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Killa Kev's UFC 123 Recap

Aaron "A-Train" Simpson (7-1-0, 185.5 lbs.) vs. "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" Mark Munoz (8-2-0, 185 lbs.)

"WEEE ARREEE LIIIVEE!" declares Bruce Buffer as we start this show off. Mark Fennell is the referee in charge.

Round 1: Munoz opens up with a spin kick, Simpson backs him up to the cage, throws some combinations, tries for a single leg takedown near the fence, Munoz blocks it, then they trade knees to the inside thighs, Simpson breaks it off, 4:00 left. They feel each other out int he middle of the cage before they both clinch and trade knees, break and Munoz is throwing hands, backing Simpson up to the cage, body lock, throws knees to the outside of the legs as Simpson works some shots to the ribs. Simpson reverses position, throws knees, and is able to back out, 3:00 left. They start opening up the hands, Munoz shoots for a takedown, Simpson sprawls, takes Munoz's back, but Munoz stands up and is able to escape. Munoz throws a kick, punch combos, another kick, Simpson counters with punches, takes Munoz to the cage, takes him down, tries to take the back, but Munoz slips out from underneath him, they stand up and start trading some wild punches, 2:00 left. Munoz clinches Simpson on the cage and throws knees to the body, Simpson counters, Munoz with a right hand, but he recovers and reverses position, catches Munoz with a right, then tries to apply a guillotine. Munoz escapes, Simpson body locks, Munoz applies his own and turns it around, 2:00 left. Simpson with a leg trip that puts him back in control, putting Munoz on the cage and both men again trading knees. Munoz reveres it again and throws knees, now Simpson is back, Munoz throws a knee, escapes, throws a high kick that just barely misses, they stand off, Simpson backs off then charges with a knee, doesn't connect, and the round ends. Very tight round, could have gone either way.

Round 2: We open back up with heavy hands between the two, Munoz is getting the upperhand, but Simpson opens up a cut right in the middle of Munoz's head via an inadvertent head clash. Munoz shoots for a takedown, Simpson escapes it, throws a knee that catches Munoz low, he gets a minute to shake it off. Munoz is throwing more kicks now, but Simpson is able to time them and catch them or block them every time. 2:45 left, Munoz switches up his kicks and catche Simpson SQUARE in the side of the head, but no power behind it, Simpson shakes it off, charges Munoz with a takedown and he scores it on the side of the cage. Simpson has both legs caught and pushing him against the cage, but the referee stops the action at 2:05 and makes them stand back up. Crowd doesn't like that. Munoz with a body kick, low leg kick, almost caught, Munoz clinches the body, pushes Simpson into the cage and delivers a knee that hits the groin inadvertently, we stop the action at 1:35 for another break. Back to action, they trade a few gloves, Munoz goes for another leg kick, gets caught and taken down, Simpson trying to find something but Munoz escapes it, 1:00 left. Munoz is throwing more hands now, Simpson body locks, throws inside punches, pushes Munoz up on the cage, but Munoz reverses it again and throws inside knees to the thighs, and he keeps him on the fence until the horn, getting in a last-second elbow.

So far I can't tell who is winning this fight, it could be 20-18 for either guy or 19-19.

Round 3: Munoz opens with a kick, gets caught, taken down, but Munoz reverses and takes Simpson's back, starts pouring on the strikes from over the top, but inadvertently pokes Simpson in the eye with a knuckle, and the referee starts the action as Simpson covers his eye. Simpson gets 30 seconds and he's ready to go. Simpson tries to jump with a knee, gets caught, Munoz with a leg kick, gets caught, Simpson lets him op around on one leg before letting him go, 4:00 left. Munoz charges and has a body lock, puts Simpson on the cage and htrows knees. Simpson tries to reverse, gets stopped, Munoz lays in more knees, ref breaks them up though and puts them back in the middle of the ring, 3:30 left. They trade gloves, Munoz backs him back into the cage, Simpson counters with a knee to the body, Munoz with knees to the body in return, both men grappling for control on the fence, 2:50 left. Simpson reverses, then Munoz again, both men using knees to the insides, and Simpson with body shots to the ribs. Munoz backs out, throws punch combos to keep Simpson back. Simpson reverses position and tries for a single leg on the cage, Munoz stuffs it, Simpson exists with a left, back to the middle, Munoz with more kicks, 1:30 left. Both men not letting up with the punches, and Munoz is now lighting up Simpson with inside leg kicks. Simpson tries for a knee, gets caught, but manages to get Munoz on the cage while trying for a takedown, Munoz drops to his knees, Simpson trying for a headlock, tries to take the back, Munoz stands up and puts him on the cage, they start going toe-to-toe with punches, 40 seconds left, Munoz moves in, clinches the body. Simpson with inside knees, reverses position, Munoz fighting him, reveres back, knee into the ribcage, exits, flurry of punches, Simpson matching him throw for throw, we close this out hard and fast!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mark Munoz d. Aaron Simpson by Unanimous Decision (29-28).

Matt 'The Immortal' Brown (13-9-0, 170 lbs.) vs. Brian Foster (16-5-0, 170 lbs.)

Round 1: I missed this entire round, but from what I read it was Brown handing out a good ass-kicking while Foster tried to make one escape after another.

Round 2: We open up the second round with a pair of kicks to the groin from Brown, both inadvertent, but they happened nonetheless. Foster promptly puts Brown on his ass, avoids the upkicks and waits for him to stop before moving in and throwing hands to the face. Brown has a high guard, tries to pull Foster in, he stays fully up on his feet, backs up and throws more bombs. Foster lets Brown start to get up, Brown tries for a single-leg takedown, Foster grabs his neck and cranks on a Guillotine Choke, Brown taps out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brian Foster d. Matt Brown 2:11 @ of Round 2 by Submission (Guillotine Choke).

Karo 'The Snore' Parisyan (26-5-0, 1 NC, 170 lbs.) vs. Dennis 'Superman' Hallman (65-13-2, 1 NC, 170 lbs.)

Round 1: Parisyan and Hallman trade a few punches to start, Parisyan puts him on the cage to try for a takedown, Hallman holds him off, action moves back to the middle of the ring, Hallman hits Parisyan with a big right, Parisyan goes down, Hallman dives in and finishes him off with strikes as the referee moves in and stops the action.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dennis Hallman d. Karo Parisyan @ 1:47 of R1 by TKO (Punches).


BJ Penn says he's bringing the best BJ Penn that the UFC has ever seen. His opponent, Matt Hughes, hopes it is the best BJ Penn because he's gonna beat the snot out of him. Quinton Jackson says that tonight he's bringing back the "Rampage" of the old Pride days. His opponent, Lyoto Machida, says that he will do what no man has ever done in UFC, and that is finish Rampage in the middle of the cage. Tonight we will see a grudge match comes to its conclusion, we'll see two men fighting to get back into title contention, and we'll get some more exciting fights as well. At least, I hope. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan introduce us to the show. Rogan says that Jackson has trained hard in this fight and isn't going to be taking Machida lightly, but will have problems landing punches on Machida due to his unorthodox fighting style. Phil Davis will also be looking to retain his undefeated record against Tim Boesch, who is on a four-fight win streak. Tonight's card features four former champions, but no championship fights are on the card tonight.

Joe Lauzon (18-5-0, 155 lbs.) vs. George Sotiropoulos (13-2-0, 155 lbs.)

Round 1: Lauzon comes out of the gate with a lot of quick strike combos, but Sotiropoulos snags a leg and tries for a single leg takedown, Lauzon hops back to the cage and breaks free, 4:00 left. Lauzon advances and throws a bunch of strikes, gets a clinch, connects with a right and a knee. Sotiropoulos breaks, Lauzon clinches again, Sotiropoulos gets some distance, Lauzon comes right back in with lots of punches. Sotiropoulos is trying to strike back, isn't connecting, he decides to shoot for the single-leg instead, Lauzon stuffs it, and delivers elbows to the head to get Sotiropoulos to break it off, 3:00 left. Sotiropoulos with a body lock puts Lauzon on the cage, struggles, Lauzon throws body shots to ward off any further takedown attempts, and Sotiropoulos breaks it off. Lauzon again advances throwing bunches of punches, clinches, connects a few times, Sotiropoulos pulls out, 2:00. Lauzon tries to shot for a takedown, Sotiropoulos pulls guard, they grapple on the mat, and Lauzon ends up on top in Sotiropoulos' half guard. Lauzon tries for a few moves, stands up, Sotiropoulos snags the leg and takes him down, in full guard, tries to pass, Lauzon gets on his knees, but gives his back up to Sotiropoulos, who has an over/under hold, 45 seconds left. Sotiropoulos looks for a north/south choke, goes to side control, goes back to a north/south position, throws some elbows into the body, 20 seconds left, Sotiropoulos back to side control, looking for a crucifix, spins around and gets full mount, 10 seconds, lays in a few punches, tries for an armbar, Lauzon pulls out, flips Sotiropoulos over and starts throwing elbows to the face as the horn sounds! Tight first round, I think you have to give it to Lauzon based on his ring control.

Round 2: Both men open the round with strikes. Roegan notes that Lauzon has slowed down, maybe gassed himself out? Sotiropoulos attempts for a takedown, Lauzon defends it, but Sotiropoulos continues pouring it on, takes Lauzon down again, tries going north/south, takes side control, and makes an attempt at an armbar over the top, 2:30 left, Lauzon fighting it off, Sotiropoulos steps over the body in a north/south position again, locks in the arm, cranks it into a Kimora and turns it to the side and that's it!

OFFICIAL RESULT: George Sotiropoulos d. Joe Lauzon 2:43 @ of Round 2 by Submission (Kimora).

Phil 'Mr. Wonderful' Davis (7-0-0, 205 lbs.) vs. Tim 'The Barbarian' Boetsch (12-3-0, 205 lbs.)

Round 1: Both men open up with head kick attempts, with a few stray strike attempts. They then try to trade leg kicks, countering each other. Davis tries for another head kick, blocked, both men counter each other with low leg kicks. Davis tries for another head kick, gets caught, Boetsch tries to throw a strike but Davis pulls out. Davis again throws a kick, Boetsch catches it and tries for a takedown, Davis is able to hop backwards to the fence and escape it. Davis is delivering more kicks, then explodes for a double-leg takedown and scores it off the fence, 2:30 left. Davis moves to half-guard and tries for an arm triangle, Boetsch blocks it and rolls to his side, 2:00 left. Davis opens up with shots on Boetsch's ribcage, then alternates to his face with forearm shots. Boetsch is trying to underhook Davis' legs, but Davis flattens him out in the half-guard. Davis continues to throw elbows and forearms to the head, softening up the ribs when they're open, 45 seconds left. Boetsch is trying to get back to full-guard, then curls up on his side again, 25 seconds left. Davis attempts to gain full mount, Boetsch is able to toss him aside mid-move, Davis is immediately up on his feet, rushes Boetsch, body lock, rushes him into the cage and delivers knees until the end of the round. I think you can easily give this round to Davis 10-9.

Round 2: Davis overpowers Boetsch with a body lock and bullies him into the cage, trying to sweep for the takedown, Boetsch is able to fight it off, but gives up his back for a brief moment, shrugs it off, but Davis puts him back on the cage, 4:00 left. Both men are struggling for a sweep, Davis gets a little room and throws a few knees into the body. Boetsch looks like he's breathing hard, Davis drops down for a double underhook, gets it in the corner, Boetsch goes down but takes Davis' head in the process with a Guillotine, but he can't hold it, 3:00 left. Davis lands in side control, immediately wraps up the left arm, grabs the wrist and is looking for a Kimora, gets Boetsch to sit up, ties up the arm behind his back, Davis now has full control, moves into north/south, cranks on an amazing one-arm Kimora and Boetsch taps!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Phil Davis d. Tim Boetsch @ 2:44 of Round 2 by Submission (Kimora).

TJ O'Brien (16-3-0, 155 lbs.) vs. Paul Kelly (11-3-0, 155 lbs.)

Round 1: This is a preliminary fight from earlier in the evening. My feed comes back smack-dab in this middle of this replay. O'Brien is quite the tall, lanky fighter, Kelly stays close to him though and throws leg kicks frequently. O'Brien tries for a flying knee, doesn't succeed, Kelly takes him down and O'Brien attempts for a submission from the bottom, Kelly throws some good strikes and O'Brien is forced to scramble back up to his feet. Kelly attempts a flying knee, but otherwise it's mostly strike attempts from both men.

Round 2: O'Brien opens up with more leg kicks, and is able to land them with his length, but Kelly lands a NASTY right that takes O'Brien down, Kelly goes for the kill, O'Brien is able to defend and referee steps in to break up the lack of further action. Kelly attempts another takedown, but O'Brien lands on top of him in full mount, but can't take advantage of it as Kelly flips him over, gains the Crucifix and starts pounding away with punches and elbows to the face, not very damaging but it does open up a cut and O'Brien simply cannot defend himself. For a full minute the referee lets this go on as O'Brien rolls from left to right, can't get free, and the referee eventually decides to end it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Paul Kelly d. T.J. O'Brien @ 3:16 of R2 by TKO (Elbows).

Gerald 'Hurricane' Harris (16-2-0, 185 lbs.) vs. Maiquel 'Big Rig' Falcao (25-3-0, 1 NC, 185 lbs.)

Round 1: Falcao is making his UFC debut, where Harris is making a return after a few year layoff after his appearance on "The Ultimate Fighter" a few years ago. Falcao takes the center of the ring while Harris elects to circle on the outside, taking a very low, southpaw stance. Harris attempts to throw an overhand left several times, connects once, while Falcao stands around looking for his opening, and after nearly two minutes of this stand-off the fans start booing heavily and the referee prods them to start fighting. Harris continues to stretch out that left arm for a tag, and occasionally the right. Joe Roegan suggests that Falcao is trying to lure Harris in for a quick move, and he may be right, finally at the 2:20 mark Falcao snaps off a VERY fast right leg kick to the body, and that's it. Harris continues to dance around and throw the left, closing up the distance more and more. Fans are very heavily booing, 90 seconds left, Harris attempts to clinch, Falcao moves right in, throws a quick knee to the midsection, throws a flurry of rights, Harris crumples in the corner, Falcao dives on top of him and throws more and more punches. Harris eats a LOT of strikes, tries to get to hsi feet, gives up his back, Falcao takes his back and tries for a choke, lets it go, 30 seconds left. Harris snags a leg, picks up Falcao and flips himself backwards to slam Falcao on the mat. Falcao hangs on, re-takes the choke from behind, cranks it on, pulls Harris up to his knees, hooks the legs, pulls back and has a Rear Naked Choke locked on fully, 10 seconds to go, looked like Harris is gonna tap, he rolls to his side instead, time expires, Falcao isn't letting go and referee Dan Miragliotta has to pull him off and warn him, then tells Harris that the fight isn't over and to go to his corner.

Round 2: Falcao wastes no time, moves right in and takes Harris down with a nasty right, straddles him, lays in more punches, takes the back, has a choke attempt, legs are hooked, 4:00 left. Harris trying to survive, Falcao can't get hooked under a chin, finally pulls him back, but Harris is able to roll to his side and get to his feet, pushes Falcao on the cage, 3:30 left. Falcao double underhooks Harris, reveres position, and tries for a takedown, Harris is able to slowly pull out of it though, 3:00 left. Harris looks blown up, they throw a few jab attempts, Harris tries to shoot for a single-leg takedown, Falcao sprawls, Harris drives him into the side of the cage, 2:20 left. Falcao sprawls, tries for an underhook, Harris attempts to go for a double leg takedown, picks him up and slams him to the mat, but Falcao pops right back up, 1:45 left. Action moves back to the middle of the ring, Falcao takes center, Harris circling, Falco throws a body kick, a head kick, followed by strike combos, Harris tries to counter with a shoot, Falcao sprawls, goes over the top and takes the back, 45 seconds left, Harris is just holding on to that one leg, Falcao is grounded, throwing punches to the head, getting warned not to hit the back of the head. 20 seconds left, fans are booing, referee warns them to start working. Harris tries to get up, Falcao fights him, they stand up, break, Harris with an overhand left just before the horn sounds. I think Falcao has this 20-18 so far, maybe 20-17 even.

Round 3: Falcao is definitely in no hurry to do anything, conserving his energy certainly aware he's up. Harris circles around the ring, trying to find his momentum, but is a lot more cautious compared to his first round. 90 seconds into the round fans are booing the lack of action again, referee warning them again to fight. Harris makes a few jab attempts that come nowhere near hitting the target. Harris starts closing the distance, gets a left hand on Falcao's head. Falcao looks like he's ready to explode with a kick, but doesn't do anything, 3:00 left. And we continue this same dance for the next 2:30 before Falcao decides to throw another head kick... and that's it. Last 30 seconds is a huge fucking snore fest, fans booing heavily, drowning out the announcers even. Joe Rogan says Dana White threw up his hands and can't believe what's happening here. They trade a few punches int he last seconds, horn sounds, AND HARRIS THROWS HIS HANDS UP AND ACTS LIKE HE WON! Falcao looks around the crowd, blank stares and no-sells the boos. Fucking amazing.

OFFICIAL DECISION: Maiquel Falcao d. Gerald Harris by Unanimous Decison (29-28x2, 29-27). Falcao may have won the match, but these fans truly lost here. UGH.

Matt Hughes (46-7-0, 169 lbs.) vs. BJ Penn (15-7-1, 169 lbs.)

Round 1: This is the co-main event of the evening, and a rubber match four years in the making, both men hold a victory over the other. And this fight is over in just 21 seconds, they trade a few tentative shots, then Hughes gets KNOCKED THA FUGGOUT!!! One punch KO for BJ Penn, Hughes is out before he hits the mat, wakes up and says "WHAT HAPPENED?" What happened? You got KNOCKED THA FUGGOUT!! BJ Penn got so excited he runs out of the cage.
OFFICIAL DECISION: BJ Penn d. Matt Hughes @ 0:21 of Round 1 by Knockout (YOU GOT KNOCKED THA FUGGOUT!)

Lyoto 'The Dragon' Machida (16-1-0, 205 lbs.) vs. Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (30-8-0, 205 lbs.)

This is our main event of the evening, both of these men are former Light Heavyweight champions, and the winner tonight will be in-line for a title shot against champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua next year. Machida looks focused. Jackson looks PISSED. If looks could kill we'd all be dead. The Detroit crowd is now on fire. Herb Dean is our referee in charge, and THANK GOD Cecil Peoples is not one of the judges tonight.

Round 1: Rampage takes the middle of the cage while Machida circles the outside, trying to find an angle, Jackson cutting him off. Machida with the first blow of the night, a low leg kick, followed by a body kick attempt. Machida takes his time and snaps off another, this time hitting the inside knee. 70 seconds in another is thrown, and this time it causes Jackson to jerk his leg back. Machida goes for another one, Jackson tries to close the distance but Machida is ready for him, Jackson backs off. Jackson bobbing his head and faking a few left jabs, Machida lands another kick to the knee, 3:00 left. Machida throws another kick that connects, Jackson rushes, Machida backs straight up and avoids a few strikes. Jackson rushes Machida into the cage, body lock, they trade knees and Jackson throws punches into the sides and elbows itno the thighs, 2:30 left. They continue to trade a few blows, referee warns them to start working, 3:00. Jackson breaks and grazes Machida with an uppercut, Machida returns with a few leg kicks, then a knee into the thigh, Jackson checks it with his hand, follows up with a right. 90 seconds left, Machida with a right to the body, Jackson charges and puts Machida in the cage, body lock, a few foot stomps and knees traded, Machida reveres position on the fence, they continue to trade knees, 1:00 left. They grapple out into the ring a bit, then back on the fence, Machida escapes clean, 45 seconds left. Rampage quickly tries to close the distance, cutting off Machida, throws a lead left, Machida ducks it and takes the center of the Octagon, 30 seconds left, They trade a few strike attempts, nothing landing close. 10 seconds, Machida tries to throw an inside leg kick, gets checked, Jackson tries to close the distance again, they grab each other, Machida throws a jab right before the bell. I'd be willing to give that one to Jackson 10-9. Machida's corner is telling him that Jackson is already losing his game, and to protect his face. Jackson's corner tells him tow ork his knees, elbows and kick, break his will this round and finish his punches with a KO.

Round 2: They throw a few punches, nothing landing, Jackson rushes Machida into the cage, body punches, Machida is allowed to reverse him, Rampage throws a knee that hits the groin, Machida takes a break to re-adjust his cup, action continues in the middle, 4:05 left. They dance around each other, Jackson thinks about a kick, then thinks better of it. Jacson tries to throw a big left, Machida ducks out of the way. Jackson threatens another left, fakes it to attack machida into the cage, Machida locks and reverses, Machida throwign knees, Jackson works the body then quickly sweeps Machida, 3:00 left. Jackson has both hands under Machida's legs, they rest, Machida stands up, Jackson lets him, Machida reverses position, Jackson tries to shove off Machida and hit him with a right, but it's blocked. 2:20 left, Jackson throws a right, Machida catches it, they lock up, back into a corner they go, Machida throwing knees, Jackson punching the ribs. Jackson reverses position, double underhooks, knee to the head, elbows to the thighs, uppercut to the body, Machida reverses, gets a clean exit, then connects with a kick to the body, a knee, Jackson counters with an uppercut, 90 seconds left. Jackson throws a big looping left that is easily avoided. Machida snaps off a outside leg kick, throws a right and then clinches, 55 seconds left. They stall out in the corner, Herb Dean warns them to fight. Machida tries a sweep, gets checked, 25 seconds left. Machida with a knee to the inside, Rampage gives two back, tries for a throw, Machida blocks it, Rampage immediately tries for a right, Machida checks it, Jackson advances, Machida throws a right, Jackson slips backwards, falls, Machida follows up with a head kick but Jackson blocks it right at the horn. Very tough fight to call here.

Round 3: Both men open up trading jab attempts, circling each other and trying to strike, nothing landing yet. Machida throws a few kicks, Jackson throws a few kicks, mostly checked. Jackson throws his punch combos, backs up Machida a little but Machida can easily avoid them. Jackson tries to come in on the combo again, Machida catches him with a pair of punches, a head kick, puts him on the cage and closes the distance! Jackson wakes up and fights back, catches Machida with a few good rights, but Jackson is still rocked and Machida sweeps him to the ground, landing in half-guard, 3:30 left. Machida takes his time here to work Jackson into the middle of the cage, then starts to attempt passing to full mount. Jackson blocks it, Machida tries for a Kimora but Jackson is just too strong, both men start throwing elbows to each other's legs. Machida goes for the Kimora again, Jackson goes to block it, Machida pulls out his leg and gets full mount, 90 seconds. Machida throwing elbows, postures up, snags Jackson's left arm, throws the legs over and has an armbar on, 49 seconds left, Jackson rolls over, gets to his feet, looks to slam Machida but Machida wisely slides off! 35 seconds left, they're on their feet, Machida with a body lock, puts Jackson on the cage, throw knees to the legs, tries to throw him to the ground, gets the back, gets Jackson on the ground, tries to attack the leg, Jackson reverses position has mount in Machida's full guard, Machida trying for a triangle from the bottom, Jackson trying to throw punches but we just run out of time!

Great match, I'm not sure who won this one to be honest, this is probably going to a split decision.

OFFICIAL RESULT: 29-28 Machida... 29-28 Jackson... and 29-28 for the winner by Split Decision... QUINTON "RAMPAGE" JACKSON! Jackson is SHOCKED! He raised Machida's hand and thought he had won it for sure. Rampage says, "I must say, Machida KICKED MY ASS!" Jackson says he has to give Machida an immediate rematch, its the only fair thing to do. Machida says that will be up to UFC but he wants one too. Fans pop and are leaving on a happy note.

Mike Lullo (8-1-0, 155 lbs.) vs. Edson Barboza (6-0-0, 155 lbs.)

Oops! They slipped this fight in just when I thought they were done. Not a lot to report here. In both the first and second round Lullo spends a lot of time on his back attempting to apply a leg choke from the bottom, but he has no idea what he's doing here and is clearly lost, and isn't paying attention to the instruction from his corner. Barboza simply keeps his right arm in-between himself and Lullo to thwart those submissions. When Lullo wasn't on his back, he spent the rest of his time eating leg kick after leg kick, until the third round when he takes three consecutive kicks and can barely get back to his feet, referee calls this one off.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Edson Mendes Barboza Jr. d. Mike Lullo @ 0:26 of R3 by TKO (Leg Kicks).

Finishing up, BJ Penn gets Knockout of the Night, Phil Davis gets Submission of the Night, and Matt Brown won the Spirit Fighter of the Night award, sponsored by whatever tequila company does that one, sorry I forget, I'm not a drinker!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Kev it's Tequila Cazadores.)

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