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Tha Classics Part 3

Another classic from the vault meaning I had to clean the entire house to order the pay per view. This match is actually from the first ever King of the Ring. This was by far the best KOTR and had some really good match ups. Sadly the last match between Bret Hart and Bam Bam Bigelow was not my favorite. But this is about the best match on the card, Bret “Hitman” Hart versus Mr. Perfect.

This match had a great interview before it started that had Bret and Perfect arguing over whose dad was the better wrestler. At this point it wasn’t mentioned very much that Larry “The Axe” Hennig was Perfect’s dad in WWF but knowing that his dad was once a famous wrestler (which after the internet I finally was able to research the guy) made this an instant gotta see match.

At this point in the PPV Bret had already battled Razor Ramon in a great match in which Razor stomped on Bret’s fingers which he sold throughout the PPV. And Mr. Perfect got a by when Mr. Hughes was DQ’d after using The Undertaker’s urn. The match started fast with Bret slapping every form of a headlock on Perfect. Now don’t have your eyes glaze over just yet. Have you ever seen Mr. Perfect get headlocked? He fucking goes flying when he’s taken down! I love it!

At one point Perfect sends Bret into the toolbox at ringside and I remember thinking that Bret was dead. I wasn’t used to that kinda stuff at the time. After recovering Bret worked on Perfect’s leg in preparation for the Sharpshooter. There’s this thing that Perfect does that I love. When he’s holding the ropes and gets his leg kicked he flips upside down and its just the damnedest thing. Whenever either of them go for a pin its no lazy pin. Its like “Stay down!” pins and frustration when they kick out. Throughout the match Perfect sold the leg injury and at one point he grabbed Bret’s fingers to get him to break a hold. Fucking awesome.

Macho Man, Bobby Heenan, and Jim Ross called this match and did a great job. The way they bounced off each other was good and no one felt like a guest commentator. The match ends with a small reversed small package. No Sharpshooter which was surprising and cool. After the match they shook hands and Bret went on to win the first King of the Ring (no, I am not counting the older ones like Harley Race and Jim Duggan). This is one of my favorite matches ever.

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