring Deb in. It must get lonely talking only to the imaginary ghost of your father.

With 4 more episodes to go before the season wraps up I'm expecting the home stretch to be pedal to the metal much the same as this week's episode. And for the first time in the series I'm actually seriously entertaining the idea that this may be it and Dexter may actually get caught. So if they have me this reeled in this early then I can only imagine what's to come. As always, comments are encouraged, theories are welcome and feel free to blast me for not coming with an article last week, I apologize.

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Anonymous said...

When I saw Robocop with the camera in the end, I nearly shat my pants.

Dex is fucked...



Dan-e-o said...

First off, let's get some things straight. It's spelled "joobie" (Ha...I don't know, that just how I spell it).

And I actually know that her shoot name is April Hernandez Castillo, her character name is Cira Manzon and she's shoot been in an abusive relationship before. (Yep, I creepily researched her online.)

I think you're right bro, the dynamics of "Dexter" have changed dramatically this season. Deb has become a "remorseless killer" herself, there is now video evidence of Dexter's secret life and he's focusing more on Lumen's quest than his own...considering that the looming presence of his father has been absent for most of this season.

Not sure how much y'all have noticed, but Harry hasn't played much of a role in Dexter's latest decisions.

I also agree that Michael C. Hall's acting is impeccable. I've learned in acting classes that some of the best acting takes place when you have no dialogue. Dexter's facials during his scenes with Lumen and Deborah are some of the best on TV.

Are there still people out there NOT watching this show???

Dan-e-o said...

I should have mentioned...

Peter Weller's character is phenomenal as well. He's doing an awesome job in that role...we really should stop referring to him as his character from 23 years ago.

But let's not.

RoboCop's turned heel!!

Victor Wildcat said...

Anymus: legit, my girl proposed the same theory. She said that Dex would catch Robocop snooping around the apartment or something and a scuffle would insue, Deb would see it and save her big bro. I have to say that it's definitely plausible.

Dan: Yeah, a little creepy how you researched her shoot life. And thanks for the proper spelling of joobie, I'm from Hamilton, where we don't use the term. Possibly because 90% of Hamilton girls are mangled. And I have to agree, fuck Stan Liddy and fuck R-Truth. They will forever be Robocop and K-Kwik.

Also, I'm still amazed people don't watch this show. I've been trying for like a year to get my dad to watch. But I may have Rip Impact on board. When I get people to watch the show I kinda feel like a Mormon, converting people to a new religion.

Dan-e-o said...

I've converted many...I call them/us "Dexterians"...

NYC girl said...

Have TID explain that door problem from the hotel. How the hell will noone notice.

Has Lumen ever had an orgasm?

Duncan said...

I may be way off course, but I think the person trying to break into Dexter's house next episode is Robocop, and Lumen is going to accidentally kill him.