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Tha Raw Report

Hopefully everybody got wearing white out of their systems, because apparently doing that is over. Or something. I never understood that. Speaking of things I don't understand is making Nexus a group with a leader, but continuing to let the guys who can't talk, talk.

David Otunga is fine in the ring, bad on the mic. Maybe bad is harsh, but it's not as bad as other adjectives I could use. Michael Tarver is just different. I don't hate him, but I actually like him less as each week goes on.

It has been made evident that Justin Gabriel is the number two of the group. His 450 splash is more devastating than offensive maneuvers onto concrete. That's amazing. His 450 splash is also not as impressive as others who have used it, but that really doesn't matter. At least he has form.

I want to take a minute and complain about the use of the word unprecedented. It's right up there with epic in words that people use to try and make something matter, when nine times out of ten it doesn't. Michael Tarver used it twice. Once was enough to put over their attack on Taker.

Then immediately following the opening segment the hype package for Night of Champions the voice over guy said that the six pack challenge was unprecedented. No it isn't. It was in '99. I get trying to build things to matter. Get a thesaurus.

The anonymous General Manager gimmick is a rib on somebody. It has to be. The entire way it's handled. I assume it's a rib on Michael Cole. Or on everyone who hates stock notifications on computers, cellphones and other electronic device. The beeping is maddening. Anyone else notice Lawler is about to lose it every time Cole puts on the glasses and steps to the podium?

Of course Chris Jericho is always the subject of rumors about (shoot) leaving due to Fozzy. Jericho stated he'd leave the WWE if he wasn't crowned the WWE Champion at Night of Champions. Jericho tonight lost his spot in the match. He lost the match to John Morrison but John Morrison wasn't named his replacement in the match. Why?

John Morrison, as I've said many times needs to turn heel to achieve main event status, but the WWE appears in no hurry to do that. Morrison does the Bret Hart give the sunglasses to a fan. Not to mention the fact that women wet their seats for him. Women will cheer regardless for him, and he'll be a helluva lot more over as a heel.

By the way, Boise State and Virginia Tech were playing tonight. "Raw" should have built something to attract attention. I'm guessing that the ratings were going to be lower because of the holiday, but I'm betting they'll be lower than usual holiday ratings because of that game and nothing advertised for "Raw." At least they are hyping "Raw" Roulette for next week.

I really think "Raw" should build things for weeks in advance. Put a big match, or build a big, marketable angle and advertise it. The WWE advertisements as of late have centered around it being "Raw" not about what's happening on "Raw." I can't be the only person that finds that a problem.

Speaking of angles, the best thing the WWE has going right now is The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Everything about the angle is incredible. It's the angle that writes itself. Bryan said it right, he's the anti-superstar. That equals superstar status. The two are simply awesome together. That's right. Awesome.

This is the best angle going for a few reasons, one of which I just went over. Another of which is that the Miz is absolutely correct in his initial promo. For everyone, including myself who talked shit about the Miz has had to eat their words.

The holier than thou who believe they can talk shit about his work rate or whatever else they want to come up with can continue, but they're blowing smoke up their own ass. Miz is the face of the company. Deal with it. He's going to be main eventing, and you'll be complaining. Miz after Cena. A smarks nightmare.

On another level, if Daniel Bryan wins, when Daniel Bryan wins the WWE United States Championship it'll add a little prestige to a dying belt. WWE/TNA/Vince Russo have done all they can to kill the prestige of belts, especially the belts that aren't world championships.

Daniel Bryan wants it, so when he gets it people will remember. Remember when Orton "wanted" the IC title from Van Dam when he was with Evolution? They made it a point and it got over. Orton's reign lasted seven months. Daniel Bryan's likely will not. The fact that a Ring of Honor guy is in this marquee of a feud means a good bit to a lot of fans. Maybe Vince is going to push what he didn't create.

Darren Young was on "Raw" and he had an important part in the show. I honest to God didn't believe it. Then he called himself the missing link. I laughed, but at the same time, I think he may be able to build a character out of this. Until Randy Orton pulled a Randy Orton and killed his momentum, and the possibility of a promo.

Quick Results...
*John Morrison def. Chris Jericho (Jericho now out of six pack challenge)
*Melina def. Alicia Fox to retain Diva's Championship
*John Cena def. Justin Gabriel
*Edge def. Great Khali via countout
*Edge def. Great Khali in Over the Top Rope Challenge
*Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett

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Zammer said...

Just finished Raw 901 and I must say, Michael Cole is the worst announcer of my generation. The way Cole screwed up the Kali segment by not knowing that a wrestling has to be thrown over the top rope by his opponent made for some award winning TV. The timing of his new blackberry messages segment screwed up the "Edge attacking the Laptop" scene too. Who cares if he attacks the laptop now that the messages go to Cole's blackberry? (Shouldn't the emails go to both? Are the lights going to flicker whenever Cole gets a message from his mother to his Blackberry?)
Or how about when he told the world that he got a text from, as he said: "unknown number, it said unknown email, actually this was a text, it said unknown number. How did he get my number??" First, you can't block an email. You can have no idea who is emailing you but it will never show up unknown email. Email doesn't have call display. Secondly, he's the GENERAL MANAGER of Raw. One might think he has a directory of the employees he over looks.
If these arguments are not enough, consider this. Main Event. He has the Monster heel sitting beside him in Shamus. I will give credit, Shamus made a funny crack that the stipulations in which he won his belt didn't matter in the argument about how the 6(5) pack challenge was unfair to the Champion. But Michael Cole shouldn't be sitting beside him laughing his ass off. He should be on egg shells sitting beside that the Short Fussed monster of a Ginger.
But I do not complain without giving a solution.
Situation: Miz and Brian in the ring. Cole acting fussing on the mic.
Lights go out. GM Emails. Cole marches over to the laptop.
Cole reads that Brian must enter a gauntlet match with all the super heavy weights or some shit.
Cole sits down but the lights flicker right away and Cole goes back to the laptop and announces that if Brian doesn't defeat everyone he must quit the WWE. As he's making the announcement the lights flicker again. At this point King would grab the blackberry jump up to grab a mic announcing that he got a email from the GM saying that Cole is no reading the emails correctly.
For this, he is traded to TNA for Cody Deaner and Matt Striker replaces him on Raw.
Sounds good to me?!