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Killa Kev's UFC 116 Recap

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT: "the Silverback" Seth Petruzelli (14-5-0, 205 lbs.) vs. Ricardo Romero (10-1-0, 206 lbs.)

"Ladies and gentlemen, WE ARE LIVE!" declares the legendary Bruce Buffer as we open up our first fight, featuring the man who virtually killed EliteXC making his return to UFC, Seth Petruzelli, against the debuting Ricardo Romero, Steve Mazzagatti is our referee.

Round One opens with Petruzelli throwing a low leg kick that barely connects, Ricardo rushes in, Petruzelli keeps him at bay. Both men trading short jabs for the first 30 seconds. Petruzelli throws a leg kick, Romerco catches the leg and tries to drive him to a takedown, Petruzelli sprawls and stuffs it. Petruzelli gets Romero on the cage and tees off heavily, 4:00 left. Romero eats it, recovers, spins Petruzelli around and drives him across the cage to put him on the fence, and Petruzelli breaks off his attack. Petruzelli drives forwards with big punches, throws a right leg kick high to the head, he slips and falls but Ricardo looks hurt. Petruzelli gets to his feet, tries a judo hip throw, loses it and Romero nearly gets him in the mount, 3:00 left. Romero moves in with punches, tries to grapple, Petruzelli with big rights and a spinning back kick, Romero evades it and takes Petruzeli's back, 2:40 left. Romero tries for a Peruvian Neck Tie, Petruzelli slips out, Romero ends up on his back and Petruzelli dives into his guard to throw punches. Romero looking for a Triangle Choke, Petruzelli stands up and drops bombs from the top! Romero with a single-leg flips Petruzelli over and goes into halfguard, 1:45 left. Romero is able to swing a leg over and get full mount on Petruzelli, trying for an Americana, 1:16 left. Petruzelli turtles up, Romero takes his back, flips him back over, 35 seconds left, Romero tries for the Americana again, tries for an armbar, Petruzelli flips him over, BIG UPPERCUT, 20 seconds left, PETRUZELLI IS BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF ROMERO WITH DOUBLE AXEHANDLE SMASHES TO THE BACK! But Romero survives, pulls Petruzelli down, takes his back and attempts for a choke until we get a horn! Petruzelli looks gassed s he tried to finish this fight early, didn't quite work. I'm giving it 10-9 Romero.

Round Two, Romero is trying to push the action, but he's breathing from his mouth, is swollen. Petruzelli throws a big knee followed by a head kick, but Romero eats it and gets back to his feet, but at 4:27 he wobbles back to the fence, he's limping. Romero fights off Petruzelli, and Petruzelli takes him down after a shoot, takes his back and tries for an armbar, 3:55 left. Petruzelli flattens the arm out and has a full-extension, belly-down. Ricardo's face is bleeding A LOT. Romero gets him flipped over and is inside Petruzelli's guard, throwing body shots but he's dripping blood all over Petruzelli, 3:15 left. Romero throwing forearms, up on his toes, drops back down into the guard. Petruzelli throws elbows to the top of the head, mostly blocked. Romero sits up, Petruzelli leans up for punches, tries for a Triangle, Romero slips out, no doubt to the blood. Romero goes north/south, pins down an arm, 2:20 left, Romero is looking for an Mericana, has a Mounted Crucifix. ROmero stretches out the arm AND PETRUZELLI SCREAMS AND TAPS! We watch the replay from overhead, Romer pulls the right arm, overextends it. OUCH. Petruzelli thinks the arm may be broke. Romero is in the corner getting cleaned up.

WINNER: Ricardo Romer d. Seth Petruzelli @ 3:05 of Round Two by Submission (Armbar)

Earlier in the day Joe Rogan interviewed Shane Carwin, noted that Carwin was uncharacteristically calm for a fighter. Carwin says that he's completely relaxed and focused. Rogan notes that Carwin's "nice guy" persona completely contrasts with Lesnar's "WWE heel persona". Carwin noted that how Lesnar carries himself is his business, but that's not how Carwin like to do it, Carwin respects everybody and has no reason to act like that.

We take a commercial break, come back and Roegan interview's Brock Lesnar. First question is about Lesnar's health, Lesnar says that he feels great, feels like he's gotten a second chance. Rogan says that Carwin is his first significant test, asks for his opinion. Lesnar says that every opponent has been the toughest fight of his career, but that he will leave the champion again tonight. Lesnar is asked about the extra guys he's brought in to train, Lesnar comments that it's part of his evolution as a fighter, he's continuing to learn and train.

HEAVYWEIGHT: "the Crowbar" Chris Tuchscherer (18-2-0, 1NC, 255 lbs.) vs. Brendan "the Hybrid" Schaub (6-1-0, 239 lbs.)

The interesting undercard "main event", Tuchscherer is the training partner of Brock Lesnar, Schaub the training partner of Shane Carwin. Schaub actually comes into this fight as the odds favorite, with a 3-inch reach advantage. Herb Dean is the referee in charge. We open up with both men beign very cautious, feeling each other out. Schaub appears to have pushed Tuchscherer to the fence, Tuchscherer throws a low leg kick, Schaub responds with a solid right that connects. Schaub throws a big overhand right, Tuchscherer goes down, 4:00 left, Schaub moves in and finishes off Tuchscherer with a flurry of punches, Herb Dean moves in it's all over! We throw the replay, overhand right connects with the temple, Schaub moves in, Tuchscherer tries to hang on to a leg but he's nto defending the beating to his face he took. Schaub steps off of him, Tuchscherer sits up and wobbles backwards.

WINNER: Brendan Schaub d. Chris Tuchsherer @ 1:07 of Round One by TKO (Punches).

We move immediately to a preliminary fight, not wasting time on an interview.

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Gerald "Hurricane" Harris (15-2-0, 185 lbs.) vs. Dave Branch (6-0-0, 185 lbs.)

Round One opens up with not a lot of action in the first two minutes, Branch starts throwing a few head kicks, but Harris responds with a jab, stays low, looking to shoot. Harris moves in and throws a few strieks, Branch evades them easily. Harris stays low and moves in with overhand strikes, connects a little. Branch jabs back and starts bobbign and weaving a little, throws a leg kick, Harris unlads with punches, Branch stumbles backwards but recovers. 2:00 left, Branch throws a right, Harris blocks. Harris is keeping low, reaches out a right arm to feel his distance, Branch sticks his left out to counter, Harris rushes in and gets Branch in the clinch on the cage, trying for a single-leg takedown, Branch is blocking it and trying to control Harris' right arm. 45 seconds left, Branch is trying to escape, Harris keeps him planted right on the cage. Branchy throws an elbow to the shoulder blades, punches to the ribs. Harris is able to pick up Branch and throw him down into the guard. Branch tries for a Triangle, Harris pulls himself out as the horn sounds.

Round Two, Branch actually tries for a takedown, Harris evades, Branch follows with a head kick that is blocked. Harris again getting really low, Branch moves in with punches, Harris is able to side-step it all. Branch throws a kick to the face, doesn't really connect, Harris rushes in, Branch falls backwards into his guard and pulls Harris in. Branch is trying to pull him into a triangle, Harris is able to pull out of it, but Branch puts his arms around Harris' hed and pulls him back down, 3:15 left. Harris decides to start teeing off and catching Branch right int eh face if he leaves himself open, Branch pulls clinch to stop him from throwing punches. Harris is still fighting, Branch eventually decides to get to his feet, Harris makes him pay witha knee tot he head, pushes him against the cage, 2:25 left. Branch is trying to underhook, throws a knee to the body and is able to spin Harris around, throws inside knees to the legs, 2:00 left. Branch throwing more inside knees, then to the body, bakc to the knees. His corner is telling him to leave room between them to throw an elbow. Harris is working hard, turns it around, piccks up a leg over his shoulder and drops Branch to his back, inside full guard. Branch has to pull him in to stop his advancement, 1:15 left. Branch trying to throw a leg over Harris' shoulder, Harris pulls out, and blocks any upkick attempts. Harris gets to his feet, Brnach gets up and eats a big left, 45 seconds left. Harris is keeping low, looks ready to strike again. Branch advances with left and right combo punches, Harris just backs up and avoids them. Harris leans in and throws a right that connects, 10 seconds left, and we just stand off until the end of the round.

Sofar I'd score this 10-9, 10-9 for Harris. Branch's corner tells him he needs to finish this, don't let him get the inside leg kicks anymore. Harri's corner tells him to put Branch on the cage, always keep his posture.

Third and Final Round, Harris with the low stance, Branche advances with punches, connects witha good head kick, but Harris shoots for a single leg and takes Branch down, Branch is able to slap on a triangle choke, Harris picks him up and slams him to the mat! Harris sits inside Branche's guard and eats a right to the head from Branch on teh ground. Harris doesn't looked dazed, he's fighting to free himself, Branch scrambles to his feet, Harris catches him with a left. Branch shoots, puts Harris on the cage, 3:50 left. Branch throws inside knees. Joe Rogan notes that Branch is holding the fence but isn't getting called on it, and the fans are booing. Herb Dean finally sees it and stops the action, Dean backs off and Branch is holding the cage again! Dean stops them again and puts them back in the middle, 2:55 left. Branch with a knee and a right to Harri's head, goes into the clinch, Harris spins him around, puts Branch on the cage, tries for a takedown, 2:40 left. Branch trying for a Guillotone, he leaps up and wraps his legs around Harris' body trying for a choke, full guard, Harris just spins him around ... SLAM! KNOCKOUT!

WINNER: Gerald Harris d. Dave Branch @ 2:35 of Round Three by Knockout (Slam). HOLY SHIT, that was VISCOUS! Branch has no idea where he's at, his clock just got cleaned! That's it for the live action on Spike TV, we're flipping over to PPV now!


We open the show with everybody getting in their last jabs. Chris Leben says he's going to earn his "Knockout of the Night" bonus. Akiyama says he knows Leben's game plan. Leben says he'll send Akiyama back to Japan with his tail between his legs. Lesnar says that he's the real and legitimate champion and will defeat Carwin. Carwin politely disagrees. "TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! BROCK IS BACK!" shouts Mike Goldberg as we go back to the MGM Grand Arena LIVE!

LIGHTWEIGHT: George Sotiropoulos (12-2-0, 156 lbs.) vs. Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino (21-4-0, 155 lbs.)

Bruce Buffer again announces, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WE ARE LIVE!" as we open this first fight against two of the rising stars of the Lightweight division. Referee in charge is Josh Rosenthal. Sotiropoulos takes the middle of the ring, Pellegrino throws a kick, Sotiropoulos counters with jabs, throws a right, misses, Pellegrino counters with a leg kick but Sotiropoulos pushes him to the cage with jabs. Sotiropoulos throws more jabs back in the middle of the ring and connects several times. Sotiropoulos throwing more strikes, nothing is really connecting but loads up and catches Pellegrino with a left, down to the mat, Sotiropoulos throws punches, spins him around, takes his back, tries for a choke, Pellegrino is trying to turtle up, gets to his feet and is able to escape. Pellegrino throws a right that catches Sotiropoulos, but doesn't even stagger him. Sotiropoulos with a right hook, 2:45 left, both men bouncing around still, ducking and lots of footwork. Sotiropoulos starts to make Pellegrino move around the cage, throws a left hook, Pellegrino tries to counter with a right, doesn't catch. Sotiropoulos tries to shoot, Pellegrino stuffs it we're back on our feet, 2:00 left. Fans chanting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" for Pellegrino, Sotiropoulos is from Australia. Both men throwing jabs, nothing really connecting. 1:30 both men start throwing punch combinations, Sotiropoulos tries to clinch and throw a knee, Pellegrino pullsout. Pellegrino throws lefts and rights, gets blocked. Sotiropoulos with a left jab that connects, 1:00 left. Sotiropoulos with a left hook again, Pellegrino shoots and gets a takedown, 0:49, Sotiropoulos pulls him in and traps an arm, has a triangle over the head, throwing lebows. 30 seconds left, Pellegrino pulls out, dives in with a right, gets half guard, 15 seconds left, Sotiropoulos pulling in his guard, 10 seconds, Pellegrino throwsing body shots, Sotiropoulos with elbows to the head, horn sounds on a greta first round, I'd give it to Sotiropoulos 10-9. We replay and see Pellegrino taking big punches several times. Pellegrino's corner is telling him that he's staying too high, he needs to mix up his moveset more.

Round Two starts, Sotiropoulos moves in for some shots, Pellegrino hits a left hook inside. Pellegrino thorws a overhand right, Sotiropoulos ducks it, snatches Pellegrino's right leg, PEllegrino hops around, hits a fe wpunches to the face, but Sotiropoulos gets the takedown at 4:17, moves into half-guard and is working for side control. Pellegrino turns his hips, gets full guard back, throws elbows to the head and Sotiropoulos covers his head. Sotiropoulos trying to tand up, but he's staying covered up to avoid elbows. Sotiropoulos scrambles and tries to advance, gets half guard back, 3:30 left. Sotiropoulos throws his hips, gets full mount, Pellegrino catches the ankle, traps it, and puts him back into half guard, 3:05 left. Sotiropoulos is throws elbows and punches to the head, stretches Pellegrino out a big and trying to pull his leg free. Not accomplishing that, it's straight lefts to the face, followed by big elbows to the side of the head, and has Pellegrino cradled up. Pellegrino scrambles for an escape, Sotiropoulos is right on him, 2:20, has a single leg takedown that puts Pellegrino on the cage and on his ass. Sotiropoulos pulls him out and gets side control, Pellegrino rolls to his side, Sotiropoulos trying for the back, 1:50 left. Sotiropoulos has spun around, is on the backside, Pellegrino uses the cage to get to his feet without giving up his back. Sotiropoulos throws a knee to the head, Pellegrino is trying to block him, 1:30 left. Sotiropoulos is able to pull Pellegrino out, tries for the back, side waistlock, goes for a slam, Pellegrino blocks it, lands on his feet, 1:00 left. Sotiropoulos again on the backside, waistlock, has Pellegrino pushed against hte cage. Referee warns them to advance their positions. Pellegrino tries to move to escape, Sotiropoulos has his backside, throws a knee, slips, Pellegrino escapes, 25 seconds left. Sotiropoulos with a left hook, right headkick, Pellegrino throws a right knee that connects, Sotiropoulos connects witha counter left, we close out the round! Definitely 10-9 for Sotiropoulos. Pellegrino's corner makes it clear: "You've got to take him out!" Sotiropoulos's corner tells him that Pellegrino can't stand with him and bang.

Third and Final Round, Pellegrino looks to open up early, Sotiropoulos stays low and tight, lots of head movement, throws a few jabs. Both men getting in tight to throw punches, both men connecting with good jabs. Sotiropoulos starts to open up with the punches a litlte more, starts moving the action around the ring, Pellegrino eats a left jab to the face and is bleeding from the nose. Another left, another left, a right, a left, Pellegrino is eating them in the face right now, 3:30 left. Sotiropoulos's corner tells him that Pellegrino is hurt, he tries to rush, Pellegrino with a single leg and a takedown, inside the guard and Pellegrino is trying to swing for the fences, Sotiropoulos clinches and throws elbows from the bottom. 2:45 left, Pellegrino throwing body shots, forearms to the face, Sotiropoulos has to try to pull him tight, works his hips, trying to throw his legs over the shoulder, Pellegrino is keeping him in place, trying to posture up 2:15 left. Pellegrino gets on his toes, Sotiropoulos tries to get his feet between them to flip him off, Pellegrino back inside the guard, 2:00 left. Pellegrino throwing a good solid elbow, and body shots, but Sotiropoulos is able to get Rubber Guard, 1:30 left. Pellegrino is trying to pull out, but he looks locked in tight, the left arm is tight. 1:!0 Sotiropoulos is keeping him there, Pellegrino gets to his feet, picks up Sotiropoulos a little and slams him on his head, breaks the hold, Pellegrino is able to escape! We're back to stand-up, 50 seconds, Sotiropoulos starts trying to tee off, Pellegrino backs up, Sotiropoulos pushes Pellegrino to the cage, clinches, both men throwing knees to the midsection, 30 seconds left. Both corners telling them to finish it now, but I don't htink it's going to happen, both men throwing inside leg kicks , Pellegrino 10 second left, THROWS A BIG KNEE AND A RIGHT SOTIROPOULOS GOES DOWN! Pellegrino dives in, throws more punches, Sotiropoulos rolls over gives up his back but we get the horn the fight is over, we're going to the judges! Wow, I think this went to Sotiropoulos as well but this could have gone to Pellegrino, and if he got an earlier round, it could be close!

WINNER: 30-27 30-27 29-28 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, GEORGE SOTIROPOULOS! Good fight and a fair decision IMO.

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT: "American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar (14-7-0, 205 lbs.) vs. "the Polish Experiment" Krzystof Soszynski (20-10-1, 205 lbs.)

These two are going to hook it up again, both are looking cut and ready for action! Mario Yamasaki is the referee in charge. Soszynski comes out swinging, and Bonnar beats him back and pushes him towards the cage. Soszynski snaps off a leg kick, and a second, Bonnar gives him one to think about of his own. Soszynski circling away, eats a jab from Bonnar. Soszynski throws a leg kick, Bonnar catches it and takes Soszynski down, 4:10 left in the round. Bonnar has Soszynski pushed up against the cage, Soszynski's toes hooking the fence. Bonnar is grinding into his head, Soszynski manages to reach under, grabs an arm, rolls under, Bonnar pulls off, Soszynski puts him on the cage, 3:20 left. Bonnar's busted up under his left eye, maybe over I can't quite tell but you can see it streaming down his face. Soszynski walks Bonnar out away from teh cage, Bonnar spins him around, tries to drop for a single leg takedown, abandons it, Bonnar throws elbows, knee to the head, more elbows, Soszynski escapes and checks BOnnar with a kick, 2:20 left. Bonnar throws a body kick, mostly blocked, Soszynski counters with a low leg kick and a right jab, Bonnar htrows a jab, Soszynski throws a jab, 2:00 left. Bonnar tries for a spinning back kick, gets blocked, Soszynski spins him around, tries to take his bak, spins Soszynski back around and pushes Bonnar around the cage, advancing with punches. Soszynski with a clinch, Bonnar puts his back on the cage, throws elbows and tees off with lefts and rights, Soszynski escapes, 1:10 left, Bonnar with a big body kick, Soszynski counters with a big right, Bonnar pushes him up on the cage, Soszynski spins him around and clinches, 55 seconds left. Bonnar looking for a takedown, gets stopped, headlock, Bonnar pulls out and gets punished with a right, a second, Soszynski with a thrid, puts Bonnar on the fence is teeing off, Bonnar counter-punching, Soszynski tries to pull bakc, Bonnar advances, grabs him and puts him on the cage, 10 seconds, Bonnar throwing inside knees, high kick that glances, front thrust kick to the body and we get the horn! Wow Bonnar is busted up, cuts under both eyes it looks like he's crying tears of blood here! I'll give that 10-9 to Bonnar.

Round Two, Bonnar opens up with a double right jab, Soszynski punches right back and both men are swinging, running, swinging, Soszynski puts BOnnar on the cage, tees off, double underhoosk the arms, Bonnar spins him around on the cage, Soszynski throws punches inside, Bonnar tees off, knees, more punches, 4:16, Soszynski ducks a punch, escapes, spins around and puts Bonnar on the fence! 4:00 left, Soszynski trying to get wrist control on Bonnar. Bonnar escapes, he's back to teeing off again, big high head kick, backs off as Soszynski tries to counter, 3:30 left. Bonnar with a pair of left, a low kick a knee to the body Soszynski no sells it, drops and tries to shoot the single leg, Bonnar spins him around, drops down, tries to pick up Soszynski and takes him down into side control, 3:05 left! Bonnar has Soszynski's left arm and right leg hooked, Bonnar slips his arms under Soszynski's as he hooks the leg, Soszynski gets to his feet, Bonnar pushes him on the cage, knees to the legs, big knee to the head, Soszynski falls down, Bonnar on his back, cross-face punches, Soszynski trying to crawl away! Bonnar takes his back, puts in more punches, Soszynski covering his head, not defending, getting warned, 2:00 left, Bonnar teeing off AND IT IS ALL OVER!!!

WINNER: Stephan Bonnar d. Krzystof Soszynski @ 3:09 of Round Two by TKO (strikes). In the end, I dont' think those punches were doing any damage, on the replay we see that BOnnar got that knee RIGHT on the button and it crumped Soszynski, he neve rrecovered. Bonnar says, "I've spilled pints and pints of blood over the years, but I do it because I love you guys! I know I'm sick in the head and I need help, but I love you guys!"

WELTERWEIGHT: Chris "Lights Out" Lytle (38-17-4, 170 lbs.) vs. Matt "the Immortal" Brown (13-8-0, 171 lbs.)

The battle of the Midwest, Brown fights out of Cincinnati, OH and Lytle fights out of Indianapolis, IN. Steve Mazzagatti is our referee in charge for this fight as he shouts, "BRING IT ON, C'MON!" Brown fires off with a few kicks, Lytle catches a leg, Lytle throws a overhand right and just barely misses. Brown clinches and Lytle drives him into the cage, Brown throws a knee and Lytle exists. Brown pushes in and throws punches, Lytle blocks, underhooks an arm as Brown pushes Lytle to the cage, 4:05 left as Brown tries to trip Lytle, Lytle back up to his feet immediately and has Born on the cage. Brown tries to spin him around and throw a knee, Lytle blocks it and puts him back on the cage, 3:30 left. We stagger out into the cage a little, Brown throws a high head kick to get some seperation, follows up with a knee and a clinch, pulls Lytle to the cage, has an arm underhooked. Lytle throws a few body shots, Brown tries to control his wrist, 2:50 left. Brown wraps his arms around the body and gets a takedown, falsl into Lytle's guard. Lytle is trying for an Ulmaplata, Brown puls out avoids and upkick, and moves right in to a D'Arce Choke, Lytle on his hands and knees. Lytle is spinning around trying to escape it, 2:00 left. Brown has his feet on the cable, tries to lock it in. Lytle is fighting it, his head is turning purple, Lytle tries to throw a punch almost hits Brown in the balls, 1:30 left, Lytle is hanging in. Brown lets it go finally, Lytle gets to his feet and puts Brown on the cage! Lytle finally pops his head loose, exits and throws a right, Brown makes him pay with a head kick, body kick, Lytle with a left, Brown with a thrust kick, Brown's hands are down, Lytle tries for several big right hooks, Brown with a leg kick, a second, shoves Lytle back, Lytle counters with an overhand right htat misses, 38 seconds left, Lytle closes the distance, Brown ties him up, Lytle shoves him off, 25 seconds. Both men keep some distance, Lytle moves forwards, throws a pair of shots, Brown ducks them but eat s a body shot, throws a kick, Lytle falls down, pops up but Brown has him with a hedlock, Lytle hems up an arm, rolls him over into a Kimora attempt right as the horn sounds! This is a tough one to call, I may have to give that one to Brown 10-9 for the excellent choke-out attempt, albeit unsuccessful.

Round Two startts, Brown immediately throws a straight right, Lytle dodges it, Lytle with a body kick, Brown counter kicks, Lytle tries to scrap but pulls out. Brown looks like he's taunting Lytle a little, Lytle tees off, Brown ducks under most of it and throws a body shot that connects, 30 seconds gone. Both men clinch and throw body punches, pull apart, Brown with a left, Lytle with a left hook, right uppercut, Brown gets caught, Lytle locks in the head and tries fora choke, Brown falls to his back, Lytle has the choke on, 4:00 left. Lytle passes over and gets full mount keeping the headlock in. Lytle lets it go, 3:45, Lytle moves over into side control but then throws a leg ove the head to get a mounted triangle, 3:30! Lytle is looking to stretch out the right arm of Brown, has the armbar, 3:15. Ltyle has a mounted crucifix and a mounted triangle, 3:00 and Lytle cranks the arm out and Brown taps!

WINNER: Chrys Lytle d. Matt Brown @ 2:02 of Round Two by Submission (Armbar). A fantastic, albeit somewhat understated, performance with a strong win, both men fought hard here. Lytle thinks having both the mounted triangle and the mounted armbar gets him Submission of the Night! And apparently he has a grudge against Linda McMahon, because even though he's an Indiana resident he asks for fans in Connecticut to "do the right thing" and vote for her Republican opponent in the primary, Peter Schiff.

MIDDLEWEIGHT: Yoshihiro "Sexiyama" Akiyama (13-1-0, 2NC, 185 lbs.) vs. Chris "the Crippler" Leben (20-6-0, 186 lbs.)

As we ramp up to our main event we have a tough semi-main event, with Chris Leben having won just two weeks ago, stepping in to replace the injured Wanderlei Silva against Yoshihiro Akiyama. Akiyama didn't want to take the fight at first, but was convinced to do so. Although Akiyama is facing a gtought opponent, Akiyama has had a full year off where Leben is on two weeks. Herb Dean is the referee in charge, Leben comes out with a kick, Akiyama catches it and takes him down to the mat, LEben pops out of a mount attempt really quick and we're back tos tandup. Akiyama backs off and slows the pace, Leben comes in and throws a low leg kick, backs off, throws a second, Akiyama counters back witha kick, Leben tries to drive with punches, Akiyama avoids them, Leben with a kick to the leg, and an inside leg kick, Akiyama eating them. Akiyama throws a right, Leben counters with a left and a pair of leg kicks, Akiyama throws one of his own and kicks Leben right in the groin! LEben goes to a neutral corner to relax. Why does Herb Dean get all the nutcracker fights lately? Akiyama comes close and bows, apologizes, and we're back to fighting, both men trading leg kicks again. Akiyama tries for a spinning back fist, Leben ducks it, but gets take down with a old-fashioned jud toss by Akiyama, falls into Leben's guard, 3:00 left. LEben going for an armbar, then switches upf or a triangle, but abandons it and pulls full guard. Leben trying to throw his legs over the arms, gets a armbar, Akiyama pulls out, spins and gets on top of LEben, tries for a crucifix into an armbar, Leben is caught, 1:55 left. Akiyama has the legs around the head and the left arm, and into a mounted triangle. Leben pulls his arm out, pulls his hands together to block Akiyama from the armbar, and is able to escape, 1:25 left. Akiyama has half guard of Leben, Leben throwing body punches from teh bottom, Akiyama throwing punches to the head, is trying to find a pass, looking for an arm triangle as he trie sto slide hysi leg out, Leben keeping it locked in place to block it, 45 seconds in the round left. Akiyama trying to spin around, Leben is able to get ot his feet but Akiyama has a headlock on, puts Leben on the cage, Leben trying to fight for wrist control, loses it, is in the clinch, and is able to get Akiyama to break clean. 10 seconds left, Leben with a kick, Akiyama with a right, Leben throws a straight legft and a right, Akiyama drives him back towards the middle of the ring, gets a trip and lands in his side control as Round One ends, Very close, I'm tempted to give it to Akiyama 10-9.

Round Two shows both men pawing with jabs, Leben throws a right kick, switch kick to the left, slips, but gets to his feet and Leben throws a left, Akiyama with a right, Leben with a right. Leben's corner is saying that Akiyama is tired, and he does look like he's mouth breathing. Akiyama tries for a spinning bakc fist, connects, but Leben eats it and counters with a Superman punch that connects, Akiyama counters with a right that connects! CHINS OF STEEL here! Both ment hrow jabs that connect, 3:40 left. Leben with a knee, just misses with a left hook. Leben throws the lefts several more times, Akiyama is rocked, but Akiyama comes right back in and throws rights, they're teeing off, Akiyama gets knocked down, opps up and both men are wobbly! 3:00 left! Leben with a left a left, a left, Akiyama right, Leben pushes him to the cage and Akiyama clinches! Leben foots tomp, Akiyama with a judo sweep, Leben tries to roll through it and Akiyama rolls him to his back, inside his guard. Leben is bleeding from the nose, Akiyama leaning a forearm into his face and pushing him against the cage, Leben trying to get room to stand up. Leben throwing punches, Akiyama holding him down by the wrsits and trying to throw punches to the face, 2:00. Leben tries for a triangle, Akiyama powers out of it, pushes Leben back to the cage, 1:50 left. Leben throwing body shots and lebows to the back of the head. LEben trying to get to his feet, Akiyama teeing off with punches to his face, 1:35 left LEben is back up and getting pressed against the cage. Leben is able to land punches to the face, Akiyama ducks down for a double-leg takedown, Leben locks in a front choke, 1:00 left. Akiyama tries for a single leg takedown, has Leben on one foot, lets it go, Leben has a guillotine, Akiyama pulsl away and steps back. Leben walks right into a big right, Leben with a left, leg kick, Akiyama right, Leben with a left and a right, head kick, Akiyama with a left, Leben with a pair of lefts, Akiyama is wobbly, wobbles back to the cage, Leben drives in with punches, puts Akiyama on the cage, 10 seconds, Akiyama has a side headlock, they're slugging away at the face, Akiyama tries a throw, gets blocked and we get the horn! WOW, this is 10-9 Leben, very close but I think Leben got the better of it in the middle and closed the round stronger. Akiyama is wobbling back to his corner, almost falls off of his stool. LEben looks banged up but he stands up and holds his hands high! Akiyama is looking ugly in the face too, they come out and tap both gloves to open round three.

THIRD AND FINAL ROUND, both men swinging for the fences! Akiyama with a body kick, Leben throw spunches, right hook misses, Akiyama tries to shoot, Leben blocks it, body kick, Akiyama with a right, Leben with a right, Leben with a high head kick from the left, low leg kick to the inside, throws another outside leg kick, Akiyama blocks it and takes him down, 4:00 left, Akiyama inside the guard. Leben throws an elbow from the bottom, his corner tells hi tostand up. Akiyama actually throwing double punches to the head causing Rogan to say, "What, is this a movei?" Akiyama stands up, tries to slam in, Leben snags the right arm, throws the legs over the right shoulder and is trying for the armbar, 3:10. Akiyama pulls him up an stands him on the head, but Leben lets it go and falls back to the mat, Akiyama gets a half guard, tring for a side choke, 2:45 left. Akiyama goes for full mount, gets it, Leben tries to reverse, can't quite flip him over, but gets Akiyama back to half guard, 2:25 left. Fans are booing now, why? This is the best fight of the night! Akiyama wqorking out of the half guard and both men are trying to tee off with body and face punches, 2:00 left. Akiyama drops back into full guard and now Leben is throwing double punches to the head, both men swinging away! 1:30 left, Leben tries for Rubber Guard, gets blocked, goes back to full guard. Akiyama throwing punches to the head but Leben looks like he's doing more from the bottom, mixing it up with elbow and punches to the head. LEben looking to throw the legs over again, gets blocked, 50 seconds left. Leben looks to be trapped on teh ground, ets the arms over, triangle choke, 35 seconds left! Akiyama is trying to pull out Leben beating his brains in! 25 seconds AKIYAMA TAPS!!!! GO! TO! SLEEP! OUTSTANDING!!! Akiyama flops onto his back as Leben releases! Fans are going NUTS! Dana White is going nuts at ringside!

WINNER: Chris Leben d. Yoshihiro Akiyama @ 4:40 of Round Three by Submission (Triangle Choke). Leben gets in the camera and tells the world that he took the fight that Wanderlei Silva had to decline and won it. He calls out Silva and tells Dana White he wants to face Silva for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter! WOW! Akiyama can barely get his words out, I can't understand what he's saying.

UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: champion Brock Lesnar (4-1-0, 265 lbs.) vs. Shane Carwin (12-0-0, 265 lbs.)

Joe Roegan says that this is a "pick 'em" fight, and he's right. The UFC fan fighting has this down the middle, and the Las Vegas odds makers also have it a dead heat. Cain Velasquez is shown in the crowd, undefeated at 8-0 and will get the winner of this fight. Tonight's entrance is brought to you by Paul Heyman and E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub! Shane Carwin's entance is Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor", Brock Lesnar's is Metallica's "Enter Sandman". Josh Rosenthal is the referee in charge. Adelaide Byrd, Glenn Trowbridge and Tony Weeks are the judges at cageside for the biggest UFC heavyweight fight in history.

ROUND ONE: Both men with low stances, leading right hands, both throw a fake jab... Lesnar jabs... Carwin jabs... Lesnar double jab, Carwin clips him with a right, Lesnar rushes, gets a takedown, Carwin gets to his feet and throws a right as Lesnar escapes. Both men taking their time.. Carwin witha right, left, Lesnar is hurt, Carwin moves in, LEsnar throwws a iknee, Carwin blocks a takedown, big knee, Lesnar is running, falls down, Carwin moves in slugging away teeing off 3:35 left, Lesnar pushes him off! Carwin dives in throwing punches as hard and fast as he can, as I rpedicted! Lesnar is covered up not fighting back, 3:20 left, Lesnar is bleeding says Joe Rogan, Carwin backs off the pace a Lesnar grabs a wrist. Carwin stands up, throws a big lebow, tees off more, Lesnar covers up, but eating shots, LEsnar rolls to his side, 2:45 left. Carwin has to be careful to not gas out early. Carwin lays a forearm across Lesnar's face, Lesnar throws a few hammerfists to the face, 2:20 left. Carwin stands up, throws BIG elbows, cuts open Lesnar under the eye. Carwin tees off again, 2:00 left, Lexnar covered up, occasionally throwing a fist to counter, Lesnar kicks him off finally and gets room, 1:50. Carwin lets him have room to get up, Lesnar kicks him, Car4win back in throwing bombs to make him pay for it! 1:35 left. Lesnar is bleeding heavily, Carwin is in half guard, 1:25. Lesnar throwing a few fists to the face, but Carin isn't looking hurt. Lesnar tries to scramble for aan escape, Carwin grabs the waist, Lesnar to his feet and puts Carwin on the cage, 1:00 elft. Carwin's holding him down, keeping Lesnar's right arm trapped behind him between the body and the cage. Carwin throwing knees to the body, Lesnar throws a knee, 30 seconds left int he round. Lesnar now pushing Carwin into the cage, throws a left jab, Lesnar pushing. Carwin trying to control the wrist, 10 seconds, getting warned to work, LEsnar trying for the takedown, Carwin slips out of his hands as the horn sounds! 10-9 for Carwin! Carwin's corner is yelling at him, telling him he knows better than to let his opponent do that, and that he can't cover up, he has to move. Carwin's corner is very casual, telling him to relax. I call it 10-9 Carwin, Rogan calls it 10-8 Carwin! Wow.

Round Two, Carwin's first-ever Round Two. Carwin opens up with a big right, Carwin counters witha right, not as big. Carwin looks to be breathing heavyw now. Lesnar with a left followed by a double-leg takedown, 4:00 left. Lesnar has side control, but mvoes into half guard as Lesnar starts the hammerfists to the face and tries to grind Carwin down with the body. Carwin reaching over Lesnar's head, allowing Lesnar to score with body shots, 3:15 left. Lesnar throws his hips over, has full mount, flips to the other side and has an arm triangle, but Carwin may be able to survive it as Carwin has an arm and elbow between Lesnar's head and his body... Carwin looks like he's fading... TAPOUT! Brock Lesnar has solidified his dominance as THE MAN in UFC!

WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION, BROCK LESNAR DEFEATS SHANE CARWIN @ 2:19 OF ROUND TWO BY SUBMISSION (TRIANGLE CHOKE). Cain Velasquez has his work cut out for him, folks! Joe Roegan with the interview, "Tell us about the first round, what were you thinking?" Lesnar: "This isn't about me tonight... this is about my family, this is about my doctors, this is about my training partners, my training staff... I am blessed by God! Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you a humble champion, and I'm still the toughest S.O.B. around, baby!" Rogan, "How difficult was this after the first round?" Lesnar: "I just had to weather the storm. I just had to hang back, each shot was less dramatic than the other, and I thought I'd just let him go." Rogan over to Carwin, "Do you feel like you punched yourself out?" Carwin: "Brock's a tough son of a bitch, he took that ground 'n pound like nobody else, I tighted up and he survived it. I thought I had enough space to breathe and work beside him, but he tightened it up and I was about to pass out. I'd like to thank God, my family, the fans, my daughter and son, I'll be home hanging out soon!" We go out to the crowd and see Lesnar being congratulated by his closest friends from the wrestling business - Steve Austin, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, GOOD OL' J-R???

PRELIMINARY FIGHT - MIDDLEWEIGHT: Kendall "the Spider" Grove (13-7-0, 1NC, 184 lbs.) d. Goran Reljic (8-1-0, 186 lbs.)

The night will close with the match that was pulled from TV, but apparently good enough for PPV. This fight was originally secheduled for the Spike TV preliminaries until Kendall Grove made the unfortunate mistake of criticizing SpikeTV and how they produce "The Ultimate Fighter", claiming that it's heavily scripted and the fighters are treated like sheep. Dana White was reportedly embarassed and Spike TV execs furious. Petruzelli vs. Romer was the replacement and this moved back to the unaired preliminaries. But apparently Dana White felt that this match was good enough to go on last.

Reljic throws a high head kick that connects, strikes with a left that Grove evades, Grove responds with a head kick, Reljick with a head kick. Reljic with a pair of punches, Grove with a low leg kick, 3:40 left. Reljic with a low inside kick, Grove pushes back with strikes, nothing connects. Reljic with strikes, nothing connects, goes for a head kick, blocked. Grove counters with a left and a right, foolws up with a blocked head kick. 3:00 left. Grove bobbing and weaving his head, Reljic connects with a right, Grove loads up the right but nobody home, Reljic ducks it. Reljic with a left jab, a head kick, a body kick as a counter to Grove's jab. Grove witha front kick, Reljic counters with an inside leg kick, hits an overhand right, head kick,, 2:00 left. Reljic goes for a single leg takedown, Grove tries to stop it, gets tripped, Reljic falls into his guard and Grove wraps a right leg around the body and throws elbows to the head from the bottom. Reljic pulsl up and gets caught witha NASTY upkick, knocking him down! 1:15 left, Grove throws a right, clinches, throws a knee, Reljic puches him into the corner, Grove has an underhook on Reljic's right arm, 45 seconds left. Grove witha foot stomp, Reljic witha solid knee to the midsection, Grove counters with a knee, Reljic with another knee, both men throwing knees, 20 seconds, struggling for position. Grove tries to escape, Reljic throws a knee, tries to break, Grove hits him with a knee on the way out as time expires. 10-9 Grove.

Rount Two sees both men keeping it tight, Reljic opens up with a left and a right, catches Grove with a left, tries to throw a knee, Grove blocks it, snags the leg and takes him down. Reljic is fighting, Grove is in half-guard, Reljic looking for an armbar, Grove pulls out easily, tries for side control, Reljic rolls with it and keeps ahold of the leg. Reljic pulls off, Grove tries for an upkick, Reljic backs off and finds an angle to throw a kick to the sides, nearly gets caught twice with a upkick, but dives into Grove's guard, 3:30 left. Grove back to throwing elbows and punches from the bottom, has the legs wrapped around Reljic's body, 3:00 left. Grove's corner is telling him that Reljic is lost. Grove is advancing all the action from the bottom here, looks for an armbar whenever he can, can't find it but is working it, 2:10 left. Reljic is eating a lot of shots from the bottom and not fighting back much. Fans are booing the action as we go into the last 90 seconds of the round, Grove is keeping Reljic smothered on the ground and killing him from the bottom. Grove looking for Rubber Guard, Reljic finally throws a hammerfist, but referee has had enough, he stands them up with 45 seconds left. Grove with a left hook, misses, Reljic witha spin kick, misses, 20 seconds. Grove with a front kick, a right, a right, Reljic with a right, 10 seconds, they circle, they bob, they weave, they go to the horn. 10-9 Grove, maybe even a 10-8. Reljic's corner actaully tells him that he stole this round??? Unbelievable.

Third and Final Round. Fighters tap gloves before we start, Reljic with a right, Grove bobbing the head a lot, throws a right, another right a third, a fourth, Reljic cirlces to the left to escape. 4:30 left. Reljic with a head kickt hat whiffs, another one that ends up on the body, blocked, Grove witha right, Reljic tries to takedown, Grove stuffs it with asprawl. 3:55 left. Grove with a body kick that Reljic can escape, but connects with an inside leg kick to follow up, 3:40 left. Grove with a right that lands on the chest, 3:30 left. Reljic tries to tee off, Grove pushes him back and keeps him at bey. Grove with a right jab, Reljic goes for a takedown and walks right into a Guillotine Choke from Grove, Reljic pulls out and eats a knee on the exit, 2:55 left. Grove inside leg kick, Reljic body kick, goes for a head kick that Grove gets out of the way of. 2:30 left, both men throw a left that counters out each other, Reljic snaps off an inside leg kick, tries to shoot, Grove stuffs it, clinches, Reljic keeping on, tries for a flying knee into the cage, doens't connect as Grove blocks him out, 1:55 left. Grove working elbows into tthe legs as Reljic continues to try for th single leg takedown, 1:35 left. Grove cutting him down with elbows to the thighs the arm, the body. A warning for lack of action by Mario. 1:20 left, Reljic throwing knees, Grove with a footstomp, but leaves himself open for a takedown by Reljic, falls into half guard, 1:00 left. Reljic pulling the leg out, Grove turns his body sideways to block it. 50 seconds, Reljic gets side control, trying for a mounted crucifix, Grove puts his arm under Reljic'bs body to stop that, Grove connects with knees to the ibs and midsection with Reljic on top, Reljic moves north-south, 20 seconds left, transitions in to try for that crucifix again, 10 seconds, Reljic transitions to a side headlock, Grove scrambles to his feet as the horn sounds. This was too little, too late for Reljic , I'm giving it to Grove but I can see Reljic pulling it off.

JUDGES SCORECARD: 29-28 Reljic, 29-28 Grove, and 29-28 for the winner by Split Decision... KENDALL GROVE!

BSG TURNING POINT OF THE NIGHT: Stephan Bonnar's TKO of Krzystof Soszynski

SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT: Brock Lesnar's Triangle Choke on Shane Carwin.

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