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To all of you who doubted. To all of you who claimed we'd be "done the next round". To all of you who jumped on Big Daddy Donnie's dick and thought that Portugal (ha!) would beat Spain.

To all of you who bet me money each round. To all of you who trash talked me on Facebook. To all of you who threw your empty disses at me through e-mail...I would just like to say...

THANK YOU! You have made this glorious day even sweeter than what it would have been. I'm not even going to bother with another article about the greatest soccer team on the planet. I'm just going to simply provide you with my obligatory "I told you so".

I don't need to be a soccer expert. And I don't need to be FULL Spanish. I just need to be proud enough of my heritage and knowledgeable enough about the team to know that they were destined to be WORLD MUTHAFUGGIN' CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I saw that clip of your dad talking about Spain's chances this year. He was right man!!

I have to admit, I doubted, I thought the Netherlands would take it. Congrats man.

Dan-e-o said...

Much appreciated. Truthfully.

I am genuinely interested in seeing who will come through with a humble apology/you were right/congrats and who will stubbornly keep the can't-be-backed-up shit talk coming.

All of the experts agree. Spain was the best team in the tournament. They are the best team in the world. I no longer have to keep saying it. It has been proven.

Party done!!!

Anonymous said...

The match stunk, the 3rd place match was much better, nothing wrong with the goal at all, the whole tournament was lousy, bad officials, naff playing, what a crap world cup this was!

johan from Döbern Germany said...

That was the most boring World Cup final ever. The Dutch SHOULD HAVE won it early on two great chances from their best striker, all credit to Spanish keeper.

There was clearly a bias though from the officials. The bookings on the dutch were stupid. They affected the style of play. The red that was very suspect led to the Dutch being down a man, which really shouldn't have mattered anyway because they are good enough to cover up down one.

I think Germany is still the better team because the unfair bookings changed that game and forced the Germans to play on their heels.

I have been a listener since the first time you guys had Joe E Legend on the show with a road story and i have never left a comment or emailed until now.

I don't want to hear Dan-e-o screaming about how Spain is better because they beat Germany. Switzerland beat Spain and nobody is going to say that Spain wouldn't have beaten them in a rematch.

By the way, Portugal is still on the field wondering why nobody called the offside.


Anonymous said...

is there any spanish person here can tell me how come spain players never sing their national antheme?

Mikel said...

Congrats. Spain still has the highest unemployment rate off any non 3rd world country on earth.

So can we get back to MMA and Wrestling this week on the show? I'm so tired of hearing two canucks that don't understand football prattle on.

Dan-e-o said...

If the refs had a bias for Spain, then why wasn't Nigel de Jong red carded for fully dropkicking Xavi Alonso square in the chest?? That was nuts.

And how many times does Spain have to beat Germany to be the "better" team? Say what you want, Germany was dominated in that match. They couldn't get the ball off Spain for most of the game!

Also, maybe the team doesn't sing the anthem cuz they just like me...they don't know it! (Really, I didn't notice, I have no clue.)

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks the Spain goal vs Portugal was offside is an idiot. Watch it on youtube.

Germany was indeed dominated by Spain. The Germans couldn't even get control of the ball. We beat them in the Euro and we beat them last week. Suck it up Helmut. (yes you can call me Jose if you wish)

And what the fuck does singing the anthem have to do with anything. Country pride is shown when they bring the cups home.


the real john smith said...

de Jong's kick was a yellow card and called brilliantly as he was making a go at the ball. I have seen many similar plays called yellow or not called at all. Often in a close game as time is winding or if the side is down a spot, the referees will issue a red there but it is the wrong call. The laws in football are clear when it comes to that play and people take the spikes up on tackle to translate everywhere. Under that thinking the bicycle kick would be banned.

And to Dan-e-o's comment about Germany not being able to get the ball. Spain did what Spain does. They play a horribly boring style and stay within a very narrow shape and play keep away.

I'm shocked that a team completely devoid of offensive width was able to win the World Cup. They had the narrowest attacking shape ever, but their mids and their keeper bailed them.

My rooting interest was with England, and as a football fan and official here in liverpool for 25 years, this was the worst case of officiating i have ever come across. The entire tournament was aggro.

Spain didn't dominante any game the way the Germans did.

If England had a decent keeper they would have been an excellent match up for Spain, but we haven't developed a keeper in so long. Bollocks.

With all due respect Dan-e-o you show a lotta bottle and lack of class that is contrary to the spirit of the game and i find it rather beastly.

Your team won. Belt up and enjoy.

the real john smith said...

That goal was offside Mike. It's pretty self evident.

Anonymous said...

Hey Real John Smith: There is a link on the right of showing the goal against portugal. pause it at 6 seconds. The ball has already been played and Villa is still onside. If I was computer savvy, I would take a still pic from the video and post it, but unfortunately I can't.


Valter Lima said...

I'm looking forward for next Euro competition for Dan-e-o to reminds us again that he is half-spanish.

Dan-e-o said...

If standing up for your team and defending yourself is considered "beastly" in England, then I'll take it as a compliment.

Too many people LOVE to dish it out, but can't fuckin' take it when they are shown up.

Everything I've ever said on or off air about Spain and their chances to win the cup have been IN RESPONSE TO muthafuggaz talkin' shit on the team.

I got my O Show partner telling me on a weekly basis that Spain has ONE player! Now, that they've won the cup, am I supposed to NOT remind him and all of you what a ridiculous statement that is?

I deserve to gloat as much as I'd like about this victory. Because I don't talk about soccer until the these tournaments are played doesn't mean I'm not a real fan.

The people who egg me on, however, only encourage me to gloat that much more. Sorry all your teams didn't make it.

Like I said, I told you this would happen.

Tiago said...

Congrats Dan-e-o. The best team won...just like i told you when they beat portugal...if you passed germany/argentina, spain was champion for sure.

steve urkel said...

They dont sing the anthem because the anthem has no lyrics, well at least no official lyrics.

"Although Spain’s national anthem as we know it today has no words, that doesn’t mean people haven’t tried to give it words over the years! In fact, there are a few versions of lyrics which have been written for the music – leaders of the country during these times tried to make the lyrics stick, but they were never made official. The last time was when Franco had right-wing poet and novelist Jose Maria Peman write a lyric to go with “La Marcha Real,” but when Franco’s dictatorship was overthrown those lyrics were thrown out with him. Since 1978, the national anthem of Spain has been played once again without any words."

BigDaddy said...

Why are people congratulating Dan?
Did he win?

Nobody congratulated me with the Jays won back to back World Series ... and i was there ....