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Tha Raw Report: Good Idea, Bad Idea

The anonymous GM shtick was cool. Now however they've screwed it up. Good idea: Having Michael Cole get the heat for the rulings. Bad idea: Teasing it as one of the biggest stars in the history of the business. Good idea: Associating "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with your product though he is retired. Bad idea: Having "Stone Cold" Steve Austin be heavily involved in the TV PG era.

If it is Austin ratings may spike, but won't hold since Austin can't be Austin. If it isn't Austin the E has pissed off a lot of fans. I've been cycling through former Austin rivals that could be named to gain heat for ripping off Austin. I'm drawing a blank.

Onto the rest of the show. Good idea: The duel Money in the Banks. I don't see it being a yearly thing, since WrestleMania is the place where Money in the Bank belongs. Bad Idea: Having a former WWE/World Champion going over. Now is the time to get the fresh faces/never pushed guys over.

The options are great. Bourne seems to be ready for that level, John Morrison has been ready for quite some time. Ted DiBiase simply has it. The Miz simply has it, and the ability to irritate the hell out of everyone watching the show. Two viable face options, one very viable heel option, and Ted DiBiase, who can go either way, but is a good heel.

The Matt Hardy/Christian segment on "SmackDown" was great, and one of those guys could easily carry the ball. Both have been over for years, but don't have the appropriate number of "fans" backstage. Kofi seems to have the inside track since he's the face of the Pay-per-view.

Good idea: The Nexus storyline. Whether or not everyone likes it, it has people talking. It's another one of those things that have casual fans talking, especially with Steamboat's hospital stay. If they don't know he's legit sick I'm not telling them. Let them watch and enjoy themselves.

Bad idea: Not having Arn Anderson, Michael Hayes and Malenko get revenge. While I know they can't exactly work a match, at least Arn can't, they can do something to cost the Nexus guys something. I'd O for a Texas Cloverleaf and a DDT from Hayes. Something tells me the Enforcer has a spinebuster left in him as well.

Good idea: Randy Orton being Randy Orton. I've been an Orton mark for quite some time, and as I've said before he could be Austin-level, not as a true draw, but with the reaction he's already getting. He's the cool heel. Vince's favorite, a gray area tweener. Let it keep rolling. For the love on God he dropped Bourne with an RKO but they fans didn't want to boo.

Bad Idea: Having him fight already established heels. This is 2010, we have seen the same guys for quite some time with very little change. Have the established heels fight up and coming faces and established faces with the up and coming heels. Run a "trying to make my name" storyline.

John Cena and Wade Barrett is fine. Cena is an over face, Barrett is a new heel, who we aren't incredibly sure if he's over alone yet. Cena will get him there if he has it in him. I think he does, the rest of the world may still be undecided. Plus it opens the WWE Championship for guys who haven't held it nine to twelve times.

Good idea: Having Alicia Fox on television, she's hot, plain and simple. Good idea: Having a Diva's Championship match between girls who can work. That belt needs some help, and they're slowly but surely helping it. Good Idea: Having a true heel style win for the heel champion.

Bad Idea: Having Jerry Lawler continue to be Mr. Puppies. Put over the damn action. We know how hot they are, we have eyes. Call the match, not the measurements of the girls. It's TV-PG now, so allow or make Lawler act like it.

Bad damn idea: Having John Cena beat the hell out of a Nexus rookie by pulling no punches and being brutal as hell. This is TV-PG and we don't do shit like that. Daniel Bryan choked a guy with a tie, Bryan Danielson makes fun of it on indy shows. John Cena threw a set of "steel" steps into a dudes head and tried to "rip him apart" with the STF. Cena can apparently get away with anything.

I was also unclear, did Cole say Cena will face all seven next week? He said this week, so I'm guessing it will be next week. Cena just took one out, so it'll be six on one, or will Cena sneak attack them all to get it down to just he and Barrett? A small observation I made is that they're trying to get Cena to be an Orton type. Have him be the face who does heel shit to the Nexus guys.

Quick Results...
*Ted DiBiase def. John Morrison
*Marella & Kozlov def. Regal and Khali
*Miz and R-Truth ends in no-contest
*Orton & Bourne def. Jericho & Edge
*Alicia Fox retains Diva's championship by def. Eve

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Anonymous said...

Really Cena getting revenge is a bad idea? huh?

Youre way to concerned on this pg stuff, we know its not as out here as it used to be, but just because its pg doesnt mean it would suck. So far this Nexus angle has been good especially tonight.

Some of your ideas suck badly. Having the legends get revenge, whos going to buy that?

Have you watched NXT? Barrett is already credible as a heel on his own.

These reviews arent Oshow like at all, it reminds of other websites and it sucks.

Christopher Casúr said...

"Good Idea, Bad Idea"? Have you been working so many damn hours that you've forgotten that you write for Tha O Show and not for Animaniacs? What's more, no love for Santino Marella? Fuck you.

With R-Truth being out of the Money In The Bank match, I'm hoping they can find a more compelling replacement. I like R-Truth, but they'll never put the big belt on a guy who can't enter one of the two main countries they hold shows in, which sucks all the believability out of him winning the match.

Huge O for The Miz rapping again. Pack it in, Horse Tooth Killa. Sir Mixalot getting his career snuffed out by Dr. Dre thinks you just got served.

Huge "no" for not mixing up the matches with Money In The Bank competitors at all. You have eight workers, that gives you multiple options for how to pair them up for one-on-one matches, why do you have to make all of the matches based on the feuds that were already happening, and consequently, give us the same matches we've already seen several times in recent weeks?

Christopher Casúr said...

You can't really compare Cena's beatdown last night with the Danielson incident. Nexus has brutally beat down Cena, Steamboat, and McMahon and have gotten away with it, so it's not a Cena thing.

WWE had a clear rule in effect that said no choking someone with anything, period. This is not a conspiracy of any sort. Plain and simple, Danielson violated that rule, Cena (and the rest of Nexus) did not.

Anonymous said...

John Cena as the leader of Nexus...any takers?

BigDaddy said...

I have no issue whatsoever with the WWE fucking with the fans on who the GM is.

I fully expect next week the GM will make an announcement and cap it with "If you smell what the GM is cookin".

Keep that shit going ... all it will do, is elevate Michael Cole into a VKM level heel when he is finally unveiled as the puppet master.

Christopher Casúr said...

I had a similar thought last night, Donnie. Keep the teases going for several weeks (The Rock, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, and any other legend whom they haven't disowned because they went to TNA). The only difference is that instead of Michael Cole, who's already got a role on the program, I'd take another talentless roster member who can't be entertaining on his own merits, and I'd make Abraham Washington the GM.

Dante Ross said...

Seems like a great time to bring Estrada back if you ask me. I loved him as GM.

Christopher Casúr said...

Estrada as GM would be another good choice, until the part where he steals Rico Montana's heat entirely by starting all of his promos with "Todo escuchenme."

Dante Ross said...

That new dude stole Rico's gimmick. I saw his new promo and I was like "Future endeav'd in a month." That promo was just shit. At least Rico looks like he could hurt you.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Raw this week. Was it a "10"?? No but maybe a "7" or "8".

The Nexxus angle is the hotetst thing goin. And there headed twards a logical payoff. Question is where do they go from there. The only real continuation is Cena/Barrett. Ther has to be someone else getting onvolved soon instead of just the "rest of the Raw locker room". Also enjoyed Ortons "Me and Cena will never be friends". Again, logical.

Fully agree with the "mixing up the MITB" guys. The RKO/Bourne vs. Edge/Y2J match was predicatable from the opening bell. Orton did a fantastic job of selling the "I dont want to RKO you but I have to" with his facial expressions and body language. The face turn could end up being the best thing to happen to his career as hes nearing "Austin" level.

Speaking quams with the tease of Austin. I like some others truly believe they dont knwo who it is yet(or is it Austin???) why not keep the fans into what was going to be a sinking story line(whats with the lights blinkikng now with the sound as well??)


LOVE Myrese as Teds vallet. I think the Vallet is a lost art form. Ms. Elizabeth, Sherri, Saphire, etc etc etc all served purposes and Myrese does as well. I think this could evolve into a romantic relationship(on screan) but for now shes perfect. The gold digger whos with the millionaire. Smart move not having her come out in her gear. And they can still use her in the ring as long as its later in the shower and DiBiase doenst acompany her.

The final segment was again, predictable. Although I didnt see Cena beating down just one guy(figured it would be another brawl) but obviously they werent shaking hands.

Overall, although Raw was prety predictable, it still managed to keep my interest and if they can continue to do that there doin something right.


Skitlez said...

My god, WWE writers are actually making sense. Continuity exist! I have a bad feeling the whole payoff of the the GM angle will be something dumb though, like Hornswoggle. I just don't trust creative enough not to fuck it up. So far so good.

Also count me as a member of the "They have no idea who the GM is" camp. If they had someone they would have already revealed it. I
like them fucking with the Universe though.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same about teasing different guys still in good grace with WWE. Hell, maybe even some teases with others BROTHER...

Maybe next week the 1st email will read: Finally the GM has come back to Chicago.

I have narrowed my GM pick down to 3 guys:

1. Good Ole JR who can be anti Vince for keeping him off the air.

2. Shane O'Mac or Stephanie trying to take over from Daddy

3. JBL. Just to get him back on the mic.

Jon Bones Jones